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  1. 1. As previously stated, there are a number of paint and pigment products out there gleefully using the term "color shift" and/or "colorshift." I do not know about any products using the term "chameleon," which, I am told, is another word GSW is attempting to claim for its own. This being said, I'd think GSW has a hell of an uphill battle if it's going to take on a number of other manufacturers to defend "its" trademark. 2. If two companies enter into a battle over a trademark, that's their affair and no real business or interest of mine, except academically. I felt that Games Workshop was being dumb when they tried to defend the term "Space Marine" as being their IP, as a number of authors and firms, including Avalon Hill, were using the phrase years before 40K was ever on paper. That didn't stop me from doing business with the people in question. 3. Now, if I start a YouTube channel reviewing Reaper product (for example,) the Fair Use Doctrine permits me to show brief clips of the product, to talk about the product, to show the product's packaging, demonstrate the product's use, and so on, for review and public discussion purposes. Review, by nature, is opinion. If I start bashing Reaper product, the company might not LIKE it, but they have little recourse; I have a right to my opinion, and to shout it from the rooftops, due to the First Amendment, and the Fair Use Doctrine, as established by legal precedent, within the letter of the law. 4. The woman on YouTube was reviewing Vallejo paints, but GSW objected to the display of these paints and their labels, due to the question of the IP on the labels. They therefore contacted YouTube and demanded the video be yanked. Originally, I thought GSW was attempting to forestall good reviews of competing product. I was wrong. LEGALLY SPEAKING, GSW's actions were defensible. If you don't defend a trademark, you're in danger of losing your exclusive rights to it, and leaving a legal paper trail is important for demonstrating your defense of the trademark. My objection HERE is to the steamrollering of the little guy, the YouTuber who unknowingly walked into a buzz saw with no idea that she was doing anything wrong. Legally, she DIDN'T do anything wrong; she obtained the paint legally, and her review was covered under Fair Use. And yet, she gets smacked down. GSW didn't have to do it that way. They could have contacted the woman, explained the issue, and offered solutions. Instead, they went impersonal and lawyery, to the little guy's detriment. And I can't say I approve of an outfit that wants to do business that way. The world is full of businesses that consider one person statistically insignificant. But if they're going to be jerks about it, I will exert what power I can... and vote with my wallet: stick it back in my pants, and shop elsewhere.
  2. I knew I'd BEEN here awhile, but checked just now: 2002. It doesn't feel like it's been that long. I think back, and realize that in 2002, I'd known about Reaper for several years, due to the fact that they had new Julie Guthrie and Sandra Garrity sculpts, the first since the fall of Ral Partha. That, and the manager of a local FLGS contracted me to paint some Reaper Life Counters for the utterly insane Magic:The Gathering scene at his store. He turned around and sold them for five times retail price, and split the money with me. And I turned around and spent it largely on Reaper Miniatures... and signed up for the forum, thinking, "Hey, minis painting tips and discussion, how can I go wrong?" A long, strange trip it's been. Now I kinda wish I still had some of those life counters. They're collectible.
  3. I have a fruitcake. Can't remember for the life of me who made the thing, but it's a lovely attractive boxed fruitcake. I took it out of the box once; it's made of foam rubber, but looks exactly like a real fruitcake. We've been gifting that thing back and forth for more than a decade. Might make decent terrain, now that I think about it.
  4. My wife needs a Giff for the most obscure yet adorable reasons ever.
  5. We need more things with antlers.
  6. There ARE official Frostgrave minis, but no one really gives a rat which minis you use. Except for rangifers. I don't think anyone except whoever makes the official minis makes rangifers.
  7. I have got to find another place to use that line. Best out of context quote I've heard in weeks.
  8. By "livestock abuse," I meant "riding the family cow around the pasture all night so the poor thing was exhausted the next morning, terrorizing the horses, and souring the milk." Get'cher minds out of the gutter. Barely enough room there for mine as it is.
  9. Near as I can tell, "kobalus" is correct, being the root word for "kobold" and "coblynau." It isn't necessarily the ONLY word, though. "Gobelin" has French roots, for which "kobalus" might well be the origin. That being said, "goblin" originally meant "ugly fairy," with connotations of mischief, evil, babysnatching, livestock abuse, and various other unpleasant acts. Eventually, folklore wise, they split off into their own tribe until Tolkien finally houseruled them into "orcs, but smaller, usually subterranean."
  10. He was great as Father Mulcahy in the original MASH film, as Clayton on the Benson TV show, and of course as Odo on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. But the main memory that sprang back today was when I took my little girl to see the animated Little Mermaid cartoon, and with some shock, I recognized his voice coming out of the deranged chef towards the end, belting out the song, "Le Poisson, le poisson, how I LOOOOVE le poisson...." before he goes berserk and chases Sebastian the Crab all over the kitchen with a meat cleaver. And of course the classic exchange from MASH: FRANK BURNS: "How could a man like Hawkeye Pierce rise to a position of authority in this man's army?" FATHER MULCAHY: "He was drafted." Gonna miss that guy.
  11. True dat. We always seem to start losing them wholesale, this last month of the year. And Carroll Spinney, we ALL grew up with.
  12. Mmmmyeah. The ancient Monster Manual description is lifted straight from Three Hearts and Three Lions, by Poul Anderson, whose trolls looked rather lanky for their height, but had knotted muscles that could tear you apart. This model has been made by several manufacturers, most recently Wizkids, who gave him dreadlocks, for some reason. The skinny trolls from GW and Fortress Figures, on the other hand, always looked like the other trolls would kick sand in their faces....
  13. Ehh. I dunno. I like my trolls and ogres with a bit more meat on them.
  14. Cat in the Christmas tree. Cheaper than all three ghosts, although I might come back later if they simply make the ghosts available at retail.
  15. Two wyverns, two pretty good dragons, and two things that sort of look like they were patched together from leftover dragon parts. Fifteen bucks. Costco. Now. Poseable! That's sort of what I mean. I dunno that I'd want that old Dragontooth dragon, if I found him somewhere in the blister... fact is, he'd probably be priced higher than I'd want to pay... and maybe it's a GOOD thing that anyone who wants a dragon can find one pretty easy now. But trying to find something that worked in 25mm was a &$%@# and a half in 1978. Final message: They got dragons at Costco, cheap. And I am old.
  16. It irks me a little to think that forty years ago, when I first boarded this merry go round, I bought my first dragon. It was a Dragontooth mini, a pound or more of solid lead, and the wings wouldn't stay on for love nor money, but we loved that dragon, and it died a half dozen deaths at least in the time it took me to finish high school. I had to order the thing by mail. There were no other dragons. Now you can buy the dratted things in six packs at Costco.
  17. Yeeeeah, I shouldn't have. But I did. And it's not like they can STOP you from modding your own vehicles. If they really meant to do that, they'd have gone with the old 5mm scale from the Car Wars of the ancient days of my youth. At least, that's what I would have done. But no, they've gone with something approximating Hot Wheels scale, hoping to compete with Gaslands, so... let slip the cars of war, I guess...
  18. Xygag's Bestiary describes the Owlbear as part owl, part bear, and part all-consuming aggressive viciousness. While the book does not claim to know the origin of said beastie, it speculates that it was the result of magical experimentation and unholy crossbreeding. The Liber Monstorum confirms this, adding that the creatures' first victim was their creator, before they spread into the wild, to breed and populate freely. What neither volume will tell you is that the owl wasn't the first bird the wizard tried to work with....
  19. I can add little to this discussion aside from to reiterate that Darsc pretty much nailed it with his extremely unpleasant and yet largely accurate analogy. I liked Oldhammer, circa the mid nineties, and then they changed the rules set, told me I had to split my Undead army up and buy new Orcs and Goblins models if I wanted to play in THEIR venues, and while I could still play the game with friends, I felt like the company and its associated retailers and fanboys had made a point of peeing in my face and laughing about the "rain." And I was already getting irritated with their idea that a metal "soldier in ranks" model was a few bucks, but a Named Leader Figure was three to four times as much, even if it used less metal to make, because the hell with you, we're in it for the dough, right? When it became clear that they were catering to suckers and would pretty much be continuing this business model for the foreseeable future, that's where I gave up, divested, unloaded my armies at Bartertown, and moved on to other things. I did buy a copy of Space Hulk when it reissued, because I figured "How badly could they retroactively screw up a board game?" And I dared to consider that they might have learned their lesson a while back when they announced they were bringing back the specialist games, and I was delighted to think that Necromunda was coming back... but I held off. I would wait. And I heard the screams and gnashing of teeth when it was found by the early adopters that, ha, ha, ha, that boxed Necromunda set? Well, ha ha ha, we didn't include ALL the rules, NO, no, no, those will be coming out LATER, in the big expensive HARDBACK, ha, ha, ha.... Naw, these folks haven't learned a thing. Not yet. Not while they still think they're the eight hundred pound gorilla. There are other games out there, and many of them are better. And nearly all of them know enough not to flat out insult their fans.
  20. So I'm walking along behind the couch. Pocky the Cat zips ahead of me to sproing onto the back of the couch and demand pets. But he misjudged my speed and his own, and launched himself headfirst into my testicles. This put us both a bit out of joint, disrupted our respective flight paths, and injured our respective dignity. And both of us probably walked away thinking, "Yeah, that's the kind of day I'm having."
  21. Been trying to collect Ford's stuff. His kin didn't approve of his writing career, and they've denied reprint rights for his books, except the two Star Trek novels.
  22. I know, right? It was like Christmas! EDIT: Sometimes I have dreams. Yeah, big deal. Happens every night. To nearly all of us. But sometimes I remember my dreams. And some of them get pretty ambitious. I remember a dream I had about a used bookstore. This bookstore was amazing... it had all KINDS of stuff... it had all the Big Little Books I had when I was five years old. It had a first British edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (none of this Sorcerer's Stone nonsense). It had The Collected Short Fiction of John M. Ford, a book that's never actually been published. A shelf had the original editions of Alfred Hitchcock And The Three Investigators books, with the original cover art. It had every art book ever published by guys like Frazetta, Mike Ploog, Frank Paul.... it had all this and so much more, and every time I walked into a different room, there was yet more. At one point, a shopping cart appeared, and I kept tossing things into it, because it was all half cover price, even the Harry Potter first edition.... ....and then I woke up in my own bed, without the dratted shopping cart. #$&@%*&@!!!!! I remember a dream I had about a hobby shop. This hobby shop was on the outskirts of town and no one knew about it, and the guy behind the counter was about a million years old, and apparently far gone with Alzheimer's, because he still had old and dusty Aurora model kits, still in the shrinkwrap, and still priced like it was 1968. He had original Aurora Frankenstein kits with the glow in the dark parts, priced at $1.99. He had several of the old Lost In Space kits, all the original AMT Star Trek kits, he had the original President John F. Kennedy kit, he had the old Monogram Red Baron kit (with 1/45 scale Baron Richtofen and mechanic figures), he had a bunch of vinyl figure kits from Screamin', from the eighties, he had all the original Hawk Weird-Oh kits, he had a whole wall of resin kits by garage manufacturers I didn't know existed, he had the original Big Daddy Roth hot rod kits... ....and then I woke up in my own bed, without the armload of kits. #$&@%*&@!!!!! I remember a dream I had about a different hobby shop. This one was in a converted house, and the cash register was in the kitchen, and every other room in the house was devoted to different games and accessories. The kitchen was mostly dice and Magic: The Gathering cards, but the further I went into the house, the more interesting it got. The living room was devoted to boardgames, but among the collector Monopoly sets, they had an old Milton Bradley copy of Space Crusade. There was also a copy of Shogun, and the original issue of Axis and Allies, and a slew of old Avalon Hill, still new. Down on the floor, there's the ancient Zo-Kalar fortunetelling board game, and a copy of The Green Ghost boardgame, box unopened... This one room I almost missed because the doorway was partly blocked? All the old GW specialist games... Space Hulk and its expansion sets, Gorkamorka, HeroQuest, and all its little boxed expansions, Chainsaw Warrior, three copies of Mordheim, the original Necromunda boxed set, expansions, scenery packs, and boxes and boxes of Escher, Goliath, Van Saar ganger miniatures.... A veranda, walled in and windowless, became a wonderland of shelves for ancient copies of Dragon and White Dwarf, and stacks of old AD&D and Runequest books... boxed sets of Fight In The Skies, The Awful Green Things From Outer Space, Marvel Super Heroes, and ... is that an old White Box D&D set, up back on that shelf, above eye level? A bedroom was devoted to miniatures, and in addition to the current stuff, they had old Reaper "Doom" minis still in the blisters, with a patina of dust... old Ral Partha and Heritage and Phoenix and ancient Grenadier AD&D boxed sets... and it's like, the more I wander around, the MORE ROOMS THERE ARE... ....and then I woke up in my own bed, the smell of dust and history already fading from my nose. #$&@%*&@!!!!! I'm neither exaggerating, nor drama queening. I've had these dreams, and others like them. Not too often, but they happen. And sometimes, they come true. The Model Kit dream is sorta kinda based on an actual experience I had when I was a kid, when I tripped over an ancient hobby shop in a strip mall in Victoria, Texas. I still have a couple of the old Aurora model kits I found there, and they wouldn't sell me the GOOD stuff, on the shelf over the counter, from the owner's private collection. But damn, it's magical when I wake up on a Sunday morning.... and the stuff is still THERE.
  23. Awright, I might have taken things a little far... but it was all priced at ORIGINAL RETAIL or LESS!!!! I didn't even know they MADE minis for "Macho Women With Guns."
  24. I didn't know there was a Wardlings dragon. I also didn't know there were Birthright figures.
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