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  1. Helluvit is? Ain't even the first time. Damn cat.
  2. Waaal, yer right, of course, but when the bugger jammed his snoot under there real GOOD, and I saw the DECK suddenly jack up a good six inches, I will admit I might notta been THINKIN' too clear, y'know?
  3. Waaaal, there was that one time 'at dragon got into the back yard because the neighbor won't stop leaving meat scraps in the damn garbage, and then he climbed the fence and saw the cat, miracle he didn't crush the fence, and he decides he's goin' after the cat, and I hear the caterwauling and I run outside and the cat's run under the deck, and the damn dragon's got his head and neck under the damn deck and I run up and I kick him in the butt to make him leave the damn cat alone, and then he wallops me with his tail, he was just a little one, thank ghod, can't breathe fire or nothin', but he st
  4. I miss open gaming. Schools are reopening for full in-presence classes in a few days. I feel that this is a mistake, but my input was not requested; at least the school district paid for my vaccinations. But the game shops are not the same. I'm grateful that none of them have shut DOWN (yet,) but there is a ghostliness to them this past year; the tables have the chairs removed, and are now used to display product, instead of full of people floppin' cards, chuckin' dice, focused on laptops, and so on. And I am growing to hate that. Used to be, I could stop by one shop in particular on
  5. Linked out of respect for board rules involving mostly-naked ogres, for them interested in the inspiration.
  6. Over on Facebook, I posted the Out Of Context Quote: "What color should an ogre's thong be?" This, as you can imagine, kicked up a bit of consternation. The context: I had an ogre I'd picked up on Etsy, a three dee print of an ogress in a cheesecake position. And truth is, her sole garment was more of a Speedo. I did get a number of useful suggestions. Pictures were demanded, and posted. And the question was asked, "Her hair is braided. Where does an ogre go to get her hair done?" The question stuck in my head. A day later, the story was written...
  7. Ada was an educated woman, so she knew how to pronounce the word “boudoir.” But because she was not excessively educated, she didn’t know exactly what it MEANT. When she encountered the word in a novel in her youth, Ada assumed, reading for context, that a “boudoir” was a sort of pleasant, informal place where women lounged around with their hair down and gossiped about things. And so, in her middle age, when she’d leased the downtown building to start her hairstyling business, one of her first investments had been a large, yet stylish sign that read ADA’S BOUDOIR. It said something abou
  8. A grand and glorious birthday to you!
  9. NOW I leave the buggers in the blisters until I'm ready to paint them. Dark Horse did a BUNCH of licensed minis, as well as some weirdities; I still have a blister with three toddler skeletons on tricycles brandishing revolvers. They are still in the blister because even now, thirty years later, I have no idea what I am going to do with them.
  10. A real blast from the past, there, with a FINE paint job. I've got this guy, but your paint job is better. Somewhere in the hobby room, I have the four-set of Groo, Chakaal, Minstrel and Sage from Dark Horse miniatures. Bought them years ago. Opened the blister, stashed the figs, forgot about them for a decade. Now I wish I'd left them in the blister. The moral of the story: always snag the licensed minis FAST, because licenses expire, and then they'll cost a fortune on eBay....
  11. Y'know, for the first time ever, one of my students bought me a birthday present. A WotC/Wizkids wyvern. Because he thought it looked cool. He wasn't wrong. I had to work at not gettin' snuffly.
  12. I'm far enough that I'm not in danger, but a few days ago, the wind shifted, and my whole neighborhood smelled like an ashtray. The air was thick enough that it looked like fog. Gave us some bad moments before we determined that it was literally just smoke from the forest fires. Best wishes to everyone who has to deal with worse.
  13. I've never seen the card in question, but the trivia's from Wookieepedia. Supposedly, Zahn needed hair extensions to complete the look....
  14. Author Timothy Zahn, creator of Admiral Thrawn (one of the greatest Star Wars villains) tells a story about how, when he was a young author hot off a few early successes, he was engaged to write some Star Wars Expanded Universe novels. Zahn freely admitted that while he had seen the movies, he wasn't really a massive fanboy, and did they have a story bible or something? Lucasfilm sent him a box of West End Games Star Wars D6 sourcebooks. And Zahn read them, and that's what he used for background when he wrote his books. Zahn's books are generally credited with kicking off the whole Ex
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