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  1. Thanks! And you should -- you've got 11 months to plan the trip! This year, in addition to our SoCal locals, we also had players from Vegas, the Bay Area, Sacramento, Oregon, Vancouver, and Ohio. We've also got guys in San Diego and Arizona who weren't able to make it this year but have their eyes on 2011.
  2. Oh, and an addendum: the most oft-received comments have been about the slightly animalistic quality of her face -- comments which, given the picture above, I fully understand! I think the picture exaggerates that aspect a bit versus how she looks in real life. However, since I've not yet made the molds I'll use to cast her, I'm going to make a couple of minor tweaks before I do: I'm going to lengthen the nose slightly (down, moreso than out), to close a bit of the too-large gap between the bottom of her nose and the top of her mouth; and I'll re-do the bangs to raise them up a bit, where they really should be, to give the forehead a bit more space and put the eyes more in the vertical center of the face. Since I'm dong that anyway, I'm also going to shorten the microphone a bit; I'll take a mm or so off the metal length both above and below the hand. Not only will that make the mic itself look better (the mics used by sideline reporters are generally about 10" long, whereas this one goes from her chin to her waist!), but the size of the current mic completely hides the details of her choker-collar, necktie, and buckles on her corset -- details which can be seen a bit here:
  3. This is my first-ever full sculpt and I'd like to improve, so comments & criticisms are greatly appreciated! I'd already posted her on CMoN and a bunch of Blood Bowl-related sites, but one of the comments I received reminded me that I hadn't posted her here -- which I'd meant to do, as I'm a huge Reaper fan and enjoy the forum here, even if I don't post much. And if anyone wouldn't mind taking a second to give her a vote over at Coolminiornot.com, she can be found at http://coolminiornot.com/243903 I finally made my first foray into fully sculpting my own figure: this is a Witch Elf Sideline Reporter I sculpted as the tournament giveaway figure at this year's West Coast Quake, an annual Blood Bowl tournament I run alongside one of my league mates. She's sculpted in the 28mm (to the eyes) scale; she technically comes in at about 29.5mm to the eyes (just shy of 32mm overall), but that was planned due to the size of the platform soles on her boots. Her left arm (with the microphone) is a separate piece for casting, glued on for photo purposes, and joins at the bottom of her shirt sleeve. For those not familiar with the game, Blood Bowl is a GW game based loosely on American football (with a bit of rugby thrown in) that's set in a satirical version of the Warhammer Fantasy universe. The game can see chainsaws and steamrollers on the field, and the background fluff provides for broadcasting of games, via crystal ball, by such networks as ABC (Association of Broadcasting Conjurers) and ESPN (Extra-Sensory Perception Network) -- thus a Witch Elf holding a microphone in a fantasy setting isn't nearly as anachronistic is it might first appear! Of course, the Witch Elves and other females in GW's Dark Elf armies usually have a pseudo-S&M look to them, so it made sense to me to dress my sideline reporter in a similar rivet fashion to that worn by my female friends at the goth/industrial clubs in which we hang out. If interested, I had a WIP thread for her here, although I ended up not keeping up with it nearly as well as I'd originally planned.
  4. Awesome work on both figures. The armor on Marda and the lighting on Sigurd are both very well done, but I particularly like Marda because I already own her to (someday) paint as a gift for a friend, and I'm sure I'll be using yours for inspiration whenever that day finally comes.
  5. Yes, it does; by a complete and total coincidence , GW's fantasy football-themed "Blood Bowl" game happens to feature chainsaw-weilding goblins, too.
  6. The only miniatures game I actually play is Blood Bowl and I've bought several teams' worth of Reaper figures for BB conversion purposes, and I've seen many others on BB forums using Reaper figs in their teams, as well. Reaper figures are especially popular for Undead and Necromantic teams in Blood Bowl (Zombies, Werewolves, Flesh Golems, etc.) and I have some for those, and also a variety of Barbarians for a Norse team; I find that Reaper figures also make great coaches/assistant coaches, wizards, and cheerleader conversions, too.
  7. Wow, this is the type of thing I've been waiting forever to read! I can't tell you how many times myself or another Blood Bowl-playing Reaper fan like me have posted a pic on the BB boards of a new Reaper figure that could make a perfect conversion for the game -- and the first reply is always, "How big is it?" To be honest, there have been some of these figures I haven't purchased myself, for not knowing. Getting the size reference on all figures is going to be incredible!
  8. Hmm, that would be an interesting thought, and I'd probably look into if I had posted this weeks ago like I planned. But having cut it so close already, and having found someone to do this for me, I'm just going to stick with me original plan for now. Perhaps next year, though... Thanks again to everyone who PM'd and offered to help me out!
  9. Doh! I'd meant to post this a couple of weeks ago, but time kept getting away from me... which is the same reason I've painted all of one miniature since my wedding cake topper six months ago -- but at least the new one was Reaper, so I'll post him here soon! Anyway, I know this is last minute now but I can't make it to ReaperCon myself , so I was hoping someone might be willing to take my figures from probably 2 or 3 dozen unopened Reaper blisters for me and do the equal-weight trade-in. These are figures for which I've accepted that I'm no longer interested in the projects for which they were intended, and/or am just never going to get around to painting. Of course, I still have dozens and dozens more than these that I'll probably never get to, either, but I figure I should try to trade these ones in particular for figures I think I'd be more likely to use. My proposal is this: I'm going to go by the weights listed on Miniature Giant's site (I'm sure it won't be 100% accurate but should be close enough), figure out how much metal I have, and come up with my list of the new figures I want (probably a couple dozen or so). I'll leave off 10-15% worth of the weight from my own figures so that it can be traded in by the kind person for themself; I'll also add to that the choppings from weapon- and broccoli-base-snips of at least another dozen or two Reaper figures I'm keeping (as my understanding is that this can be traded as long it comes from Reaper's own figs, and I've got plenty of DHL figures that are destined for use in Blood Bowl, and therefore need to lose the weapons and bases). Finally, all the Reaper points from the all blisters -- both what I send for trade-in, and the blisters I open to snip -- will be yours. Rough guess off the top of my head (as I'm at work and can't see the figures): that should be at least about 4-5 figures' worth, plus ~40 blisters' worth of points, maybe more -- does that seem fair? If I can get someone who's willing to do this within the next day or two, I'll send everything out Priority Mail and it should be there by the weekend, I imagine; and after the Con, of course, I'll pay for the shipping to get my new figures back. Please PM me if you can help, and thanks in advance! ~ Mike
  10. I'm finally back! I finished the cake topper on time, barely -- glued the boxes onto the white base early Saturday morning, the day of the evening wedding! As such, though, I never had time to photograph it before the wedding itself, nor before leaving for the honeymoon two days later. But now that I'm back, I finally got its submission posted; in the interest of keeping threads in their proper place, I started a new thread in Show Off: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=34140 But I wanted to update this, just in case anyone who looked at this earlier would be following new posts on this thread.
  11. I last updated my work-in-progress for this two days before my wedding -- which was October 11th -- but never had time to photograph the final product before the wedding or taking off for the honeymoon. But now that I'm back, I'd welcome any comments or criticisms regarding my wedding cake topper, made from the Sela Windsprite, Elf Pirate and Edo, Male Ninja figures. I put up a CMoN submission with a bit more of the story (and I wouldn't mind some votes, either, if you're so inclined ), so feel free to look at it at: http://www.coolminiornot.com/204541 If you're interested in how I went about things, the work-in-progress thread was here: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?...=33881&st=0
  12. Circumstances did force me to show my fiancee the unfinished figures a few days ago. I caught her coming home from a bad day at work, so her initial reaction was poor when she saw that her "no miniatures" request had been ignored. However, once she settled in and relaxed a bit and I was able to really show her the figures, point out the details, etc., she really warmed up to the idea -- personally I think she just couldn't resist a teeny-tiny monkey wearing a pirate hat! I'm coming into the home stretch now, as I'll be finishing up between today and tomorrow for the wedding on Saturday. First up is a pic I took the other day but didn't have time to post, after I'd started to add some details and do some shading: I also drybrushed the boxes a bit to bring out the texture slightly. Apart from being happy with how the fleur de lis came out, I'm not all too concerned with them. You can also see the cork I added inside, which will hold the figures' pins as well as provided extra glueing/pinning surfaces for putting the boxtops on, and attaching the boxes to the base: Speaking of the base, here it is with the boxes undre the figures, to give a sense of scale: And finally, the most recent picture of the figures as they currently stand. They're almost done, with the current to-do list reading: monkey, the pirate hair highlighting, another level of skin highlights, and a few other minor touch-ups (sich as the pirate upper lip) here and there: I will throw up the standard defense of it being a poor picture, as it's under glaring direct light without my photo booth, which is both washing out some things while also creating some strange shadows. I also didn't really do anything to the photo other than cropping it so the colors are slightly off, etc. Right now, I'm going for speed in the photos, not quality. However, we're obviously still not talking about Golden Demon quality here, or anything even close. However, if you look at my CMoN gallery, I think it's safe to say that these represent my best work to date -- I've really tried to push myself with these, and I must say that I'm quite happy with the results. I continue to paint and practice so I know that I'll be a better painter in the future, and will paint better looking figures one day. But I honestly feel that there represent the best of my current abilities -- abilities that have grown during this very painting process, so that's all I could have asked for with the current results.
  13. Thank you very much everyone, for the encouragement and the kind wishes. It was time to take a quick break from painting, so I thought I'd update with a couple new pics. First, the shot I'd taken after primering the figures, that I didn't have time to post before: After primering them, though, I noticed a mold line across the top of the monkey's head. I hadn't noticed it on the bare metal because it was kind of hidden in the texture of his fur, but I realized it would've been hard to remove for that same reason. Therefore, I sculpted a pirate hat over it instead, just like the one worn by the stuffed animal he represents (had I thought about this from the start, and had more time, I would've converted him into the entire outfit worn by the stuffed animal; oh well): Next, we have the figures with most of the basecoating done; if it's not obvious, the colors of our wedding are black with burgundy: Plus one of the dance boxes the figures will stand on, with the fleur de lis painted on over Parafilm masking film: And once the figures are mounted on their boxes, the boxes will go on this -- the lid to a peanut butter jar, of all things, spray-painted white: Again, I'm not sure if time will allow for more WIP pics before I actually finish, but I'll try if another break allows. @Paintminion: the cake's white with burgundy decoration, so I know it'll match, and I figure the base I'm putting them on (which, of course, hadn't yet been mentioned earlier) should sit on top with no problem. The booklet is a great idea, though, and I'll probably do that. I'd already thought about having a picture of what the two unmodified figures looked like originally, but turning my WIP posts here into something a bit more explanatory should be easy! Now I must tackle the pirate's hair... and will see how much I remember from your "Painting Hair" class I took with you a couple years back, at the last-ever GenCon SoCal! ;)
  14. Note: this is just cross-posted word-for-word from my CMoN topic, so don't bother if you've already seen it there. But being that these are Reaper figures, I though folks here, who don't go over there, might be interested. On October 11th, just ten days from now, I'll have the honor and privelege of marrying the love of my life. But like Romeo and Juliet, Tony and Maria, Buffy and Angel, she and I hail from opposing factions: in the great internet rivalry, Shelly is a pirate and I am a ninja. Her own initial idea for a cake topper was to try and find some little plastic Japanese, tokidoki-style toys of a female pirate and male ninja. She wasn't having much luck finding what she wanted, though. Around the same time, she was also asking me to help out with more of the planning; among other things, then, I told her not to worry about the cake topper -- I'd have that covered. She tolerates my miniature-painting hobby with reactions ranging from bemusement at best to mild annoyance at worst (depending on how much time I'm giving it versus her). She's joked several times since my pronouncement: "No miniatures!" However, she's really only used to seeing things like my Blood Bowl, fantasy-football-style figures, as well as things like Space Marines. So I took the chance that I could come up with something that, when done, would make her forget her "no miniatures" edict. She won't see this until it's done, but I got the approval at this stage of her best friend/maid of honor, so I feel safe about my decision. Thus it came to pass, the union of Reaper Miniatures' "Sela Windsprite, Elf Pirate" and "Edo, Male Ninja": I looked across a wide array of ranges and various pirate/ninja figures, but these two were far and away the best for my purposes. Having them both be in fairly neutral poses, and lacking a lot of extraneous detail, was important. Our wedding will be weapon-free, but these poses made the weapon snips a relatively simple matter. Sela's pet monkey is actually a nice touch, because we both love monkeys and, in fact, one of my first presents to her was the Build-A-Bear pirate monkey stuffed animal she'd wanted. I was going to want to turn Edo's head; that way the figures could stand facing forward, while still holding hands and looking at one another, for which Sela's pose was already well-suited. And since Edo would be losing his head anyway, I decided to replace it with a bald one, giving him the personal touch mimicking my own shaved head. Luckily, I just happened to have a GW plastic bald head in my bits box. Detail-wise, that just left skulls on Edo's outfit... especially the large one on his back: Those were all a bit much. And since I was already getting rid of those, I figured the pouches on his belt could go, too. So I started with a clip of all the weapons, as well as taking a chunk off the back of the ninja's new head. The head was shaped for a much more heavyset figure, and I was going to be adding a mask around the lower half anyway, to maintain his ninja mystique: While Sela's left arm and Edo's right were in fairly good positions for the hand-holding, it turned out they were a bit too far off to simply be bent. Therefore, I chopped them off so they could be pinned back at better angles. I'd also started taking off Edo's skulls and pouches, cleaning up the weaponless hands, and adding a bit of plasticard to Edo's feet -- the removal of his integrated base had left them a bit uneven, so I added two different thicknesses of card to rebalance them: I reattached the arms, added the pins to the feet, and attached Edo's new head. You'll also notice I took some chunks off of Edo's new cheeks, too. Again, the face was too heaveyset and was going to be puttied over anyway; the bald head was all that was really important. Edo's hand was cleaning up fairly nicely, but Sela's were proving to be problematic; I cut them off after figuring it would probably be easier to sculpt new ones myself at that point: I lined them up in a test post after beginning the putty work. I'd started Edo's new mask and cleaned up his shirt where a skull had been removed. I'd also started rebuiling his forearm where the sword hilt had been, and rebuilt the built where the pouch came off. Sela only needed some work on her shoulders where I connected the arms to by body and, obviously, I'd added some wire work to the wrists to support the new sculpting. However, with time being a factor, two more Reaper Miniatures, "Tristan Loremistress" and "Merith of the Flame," offered to lend a hand -- one hand each: I went through other miniatures I had laying around and found that Tristan had a perfectly usable open right hand that could easily be swapped in. I hadn't thought that Sela's left hand would be much of a problem since it would wrap up with Edo's hand, hiding the inside where the weapon had been removed. However, the basic shape of the hand made that a more difficult proposition than first believed, as it was too closed; I needed a more open hand to fit into Edo's. Merith's left hand turned out to be perfect as, once the flame was removed (and again, the inside from where it would be cut would be hidden in the end, anyway), the hand itself was nice and flat as is seen better from the back: With Sela's new hands added, I finished the putty work and the general mini prep. With them finally ready for painting, I took one last shot before spraying the primer: I've also made the boxes on which each figure will stand. They were made from 3mm Taskboard and are shown here stuck via bluetack onto popsicle sticks and sprayed with white primer. The tops on the right will be set into the boxes on the left and each figure mounted to one -- the boxes are actually sized so they're slightly wider than the spread of Edo's feet: The texture of the Taskboard is a nice substitute for the wood surface of the real boxes they're designed to represent: the two boxes that are in the corners of the dance floor at Malediction Society, the Hollywood goth/industrial club where Shelly and I met. The real boxes are about 3 ft. high and 4 ft. and are there for people to climb up and dance on top; some do it to show off but for either Shelly or I, we would do so just dance with some space and air, away from the rest of the crowd. The mini boxes will be much smaller, relatively speaking, compared to the figures on top, but I obviously didn't want the boxes to distract focus away from the figures. The boxes will be a deep purple color with a golden fleur de lis design, as seen in the crappy cell phone pic I snapped one night before the club opened, so that I'd have the design for reference: While it helps that I work nights and Shelly works days, the toughest part by far has been trying to do all this without her knowing I'm working on anything miniature-related. That's why I have the figures primered now, but didn't have time for that picture before she got home. I'll get a couple hours to paint on Wednesday afternoon before we have an evening appointment at the wedding venue, and then I'll have all day Thursday and Friday, with both those nights off, in which I hope to get the bulk of the work done. I'll try and get some updated shots posted in the interim, but that will depend on how my schedule (and hers) goes -- getting the painting done in time will be much more important than getting pictures taken right now! ;) (edited for a couple of misspellings)
  15. Not just great graphic novels -- one of the great novels, period. I'm just killing a couple minutes before leaving work so I don't have time to search for the source list, but I know that a few years back, Time magazine did a list of the 100 greatest novels ever written, and "Watchmen" made the list -- probably goes without saying that it was the only comic-form writing to do so. The trailer looks incredible; I think Zach Snyder may have actually gotten it right. Alan Moore is never going to actually endorse a movie of any of his work, but I'd read that Snyder's working from a script that Moore was said to have called the best potential version of a "Watchmen" script he'd seen. And Dave Gibbons apparently went on record as being on board with this movie, too.
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