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  1. ...and now I am uncomfortable.
  2. Perhaps you are thinking of Team Frog. Frog God has done nothing to make me uncomfortable.
  3. I love used bookstores. Especially the ones that don't necessarily check what they've got for online prices. There aren't many stores like that any more. Perhaps the most demented miniatures game you can play with your clothes on. Still with all the counters, uncut. For pocket change. I also found this other thing, but I'm a little afraid to try it. It's times like this that I begin to dimly realize that I was never all that weird to begin with... and that society, pop culture, and merchandising is STARTING TO CATCH UP WITH ME....
  4. I use a variety of paints, Reaper and others. The one I MUST have is Brown Liner; stuff is indispensable (to me, at least) for washing Bones to prime them and bring out detail preparatory to painting. Works with metals, too.
  5. The Grump is wise in the ways of Kickstarters. I can think of a number of things I WANT, sure, but just because I send money doesn't mean that I will GET them. At worst, it means someone out there owes me something, and I have no way to collect... ...and still, no dragon.
  6. My point exactly. That, and the website seems to think it's okay, and that no one can tell the difference. I've spoken before about the molding error in the Elf Ranger in Wave 1, where his nose was fine on the left, but sort of kept traveling along his right, and I had to very carefully pare away a lot of plastic. And they STILL have the issue of mold lines, which wouldn't bother me so much if they didn't insist on pre priming the dratted things. And the heck of it is? It's still better than just selling prepaints in blind boxes. I was thrilled to find actual modrons for sale. And I didn't have to buy blind boxes to get them! And finally, a cheap easy available Umber Hulk! Instead of being a RARE in a blind box, you can just BUY the mothahonka! They still don't seem to have solved that issue with the beholders, though.
  7. That is a hell of a thing. At least one hobby shop near here has been clearancing their stuff.
  8. I did this experiment on Facebook: if you mention how you didn't like Fourth Edition? Before you get five replies, you will have a minimum of two people going on about how great Fourth Edition was, and what's wrong with YOU? Although weirdly enough, everyone seems to agree that Pathfinder, like other games before it, is sinking under the rules creep. In the case of PF2, that seems to be happening even despite the fact that it's barely out of playtest..... Game store owner of my acquaintance: "It's not a sustainable business model, simply to have one product that everyone likes because the former 800 pound gorilla stinks on ice. Fifth edition came along, and PF was in trouble."
  9. Giff 'em time. Because I can't see any sane reason for bringing back the Giff without bringing back Spelljammer.
  10. Did they bring Spelljammer back with them?
  11. There are teasing clips of art spotlighting the Giff, which implies that Spelljammer is on its way back. It pleases me to see that the showrunners, the custodians of the legacy.... have realized that the game and its realms have a rich backstory that can be brought back and repurposed with new twists and turns for a modern audience. I prefer it to what they were trying to do with fourth edition.
  12. I wish they'd quit saying "painted example." That's not a painted example. That's a colored render. You want a painted example? GET the MINIATURE, the ACTUAL MINIATURE, and HIRE a fraggin' PAINTER to PAINT the MINIATURE!!!! Because a render is not an example of finished product. It is, at best, a hope of what they think the finished product will BE.
  13. THE LAWGIVER SPEAKS 1. PRIMER IS A MATTER OF PREFERENCE. Bonesium has enough "tooth," as a rule that primers aren't STRICTLY necessary, but lots of people, Dr. Bedlam included, like to use Reaper Brown Liner as a basecoat. Thin enough, and it brings out the details of the figure while adding to the "tooth" and helping paint to get and stay on there evenly. Inarah says she uses it straight out of the bottle; Dr. Bedlam thins it a little with water, dipping his brush in the paint cup, then applying the Liner. Either way works, it's all a matter of preference. 2. WASH THE DRATTED BONES FIRST. Their reputation for hydrophobia is largely because that when you BUY your Bones, (or wait until someone else does, and then attack them in the parking lot, like some of us do) they are coated with silicon mold release, a hydrophobic chemical that makes 'em easier to knock out of the molds. This chemical repels water and will give you great headaches in the painting process until it is removed. Dr. Bedlam uses a tepid water flow and a soft bristled toothbrush dunked in dishwashing soap, carefully scrubbing and soaping the entire figure, rinsing, and repeating at least once, a thing for which his long suffering spouse curses him mightily for leaving the dratted toothbrush out. Unless there are mouselings involved. She loves mouselings. 3. AVOID YE THE SPIRITS. Alcohol based primers, paints, and sprays will attack Bonesium, causing it to become tacky; it will never completely DRY, due to a continuing chemical reaction between the paint and the plastic that will eventually damage the figure. Petrochemical based primers, paints, and sprays will do the same thing, but MORE so, and quicker; I've painted Bones and then used a spray clear coat with an alcohol based propellant, to get the stuff out of the can, right? It worked fine... until I took the little guy off the shelf, three months LATER and he was sticky like he'd been dipped in maple syrup. Have a care about your paints, clear coats, sprays, and so forth when it comes to Bones, and stick to water based acrylics and coats wid no spirits in them. THE LAWGIVER HAS SPOKEN.
  14. I got one of those recently... and I did NOT care for that central eye... and I like your solution....
  15. I would. Hell, based on what I've seen so far, I'd VOTE for the man.
  16. Where do I go to find out what's IN there?
  17. Younger wizards, perhaps even beardless. Chocobos.
  18. No disrespect to the work and the painter.... that's a beautiful piece of work!... but it would drive me crazy to live in a house where the floors were all off of plumb like that.... Perhaps this explains Baba Yaga's legendarily splenetic temperament.
  19. Oh, hey... jeez, those were COMMONS, there must be a MILLION of those out there.... what a neat idea!
  20. I started playing in '78 with the Holmes basic set; my edition came with B1, "In Search Of The Unknown," a beautifully thought out dungeon crawl where you had to plug in monsters and/or treasure in the various rooms. I'd have happily murdered someone for a copy of B2, "The Keep On The Borderlands" in the early days; I made it up as I went along until the players were crazy enough to tackle the Giant modules, which were pretty new at the time. The second campaign I ran, we started with KOTB, and we cleaned that bad boy OUT. By the time we finished with it, there were large sections of FOREST gone, and the castellan quit bothering to patrol the roads any more. By the time the players were sixth level, they'd hatched a plot to hire their OWN bandit gangs to terrorize the countryside in order to keep getting subsidized by the Castellan AND profit from the trade route. I was very glad that plan didn't go anywhere. I recently bought the hardback reissue. Thing of beauty.
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