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  1. You are pretty much correct. However, when it was suggested that Coke had done this with this intention, and had planned the whole thing? A senior executive publicly remarked, "We aren't that smart. And we aren't that stupid." After reading the first book, I sort of thought that was the whole point of Gormenghast (the castle, not the book). As a vain attempt to steer back to topic: I absolutely adored KotB because the FIRST time I tried this whole D&D thing, I had NO frame of reference and NO idea what an adventure would LOOK like. I learned about D&D and rolep
  2. I wouldn't call myself "obsessed," PB. I simply took advantage of a new material that presented itself due to sheer circumstance. On the other hand, her boyfriend later commented, "Dude, you had a lovely college girl sitting there in her underwear, and your first thought is prop materials for miniatures? Does this not say something about you?" I leave that for others to judge.
  3. And too flexible. I've tried this with casein based glues. They don't dry out and stiffen the way human flesh does. They remain fairly flexible, and don't fold or roll well.
  4. ...well, I was thinkin' SCALE scrolls, not ACTUAL ones...
  5. I suspect it's a matter of "steak reverence." Or as Doug Sundseth put it, "a religious thing." I've known and used a variety of steak rubs, including a truly outrageous one involving newspaper that I stole from The Big Damn Book Of Sheer Manliness that always amazes people when I do it. Then again, I know it works, and I mainly do it just to see the horrified looks on their faces when I slather a steak with Dijon mustard, rock salt, and peppercorns, wrap it in newspaper and masking tape, toss them in a bucket of water, stop and make small talk for a moment, and then throw the soggy packages
  6. Hmm... scrolls... never thought of THAT...
  7. A memory from long ago: My roommates, Max and Winnie, were goin’ to the coast for the weekend. I would have liked to have gone along, but it was strongly implied that there would be much slap and tickle, and I didn’t wanna be a third wheel, and I did have things to do in town, and so I remained. I was a dedicated Warhammer player at the time, and there were miniatures to paint. I spent a good chunk of the weekend painting goblins. And when Max and Winnie returned from the coast, it occurred to me that perhaps the slap and tickle had been rather abbreviated. Winnie in particular was burnt
  8. There is a trope in fantasy literature called "A Wizard Did It." It means "anything weird and inexplicable in any fantasy setting is the result of wizards messing around. Magic!" This is how you get owlbears, among other things. More than one fantasy author has given us housecats with wings. I am glad cats don't have wings, because they could pee in even more places that I don't want them to. And then there's this.
  9. That should be graven in stone somewhere. I personally agree. Market manipulation is a tricky thing, no matter WHO you are, how BIG you are, or what the PRODUCT is. The Coca-Cola people changed the formula of Coke, removed the old formula from the market, and said, "This is Coke now. Deal with it." They thought that the market had no choice but to switch over to the new product. They were quite wrong. Ultimately, the consumer has the power, and will hit back if you try to force them to love the new product.
  10. Grrrr. They said it was because of piracy concerns. Some said it was because they were trying to wipe out all D&D except fourth edition. Ultimately, it meant the only way to find and obtain the old material was via eBay... or via piracy. Yeah, that was a jolly bright move on their part.
  11. Yups. KotB predates Mystara, although it can be plugged into pretty much any D&D setting with the possible exception of Dark Sun.
  12. You and me both. Noble Knight currently wants about a grand for a White Box D&D set. This seems excessive, but at least I understand it. Twice that for an extremely obscure RPG accessory... that, I don't get. And that makes me crazy. A few months back, I found a copy of Dark Heresy RPG in a dump bin. I thought perhaps I could turn it around at a used bookstore for credit (the local used bookstores are hot for used RPG stuff) but when I looked it up, not only was it out of print, but online sellers wanted anything from $100 to $300 for a book that retailed for $60 when it
  13. I have never understood the point of paying money to be placed in a situation where I am not allowed to leave at a time of my choosing...
  14. De nada. It's a reasonable firearms bible, albeit only covering a thin historical spectrum of firearms, and largely aimed at the RPG market, kind of like Palladium's weapons compendiums. Basically, you could use it to determine the range, accuracy, and damage of a Walker Colt revolver as compared to the Remington Army model, and then adapt the whole thing to D&D or GURPS or whatever. Durned if I can see why anyone would pay that kind of money for it.
  15. Teeny indeed, and NOT a piece for a beginner or someone wanting an easy paint. Nice work!
  16. In the film version of "Twelve Angry Men," starring Henry Fonda and the eleven best character actors in Hollywood, they made the jury room more claustrophobic as the film progresses by moving the walls closer to the jury table. Aside from a brief prologue and epilogue, the entire movie happens in that jury room. Excellent film.
  17. True enough. And freedom of speech, and all that. And every artist to whom I have ever spoken (except musicians for some reason) regard this sort of person as the second coming of Satan. Can't say it ever occurred to me to try. But apparently, it's a growing thing, so what do I know?
  18. Today wasn't much fun. I spent it adulting. Physical. At my age this includes turn-your-head-and-cough, and a prostate exam. And my foot may be broken; I had to head across town for an X-ray. And the car's Check Engine light came on again, and I finally said hellwiddit and dropped it off at the mechanic's. On the way, I picked up a blind booster to make myself feel better. Felt foolish while I was doing it; blind boosters are a path to disappointment. But surprisingly, this one was not. Has there EVER been an official Flumph miniature before?
  19. This one -- Knuckleduster Firearms Shop. The price seems to have gone up since the last time I checked. The companion book, the Knuckleduster Cowtown Creator, still only sells for $25. Like I said, I'm AFRAID to throw anything out any more. As it is, I bitterly mourn that I didn't take better care of the boxes that most of my old RPGs came in. And I still remember seeing all the old TSR boxed sets -- Spelljammer and accessories, Dark Sun and accessories, Birthright, Greyhawk, ALL that old stuff -- sitting on the shelves at Kay Bee Toys, selling for three or four bucks a box dur
  20. My only possible explanation for "influencers" comes from my experience in sales. Five percent of people won't buy anything. They wouldn't buy canned food and shotguns if the news was saying ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE COMING YOUR WAY! Five percent of people will buy ANY durn thing. Gamer girl bathwater, for example. All you have to do is slide in and make the pitch. I am therefore guessing that "influencers" must have a minimum of twenty places they can make their pitch, and that one of them will be the magic carrot that lets you trade "influence" for free stuff and services...
  21. I've bought several games for the minis, notably the World of Warcraft boardgame (I needed murlocs) and Dilvish's Batman game, back when it was new and KayBee Toys was clearancing it for, like, four bucks. Ninjas FTW, baby! Trouble is, I can't throw ANYTHING away any more. Bought a book on cowboy firearms for RPG conversions a while back at Half Price, and now Amazon wants upwards of $1000 for it. Just because I got it cheap doesn't mean it ain't in demand. Although I wonder what sane person would pay a grand for an RPG book.
  22. That one dates back to my freshman year in high school, not long before Atlantis sank.
  23. jIHvaD par'Mach yISeH chainsaw! I FOUND MY OLD GREYHAWK MAPS! I had NO IDEA I still had those! I haven't seen those in TWENTY YEARS! (Expletive deleted). Wonder what it'd cost to frame those?
  24. She Who Dances With Mouselings has fabric stashes. It's one of the things we have in common, sorta. Except all my MINIATURES stashes are in specific locations. I know where my minis stashes are, if not precisely which mini is in which stash. Dances with Mouselings' fabric stashes, on the other hand, are all over hell and half of Georgia. And every so often she finds one, and explores it, and it's a good time. "It's like shopping for fabric, except I already spent the money three years ago or more," she snickers. This doesn't happen to me. At least not real often. But occasionally, i
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