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  1. There is a word... several words, actually... for "attempting to sell a thing that I cannot actually provide to you upon payment of funds." The kindest of these words is "fraud."
  2. I will rephrase myself for accuracy's sake. "Bad enough they threatened to hire someone else to write Drizz't novels if Bob Salvatore wouldn't play ball, and that much WORSE that they said, 'we're doing a time skip to introduce Fourth Edition, so you have to kill your entire supporting cast except Drizz't, because he's the one who sells the books, and we own the character and we say so,' but I can only imagine what it must be like to be told "Find a way to bring the supporting cast back to life, the fans are rioting." I felt bad for Ed Greenwood, too; they really put Elminster t
  3. Picked up the giant octopus and some sprites this afternoon. Was glad to see that the FLGS has cut back on the D*D stuff to make room for Reaper Bones Black. Frankly, there's more Bones that I want than there is D&D unpainted.
  4. Today, in my own living room, Sheldon the Marmalade Cat is trotting from the front door sun puddle to the back door. Pocky notices this, and moves for a perpendicular intercept from the dining table, using the loveseat and a cardboard box for cover. As Sheldon is trotting through the room, Pocky wiggles his butt and launches forward, leaping through the air over the cardboard box. He misunderestimates, and instead lands IN the cardboard box with a loud thump, startling Sheldon, who rockets past towards the back door. At that point, taken by surprise, I said, "BLAAAAHAHAHA*gak*HAHAHA*coughc
  5. I might dispute that. Particularly considering the mutation process of games and RPGs, particularly considering the changes over various editions, addition of splatbooks, what's allowed at one table as opposed to another, and so on. A thing I rather liked was the antiquated 1970s attitude of "once you buy the main game, everything else is optional," an idea that hasn't really existed since the late eighties, as far as your major RPGs are concerned, and which has bled into your larger wargames and boardgames, particularly when a publisher makes its bread and butter out of ONE PRODUCT and kee
  6. ...I coulda phrased it that succinctly and accurately, if I'd really wanted to....[envy. nicely put]
  7. In particular, reading Dancey's essay about the end of TSR, I remember him remarking that at the time, he wasn't sure if it would be possible to untangle the mess of IP, lawyers, owners, stockholders, contractors, creditors, and everyone else to the point where there would be a future where D&D could be published at ALL. But between the used book market/secondary market, the Open Gaming License, and, let's face it, piracy, the genie is well and truly out of the bottle. That's why Hasbro and the whole 4e debacle rather surprised me. Or, in the words of a meme I can't seem to find any mor
  8. TSR WAS a bit too zealous about attacking its own fanbase, sure, but in the interests of trying to protect their own market; they wanted to try, at least, to make sure that only THEY could publish Dungeons And Dragons Materials. It went from there to "attack anyone who even TALKS about our stuff, because, well, just because." Given the Grump's link to Ryan Dancey's report, it seems pretty obvious NOW that attacking and ignoring your own fanbase is a pretty sad way to grow your business, but, then, at the time, it was fairly obvious to all of us back in the ancient BBS days that TSR viewed
  9. TSR, 1987: "Alright, we have this new internet thing, and people are talking about D&D on it. What's worse, they're trading the adventures they write for D&D on it. This is bad; we want them to buy the adventures we are SELLING, not adventures they write for free! Therefore, we will attack everyone who talks about D&D on the internet, and make them STOP! And then they will have no choice but to buy what we're selling, and everything will be peachy for us!" Hasbro, 2009: "Alright, we've just put out the fourth edition of D&D, but people are still buying previous editions in P
  10. I mourn. A fine fellow, and one of the true ancients of the field; Flying Buffalo was never one of the huge companies in the field, but it was always THERE, and in the same hands since the old times. Angels speed thee to thy rest, bud. You are missed.
  11. They have an octopus? Now I wanna octopus...
  12. I'm not going to be there this year, but I suspect this thread will survive more than one year, so... I have many names, some of which were bestowed in anger, others in confusion. Call me "Doc" for convenience, because no one ever remembers any of the others. Hugs are acceptable, if you wish to share my diseases.
  13. Yeeeah. I was big into Warhammer. Bretonnians. Undead. Orcs 'n' Goblins. And then they changed the rules, split Undead into two armies, and told me I had to buy new Goblin Doom Diver models to "stay current." Say g'night, Gracie. .....okay, THAT'S a new one on me. I had not heard that GW wanted Joe Kokomo at the Games Pit to be their personal Miniatures Police...
  14. Nor should you. That's the point where "hobby" and "fun" take a back seat to "ruthless profit machine." As well as "welcoming potential customer back into the fold."
  15. I'm the closest I've been to fulfillment of all Kickstarters that I've been since 2013. Steve Jackson Games has been getting most of my money lately; The Fantasy Trip and Hexagon fulfilled a little late, and we're looking for their new Pocket Box games and the Decks of Destiny update for TFT to fulfill more or less on time. The TROGDOR board game fulfilled a month late. I've been fortunate. Every Kickstarter I've ever backed has come through. But not a one has ever done so precisely when they said they would. But they came THROUGH!
  16. I rewrote that several times. The first draft was "My peg's a tad too long, and a wee bit too thick to fit in," but I thought the better of it. Four drafts later, and after leaving off "That's What She Said," I finally decided to leave well enough alone.
  17. Yeah... the mold lines haven't actually been a gamebreaker yet, but as far as OCD things go, a preprimed mini with a mold line the size of the San Andreas Fault bugs the hell out of me. And for some reason, they like to put the mold lines where it's a BEAR to get into the crevice and sand it down!
  18. Last thing I saw him in was Ghost Rider, as Mephistopheles. Did a fine job. Didn't realize he was as old as he was...
  19. Yup. They did the same thing to me in the late nineties. And kept at it until they seriously imperiled their bottom line. And then pulled back from the brink, rereleased Space Hulk, among others, and managed to trade on their name and trademarks... and then, with Necromunda, went right back to the same thinking that started to sink them in the first place. Perhaps now their willingness to listen to their market has changed... although with the new Warhammer Age Of Sigmar thing, I dunno. Sure, the models are peachy; GW has usually done THAT well... but GW still hasn't impressed me with thei
  20. I LIKED Bretonnians, dammit. Blind box/blind packs are a successful model; the sports card people have been working it for a century now. But even they have learned that you don't pee in the pot that grows the dollar bill bush. Decipher was a company that looked at the collectible card game market, promptly pounced on the Star Wars AND Star Trek licenses, and said, "Welp, we've got a license to coin money now. Just make sure it's effectively impossible to get any Bridge Crew or Main Cast members, and we'll CLEAN UP because they'll keep buying cards FOREVER!" Ha, ha, ha. No, they won't
  21. Don't get me started on old minis brands. I wept when I found out what happened to Martian Metals (the house in which their factory was located BURNED DOWN, and they lacked insurance; I was told by one who was there that he saw the molten metal literally gushing from the burning wood siding at one point). I haven't googled Minifigs in years. That must be frustrating as all hell, having to wade thru Legos...
  22. I'm inclined to agree with the Grump: it's all about what's "official D&D" as opposed to "what's the best mini out there, plastic or otherwise." Back in the dying days of the seventies, I played D&D and I wanted to learn about miniatures: how to use 'em, how to paint 'em, and so forth. Being out in the middle of nowhere, I sent off for the catalog from The Dungeon Hobby Shop in Lake Geneva. They sent me back a photocopied catalog with few pictures, and the pix it had were... well, seventies photocopy quality. So I said hellwiddit and bought several Grenadier Official D&D Boxed S
  23. Haven't tried removing the primer. Am certainly interested in working methods, though. I really like that they're going back through D&D history and bringing back characters from old fluff, though. A mini I literally never dreamed I would see was the Nameless One from Planescape: Torment. Now if they'd just get to the characters from Dragonlance...
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