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    Miniatures painting and modifications, general gaming, psychology, education, medieval metaphysics. My greatest joy in life is knowing that somewhere out there, I have made someone snark their drink all over the monitor.

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  1. The box corners are a tad abused, but the interior is complete... pristine... and unpunched. And in the meantime, in the world of prepainted miniatures games, I am curious to see how Rick Sanchez comes out against Lord Voldemort.
  2. Dr.Bedlam

    Green Death, Hidden Moron

    At the time, this would have been considered "eccentric and somewhat childish." Nowadays it'd be considered "metal as all hell." Times change.
  3. Dr.Bedlam

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    You and me both. And I'd seriously consider buying a Tradesman mini vehicle in scale, from Spelljammer. But with a million HeroClix out there, why would anyone buy X-Men?
  4. Dr.Bedlam

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Word. I don't often buy blind boxes any more... occasionally, just for fun... but if I really want a thing, that's what the secondary market is for.
  5. Dr.Bedlam

    How game companies hurt themselves

    Small time speculators can be remarkably dumb, especially considering that the commodity is entirely dependent on corporate whim for its rarity. Still remember when 3e Player's Handbooks were going for stupid money because the new edition was in and they'd shut down the PDF store... ....or when copies of the Death of Superman bagged issue were going for upwards of fifty bucks... ....or when cases of Classic Coke were selling out of pickup beds for truly silly prices....
  6. Dr.Bedlam

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Anecdotally, the local retail joints seem to be expanding their unpainted selections and cutting back on the blind boxes. Locally. If that means anything.
  7. Dr.Bedlam

    R.I.P. NOG Aron Eisenberg

    TWO kidney transplants? Ouch. Rest in peace, bud. Way too soon.
  8. Dr.Bedlam

    How game companies hurt themselves

    It's been said before, but charging for playtest rulebooks wasn't a good idea, no matter HOW good it sounded in the board room. Dungeons and Dragons has the brand recognition, man. And now that Fifth has its wheels under it, Pathfinder has gone from "best in the field" to "that game that's sort of like Dungeons and Dragons." And for people just getting into it? That's the kiss of death. That's like that present your parents got you for your birthday that wasn't what you wanted but "Well, it's just as good." And it doesn't even have the advantage of being cheaper.
  9. Dr.Bedlam

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Stirges are HANDY, durnit. ANY level of party is threatened by stirges; the difference is that at first level, they're life and death, and at seventh level, they're nuisance critters. And throwing a vampire down there on top of stirges is downright evil, Megan.
  10. I've watched the first couple episodes of the new Dark Crystal series on Netflix. I am still pondering my opinion about the quality of the series. Story is still unfolding, although it's better than I'd thought it was going to be; I usually find prequels to be a foregone conclusion, since I know how the story ends from seeing the original. Still, they're doing a great job; the visuals are RICH, rich, rich! Although seeing the series sort of spoils some of the plot points of the original movie, if you haven't seen it yet. And seeing the original movie spoils the miniseries. Hence my problem with prequels. But I'd recommend that any fantasy artists.... even a Sunday painter like myself... watch it, simply for the design, the use of color, the RICHNESS of all the visuals.
  11. Dr.Bedlam

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    The fact that I cannot get a six pack of unpainted stirges is proof to me that the suits, not the gamers, are in charge of what's being produced. Because the suits would put beholders and Drizz't well ahead of stirges. It'd never occur to them that a working DM would cheerfully buy three or four packs of the things. Further reinforcing that belief is the fact that I can buy a hardback adventure book... I can buy a Map And Handout Pack that goes with that adventure book... I can buy a Special Dice Set that goes with that adventure book.... and in some of the newer cases, I can buy a full sized pirate ship and a sort of Mad Max Hell Car Vehicle, even.... (for hundreds of dollars each!) ...but for some reason, I have to go out and buy all the minis separate, if I can find them, and if they actually MAKE the dratted beasts. The stirges are available on the secondary market -- the collectible prepaints have several variants -- but where the hell are the damn blistered, unpainted STIRGES? EDIT: It occurs to me that I had this same durn problem with Umber Hulks a while back.
  12. Dr.Bedlam

    What do you do with your hobby related ephemera?

    The fridge is festooned with Reapercon magnets from years gone by. Several Reapercon posters are framed on the wall of the bedroom; I'm particularly attached to the Space Mouselings poster from Artistcon that one year. I have a bad habit of thoroughly cleaning old cat litter buckets and using them for waterproof weatherproof sealable storage vessels for other things. Stickers generally wind up on those; it helps me identify what is in what bucket. And there are many buckets.
  13. Found at a used bookstore today: five bucks. It's a trifle, but it's so nice to find a nice trifle at a trifle PRICE, durnit. We celebrated our finds by stopping at a local joint I'd heard about, but had not yet investigated. Could it be true that there was a D&D themed donut stand that'd let you roll for a discount... or even free donuts? ....... yups.
  14. Dr.Bedlam

    Happy Birthday Inarah

    A splendid birthday is hereby wished at'cha.