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  1. Very nice! I was actually having more success with 3 wet paper towels and parchment paper in a Tupperware container! 😄 Then my beloved wife got me a nice wet palette and its a bit too wet! Thanks for the reply, Ill give the extra parchment paper a try.
  2. Thanks, my man. Ill give it a try. Probably just end up buying more premade washes! 😁
  3. Has anyone tried creating a blank wash (using Matte Medium and a Flow Aid) instead of using pure water. I found this idea on the internet. The blank wash can be added to the wash color instead of water, supposedly making it a better overall wash? I'm not competition painter, just a DM doing tabletop minis
  4. I had problems with getting the sponge too wet, watering down my paints. I think i have found a nice balance. I thought bout using two sheets of the paper, Has anyone else had this problem?
  5. I kept my word and stickered the rabbit. 👍 Excellent game btw sir! The faerie getting splatter on the wall with the door at the end was classic! It was only a few HP's 🙂
  6. Man, that was super fun. Next year I need to stay on site. The room prices I saw earlier this year were way high? I'm gonna call next year? figure it out. Either way, stayed a mile away, had a blast all weekend. Some really fun, creative players and DM's Cool folks all the way around. Thanks Reaper, very cool
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