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  1. The paintjob is good and that basing looks great. Nice job.
  2. Dashing & devious! Wonderful paintjob!
  3. Those glowing runes on the sword really stand out. Nice job!
  4. The OSL on this is wonderful! Splendid job.
  5. This look's great! The blend of purple to blue is really clean.
  6. His skin provides good camouflage in the forest! The tree looks good, keep it up with the Dwarven Forge!
  7. I have a large pile of Oathmark elves sitting on my desk unpainted, and this wonderful thread has made me want to go home and finish a couple.
  8. I just finished the fifth book in the Emberverse series, The Scourge of God, yesterday. On to the sixth!
  9. I reckon about 15% during the day and 60% when I have to get up in the morning.
  10. Those scale and wing highlights look really nice and the OSL from the eyes is great!
  11. If I remember after this weeks game I will post photos of the aftermath as well!
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