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    Fate is in Heaven, the armor is on the breast, success is with the legs. Go to the battlefield firmly confident of victory, and you will come home with no wounds whatever. Engage in combat fully determined to die and you will be alive; wish to survive in the battle and you will surely meet death. When you leave the house determined not to see it again you will come home safely; when you have any thought of returning you will not return. You may not be in the wrong to think that the world is always subject to change, but the warrior must not entertain this way of thinking, for his fate is always determined. <br /><br />-Uesugi Kenshin (1530-1578)

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  1. According to Canon, there was a total of 33 Spartan-II's that survived the "program" and only 24 of which are named, with most of those being dead - in fact, even Bungie continually refers to Master Chief (MCPO John-117) as "The Last Spartan" - which in part comes down to the only other spartans being dead, wounded beyond rehabilitation, or retired. But there is a Spartan-III Program - and may be it that the numbers of Spartan-II's has increased due to other foray's into the Halo Setting ("Halo Wars" for example) My only real dissapointment with the Halo Clix is the lack of stat creativity - For instance, Marines, ODST, and Grunts all have the same stats - And were talking Standard Colonial Marines - Marine Equivalents of Navy SEAL's, and Grunts who are, well...Grunts... Of course there are tons of weapon load outs and each weapon at least has it's own set of rules, which is enough, for me, to make up for the lack of stat difference - but not by much. But, i do agree with th above mention - my force will contain only Marines, and maybe a Master Chief if i feel inclined - two squads of four marines, with a Sgt Johnson, and a Warthog if the points allow it. ODST definatly if i can collect enough.
  2. Thanks Herr Frogenmeister Anyway... Hah! Ill see about using good Melee Guys, but im swearing off Vale Warriors completely - honestly, id rather field the same number of Breakers for just three points more each - thats a +2 MAV over them as well. Also, i gotta start using Deathseekers, proxy or otherwise. However, the Elves cannot compete toe to toe for Melee with any army im fighting now - whether that be Reven, Overlords, Nefsokar, or Crusaders. its just not going to happen. best thing i can hope for is having all parts of my army work together. Primary Elven Tactic Base - Be Fast, Stick Together, Keep it Cool And for Gods Sakes...have fun!
  3. Mostly, Breakers have less DV (or the same), but higher MAV, at just a slightly higher point cost. for me, my Vale Warriors are 19 pts a pop, have 1 attack at 1 MAV, 7 Def, and Tough 1. my Breakers are 22 points a pop, have 1 attack at 3 MAV, 7 Def, and no Tough. honestly? Breakers are more expensive, and dont have any staying power - but get the job done better then my Warriors, which might as well be in the battle for moral support for all the good they do. I plan on using my Breakers as standard warriors - grouped with Longthorns and fighting in lines - ill probably just completely overlook the Ability, because i havent ever found a use for it. (did i mention the Elves have the worst '"effing" DV in the whole game? i dont wanna ever hear anyone on this board complain about low DV's )
  4. The detail on the blue coat is neat - were those circles indents on the mini? or did you put those in by hand? Huh, for 15mm im surprised they have some discernible detail - 15mm is WAAAAYYYY to small for my tastes... (of course, this coming from a guy whose most at home building 1:24 Scale model cars and airplanes )
  5. Notice how Matsumoto said he doesnt really worry about defeating the elves? then says he worries more about good generals? Hehe, says something about me and my 0\4 record so far
  6. All is happy for the Overlords. However, some unnamed fiend takes a year of pure and absolute patience to queitly flood the canals and sewers underneath Craclaw with lamp oil and hard liqour, as well as gaseline and kegs of gunpowder (bartered for from Razig, with stolen jewels from a few Khamsin tombs and nomads). after one years hard work - this crazy fiend, who is actually a young elven man, a survivor from the now desolate ruins of Almirithil (which probably became disputed territory between the Overlords and the forces of Orba Sinhain), sighs in a job well done. He smiles as he remembers fondly his kin, all now dead or slaves. he fights back tears knowing that the war against the darkness of Thule is now over and will never be taken up again. all for the greed of evil. and with that thought, his burning rage and passion for revenge is renewed Then he ventures into the canals one last time - and lights a match. ~Fin~
  7. Id like to see some Elite Elven Warriors with much better MAV's and DV's - maybe like an elite guard. other then - always, always, more leader models. you cant ever have enough. (Oh yeah, Lorriele Silverrain rejoins the force of Almirithil and becomes a Sergeant )
  8. Ok, i have a favor to ask... Can someone please explain this "Firefly" craze to me? i know its a sci-fi television series thats supposedly got an underground cult following everywhere - everyone seems to love the show. other then that, i know nothing. so whats the big deal? why is it so great? (oh, and please dont burn-me-at-the-stake just cause im ignorant )
  9. Hand-to-Hand Martical Arts just never seemed as interesting to me as Weapon Based Fighting Techniques (including ranged weapons) - mostly because i cant fight h2h at all well. The concept of "European Martial Arts" is a strange one. mostly because fighting techniques arent really referred to as an "Art" anywhere east or west of Asia. i know Archery was a sport amongst aristocracy (like it was in Japan before the age of the sword), but advanced hand-to-hand combat is almost never mentioned at all - least not that ive ever heard. of course, there are European Martial Arts (although i can only name like one) - but the apparent lack of interest (and lack of mention in history) may be due to its apparent unpopularity. Eh, regardless - its not really my thing - gimme a 9mm and a K anyday.
  10. I remember hearing (not reading) that the Greater Items (Such as Greater Magic Armor, Greater Magic Weapon, etc) can only be equipped on Leader Models and Elites\Heroes. Is this true? I could not find it anywhere in the 1st Ed RB. Honestly, this makes sense, and im hoping this is so - mostly because it got rubbed in my face that it didnt appear in the book (after i had said it was there), and i hate it when im wrong and someone gloats.
  11. seeing filthy slavers get the short end of the stick is always a treat. Considering i just got my butt handed to me by Matsumoto's Overlords last saturday (along with the gloating) - i would cheer if Craclaw got burned to the ground.
  12. I need to get some Deathseekers. With Vale Warriors, the Tough\1 is a draw - best thing to do is pair them with Long Thorns for concentrated force. a Bless works, but is kinda unrealistic. Backup Warriors with Archers - the "Practice Makes Perfect" Trait and Sure Shot ability make it a must. Honestly, with the Low DV of almost all Elven Units, yeah it takes alot of finesse, but unlike some units in other factions, Elven units are almost tailor made to function together like a well-oiled Machine. Long Thorns and Warriors on the front lines, with Breakers on the flanks, all backed up by pin-point archery-support. So far, ive yet to make it work though
  13. One thing about an Elven force in Warlord - you cant make any mistakes, cause you pay for it, big time.
  14. Cant we all just get along? I know about this of course, although in many tales everyones always said the Persian Army was a million men - never beleived it was, but 300,000 doesnt seem like a lot compared to a million. eh. Besides, the two stories compare in the sense that its a small force against a horribly large force - but the Spartans at Thermopalye didnt win - they were all butchered, and afterwords the Persians met the real greeks and were beaten there, then they fled. Or maybe its counted as a victory, but whatever. Anyway, im withdrawing from this thread.
  15. You also blew by mine - what are these "Dark Side" stories about Sanada Yukimura? Haha, i gotta love this - Yukimura and his father Masayuki defended Ueda Castle from Ieyasu's son, Hidetada - they resisted his 40,000 men with only 2000 - and they won. Remind us of any other fantasy battles? "...And they should be! 300...against 10,000!?" EDIT - Found that on Samurai Archives. Also, even though this is fictional - Yukimura appears briefly in the novel "Musashi" by Eiji Yoshikawa. therein, a friend of Musashi's, a young man named Gonnosuke is passing through Kudoyama when he is captured by Yukimura's men, who promise him death at their masters hands for being a spy - Gonnosuke disspears for the rest of the book till the end. Gonnosuke appears to wish Musashi good luck on his way to his duel with Kojiro, and recalls his experience meeting the famed Yukimura - when he was brought before him, Yukimura looked once in his eyes and said "This man is no spy!" and Gonnosuke was released. he stayed in the company of Yukimura for a while, and they became good friends.
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