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  1. The Albertsons in New Braunfels, Texas, still has the spin rack. Picked up a neat little camper vehicle yesterday, to be reinforced and equipped with anti-zombie measures, and (of all things) an ice cream truck. Still don't know what I'm going to do with all the minis I got at Reapercon '09, but by ghod, the zombies will have ice cream...
  2. At those prices, she'd better be inflatable.
  3. I don't think I wanna try to paint ANY kind of straight lines while drinking...
  4. Dr.Bedlam


    There are those who say that salsa isn't about FLAVOR, it's about SUBJECTIVE TEMPERATURE. In short, if you can taste the stuff, you've done something wrong...
  5. Is this the same monkey that apparently required batteries?
  6. Actually, he taught one of the classes I took. I had no idea of the ways you could mix bourbon, lemon, and commercial soft drinks. And next year, he says he'll actually cover some stuff about miniatures!
  7. Hm. Considering that I think I may have walked out of there with about fifty 28mm chainsaws, I find it hard to argue with you...
  8. If I could afford to commission Reaper to make a "Not-Tor Johnson As He Appeared in Plan Nine From Outer Space" mini, I would SO do that. I'd buy a dozen of them. I'd make a whole zombie horde. Man, I'd mod them and make an entire Warlord army out of them. And then I'd learn to play Warlord, so people would blanch in fear of my Not-Tors... And who do I have to kill to get SOMEbody to start making Chrome Skeletal Robots with Large Futuristic Weapons?
  9. Dr.Bedlam


    I have never, ever, ever attended a con where I could park within walking distance of the con, and then leave for lunch or whatever, and come back and get a decent parking spot. Until now. Farthest we ever had to park was twenty yards or so from the front door. And no Convention Security hassling me every time we wanted to step out for a drink of water or whatever. This I could get used to.
  10. ...and every time a GW junkie wises up and dumps GW, the legions of Hell roar and caper in despair... (or is it that an angel gets his wings? I always forget...) Yeah, this was my first con in more than a decade. It was not at all what I expected; I would compare it to the difference between shopping at Wal-Mart and shopping in a little mom and pop store where the proprietors give a toot... except that the analogy doesn't quite work; Wal-Mart would be cheaper, and therefore superior in at least ONE respect. With Reapercon, the attitude AND the expense was considerably more reasonable,
  11. Return to home base successful after 5 hours. Still hunting for a Burger King that has all the dratted Star Trek toys, though.
  12. Two first-time Reapercon attendees: "I can't get over this. I've never seen so many women at a gaming convention. And they're, like, INTO gaming and painting and stuff; they're not just here with their husbands and boyfriends." "Better not tell our wives about this. They won't let us come back next year."
  13. I wish I could add something to that. I mean, it was worth the cost of the class, but I am going to take a while before I can match Jeremy. Although I think I am a better painter now than before his class. Albeit a humbler one...
  14. I have stated elsewhere on this forum about my experience with con food, and the usual prices of same, quality of such, and attitudes of its vendors. Your food, prices, and service, for my experience, was a serious departure from my previous experience. (Salads? At a CON?) Altogether, I would be ashamed to beef at you for running out of stuff or a stale bun or something... Actually, now that I think about it, when you have this many women at a con, serving salads is a definite leg up. I couldn't get over how many women I saw (at a GAMING con! Gloriosky!) I'd
  15. I dunno as you get much newer than meez, to ReaperCon, at least, and I can't think of a whole lot to gripe about. I have attended a great many conventions. I've done Gen Con. I've probably done every major con in Texas. I've done DragonCon. I've done loads of littler affairs on college campuses. ReaperCon is (to my experience) a small con, but a vast improvement as far as attitude goes. The Sonic guy didn't try to soak me for four bucks for a bottle of water, or eight bucks for a corn dog, or the sort of gouging I've grown accustomed to seeing at cons. By the same token, the prices fo
  16. This isn't like other conventions I've been to. Everyone's so polite. Nobody's drunk. Then again, it's hard to paint figures when you're drunk...
  17. Two guys, looking at figure blister packs: "Make sure you put that back on the right peg." "Doc, I am a LIBRARIAN! We put EVERYTHING back where it BELONGS!"
  18. Wahoolazuma! This was worthwhile. See you all in the morning...
  19. Ah, so they will be available at the con over the weekend? Goooooood....
  20. Aw, booger. I guess that means the five-pack is sold out?
  21. Thank you all very much for taking the time. See you Friday night!
  22. Vas ist das "Reaper Bucks?" Are those, like, the points on the blister packs, or something?
  23. Wau. Okay, I didn't expect this much response this fast. Thanks! I've read the releases; I knew there'd be loads of painting, sculpting, modding, and contests for same. However, I was also wondering about gaming opportunities and purchasing opportunities. Plainly, this is not something I should worry about too much. I've been to many cons. Reapercon sounded like something that as a miniatures guy, I would enjoy. However, the fellow who's driving me to Denton is less of a miniatures freak than I am. I wanted to make sure he'd have something to do other than stand around and watch me and
  24. A question for the enlightened among us: What's Reapercon like, in comparison to other gaming cons? Been to more than a few, but never one sponsored entirely by one miniatures company. Those of you who've been otherwhere -- Armadillocon, Gen Con, Origins, DragonCon, AggieCon, NanCon, and likewise -- what am I likely to find different from other cons, and what am I likely to find likewise? I would greatly appreciate some input, as I'm packin' to be in Denton this weekend, and information would be most useful. I shooda done this weeks ago...
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