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  1. I'll be there for the weekend. Can't guarantee how sober I'll be, though...
  2. Ha! Can't wait to see that one when it's finished. Talk about a wipeout...
  3. Funny you should mention that... there's a discussion going on over at The Miniatures Page that mentions that DDM really ought to look at what Reaper is doing with their prepaints, and emulate THAT....
  4. Any plans to produce more of the larger Reaper figures in plastic? I'm thinking specifically of the items I could stand to have in multiples. Reaper just produced a peachy new Stone Giant figure, for example. This is an underrepresented figure, in my book -- nowhere near enough of them made by ALL the companies, much less any particular one. DDM has produced a couple, but they're a pain in the bahonkus to get, what with random packaging and all. The metal one? Sure. But if they came in plastic, with the same corresponding drop in price, I'd buy half a dozen without blinking. They're cheap, easy to modify and re-pose, and paintable if I want. Dragons? Nah. Dragons are a labor of love, and I really don't need dragons by the three-pack... but it occurs to me there are several figures that Reaper DOES make that would be absolute money magnets if they came in plastic... in particular, the giants and ogres...
  5. The bottom line is, I want what I want. If I want a miniature of a nude cowboy riding a tap dancing ostrich, and Reaper happens to make one, then Reaper is the candidate to get my money. When it comes to the stuff that lots of people make -- orcs and skeletons being two fine examples -- then it's going to boil down to price and quality. WotC has done some nice things, but the fact remains that up until now I've had to buy blind boosters, hoping I will get whatever figures I'm after. This looks to continue, to some extent, with their new business model, at least for monsters. Furthermore, I am not impressed with their new sculpts -- I've heard it said that they're using three dee renderings now, instead of actually sculpting from concept art. Whatever they are doing, it shows, and their quality is dropping. This doesn't seem to be a problem for Reaper, because they seem to be using the same molds they used for their metals. This would seem to be a good time for Reaper to push forward on the plastics front...
  6. Ah, that presupposes plentiful Chrono figures and continuation and expansion of the line? Works for me.
  7. Dang, I had no idea that was out. I need to start payin' more attention to GW. Nice work, btw.
  8. Schweeeeeet. Froggy, you are a bad person. A joik. What the cabdriver called the other cabdriver. Do you know how hard I'm gonna have to work to top that? (please note that pejoratives are applied with respect and envy. Ya jerk.)
  9. Aw, pffft. If yer figures rock, then I will buy them, and stick them on whatever base I damn well please. If they suck, I will not buy them. Price is important; the cheaper the figure, the more likely I will buy. I go hog wild every year when Dragon's Lair in Austin discounts their Reaper stuff. Yeah, I'm a junkie; I admit it. I'd just as soon buy the wooden discs at Hobby Lobby than have Reaper jack their prices unnecessarily.
  10. Mmmm.... swag bag....
  11. ...never been to Reapercon before this year, but surely there is an Open Gaming area, yes?
  12. 'Tain't so. My El Diablo wrestler figure came with a square base. Not that I'm complaining.
  13. Rrr... I dunno. I think "cute" is something which could be enhanced or utterly erased, depending upon the paint job. That being said, I wouldn't mind seeing more of the little buggers, in different poses.
  14. I keep a durn close eye on the Maisto cars in 1/48 scale at Wal-Mart. I have also noted that many Albertson's groceries have little spin racks of cars in these scales up near the registers; this rack has yielded me a fine ambulance (now covered with tiny 28mm bloody handprints; it's served as the objective in several zombie games) as well as an excellent pink Cadillac convertible that now sports a skeletal Elvis in the driver's seat (not exactly an objective, but makes a great prop for setting atmosphere...) Seen any number of little Lamborghinis and Mustangs there. Perhaps there is an Albertsons in your vicinity?
  15. I would buy: *Zombies. You just can't go wrong with zombies, man. I have more zombies than I need, but every time I see zombies that are better than the zombies I have, I have to buy them. Then again, I note that Reaper is already producing Chronoscope zombies... *Heavily armed rednecks. Shotguns. Chainsaws. Sixpacks. And at least one slinky blonde with a deer rifle and a pair of Daisy Dukes on. *A not-Gordon Freeman (I like to think of a mini with interchangeable heads and arms. He's wearing a high-tek body armor suit, and you COULD just use the armored helmet and the arms with the zap gun... or you could use the bare head with crew cut and hornrim glasses, and the right hand with the crowbar in it...) *I second the motion on fifties-style figures -- greaser, nerd, and poodle skirt girl. They'd be great in my next zombie game. Or to sic an Ooze on... *"Infested Human." I'm thinking of a zillion games in which some sort of hideous alien thing has grafted itself to the hapless members of the science team, and are now horrible monsters out to get you (Halo, Half-Life, Starcraft...) that would be fun to buy multiples of, mod them, and send them off after the heroes...
  16. Ah, this begins to look much more appealing! Thank you!
  17. I've heard it said I have to use Reaper paints to enter the painting events. Is this so?
  18. Heh, heh. Good point, Frosch. But this way, at least you get to have friends. That is, friends who didn't contribute to your campaign fund.
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