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  1. Thank you for the word. It's never easy to announce... or to know... that the circle is smaller by one.
  2. Update: After attending Telly's wake, his daughter, my cousin, informs me that for purposes of protecting the guilty, Sal was not his friend. It was his father in law, Aunt Penelope's father. So I would guess they'd remain friends. To some extent. At any rate, Grampa Hercules prolly either never came over for a social visit again, or at least never again dared to fall asleep on Telly's couch...
  3. Pretty sure the story wouldn't have got repeated if he'd lost the cat...
  4. Self-indulgent post warning: this has nothing to do with Reaper or miniatures or anything relevant, but I'm gonna say it anyway, and if the moderators disapprove, they will wish it away into the cornfield, and sorry to bother the rest of you. But be warned before you begin reading. My Uncle Telemachus died last night. He was Mom's older brother, and in his eighties, and died of Old People Related Parts Failure, and there's nothing I can do about it. So I decided to celebrate his life a little. And no, that's not his real name. My Uncle Telemachus was a storyteller. Dunno if
  5. Found the tower at Michael's a while back. Bought it because I knew it would find a use at some point. And tonight, it has... I am not sure where I'm going with this, but so far it looks promising...
  6. It could be argued that "Colorshift," "colorshift" "color shift" and "ColorSHIFT" are four different trademarks. It could also be argued that a trademark that applies to a liquid in a bottle doesn't apply to a solidified coating on a toy vehicle. But, yeah, this is copyright law. It's legal until it isn't, and even then, it's arguable. Meanwhile, attorneys get paid.
  7. Took this picture at Target this afternoon. And I know, it isn't a trademark for PAINT, per se, in that the paint in the picture is not liquid in a bottle but a solid coating on a toy car. Still think the phrase is a bit too common for actual trademarking. But I'm far from being a lawyer so what do I know?
  8. Nobody makes me look bad. Not even those who are far more talented than I may EVER be. Ain't a matter of being BAD. Is a matter of beating yourself up and then getting BETTER. NOBODY is ever really BAD. Someday... someday... I will find the Joker's other foot...
  9. With pecans! Weird thing is? Only person in my family who ever gave fruitcake with the intention that you should actually EAT it was my Grandma Bedlam, who... wasn't quite all there. And the thing in the picture still looks better than what she used to make. *sigh*
  10. It was? I wouldn't have thought they would want to release a product that's in direct competition with their current RPG line. Ooooh, don't get me started. Another reason I question their decision to release a product that's in direct competition with their existing product...
  11. They didn't. They went straight to YouTube and had 'em yank the video. It could be argued that they did so in defense of their trademark, although I wasn't aware that they lied about it. And if they did, well... there's a different kettle of fish entirely. Judges tend to frown on that sort of thing, defense of yer trademark or not. I am glad to hear that the video's been reinstated. Another victory for the unruly mob, there. Can't really argue with that reasoning. To consult with an attorney and then not follow the letter of the law is flat out stupidity. I'd LIKE to think th
  12. Yup. Both by itself and as a two pack with the first sourcebook. Still available in a number of fine hobby shops in this locality. More than once, I have wondered how Fantasy Flight felt about the timing of that particular release.
  13. Not quite. While your statement is completely accurate, they are acting to defend a trademark they claim they have... specifically, the "colorshift" thingy. The "colorshift" thingy was in the video. Vallejo released product that had their trademark on the bottle. A reviewer on a public venue showed the bottle in her video. Now, the way this trademark thing WORKS, if I claim a trademark, and someone else uses that trademark, I am responsible for challenging their use of that trademark. If I FAIL to challenge that trademark, then anyone who is willing to stand up in court and argue
  14. Note that YouTube isn't subject to Fair Use; they word their contracts so they can yank your content for pretty much any reason or no reason with no liability to themselves. I'm just saying that the lady in question wasn't actually doing anything WRONG. GSW followed sound legal doctrine. Legally their actions are unassailable. As far as decency (and PR) goes, it was a very bad idea.
  15. Ah, HERE we go! They still MAKE it! And it's every bit as inedible and long lasting as ever!
  16. West End's D6 version is still available in an excellent two-pack of the Main Book and the sourcebook. It was good in the eighties and holds up excellently today. And if I was gonna start running a Star Wars game from scratch, for a group of kids, that would be the way I would go. It's quick to learn, it's intuitive, it's fast moving, it's fun, and it's CHEAP unless you start trying to root up the thousands of ancient splatbooks for the system. WotC's D20 version is quite good, and picks up FAST if you're already familiar with D20 mechanics. More rules crunch than the D6 system, and there a
  17. 1. As previously stated, there are a number of paint and pigment products out there gleefully using the term "color shift" and/or "colorshift." I do not know about any products using the term "chameleon," which, I am told, is another word GSW is attempting to claim for its own. This being said, I'd think GSW has a hell of an uphill battle if it's going to take on a number of other manufacturers to defend "its" trademark. 2. If two companies enter into a battle over a trademark, that's their affair and no real business or interest of mine, except academically. I felt that Games Workshop was
  18. I knew I'd BEEN here awhile, but checked just now: 2002. It doesn't feel like it's been that long. I think back, and realize that in 2002, I'd known about Reaper for several years, due to the fact that they had new Julie Guthrie and Sandra Garrity sculpts, the first since the fall of Ral Partha. That, and the manager of a local FLGS contracted me to paint some Reaper Life Counters for the utterly insane Magic:The Gathering scene at his store. He turned around and sold them for five times retail price, and split the money with me. And I turned around and spent it largely on Reaper Miniature
  19. I have a fruitcake. Can't remember for the life of me who made the thing, but it's a lovely attractive boxed fruitcake. I took it out of the box once; it's made of foam rubber, but looks exactly like a real fruitcake. We've been gifting that thing back and forth for more than a decade. Might make decent terrain, now that I think about it.
  20. My wife needs a Giff for the most obscure yet adorable reasons ever.
  21. We need more things with antlers.
  22. There ARE official Frostgrave minis, but no one really gives a rat which minis you use. Except for rangifers. I don't think anyone except whoever makes the official minis makes rangifers.
  23. I have got to find another place to use that line. Best out of context quote I've heard in weeks.
  24. By "livestock abuse," I meant "riding the family cow around the pasture all night so the poor thing was exhausted the next morning, terrorizing the horses, and souring the milk." Get'cher minds out of the gutter. Barely enough room there for mine as it is.
  25. Near as I can tell, "kobalus" is correct, being the root word for "kobold" and "coblynau." It isn't necessarily the ONLY word, though. "Gobelin" has French roots, for which "kobalus" might well be the origin. That being said, "goblin" originally meant "ugly fairy," with connotations of mischief, evil, babysnatching, livestock abuse, and various other unpleasant acts. Eventually, folklore wise, they split off into their own tribe until Tolkien finally houseruled them into "orcs, but smaller, usually subterranean."
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