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  1. That bow is really neat looking. I'm enjoying reading your thoughts and musings on what colors to use, thanks for sharing the whole process with us.
  2. That sounds like a really neat diorama. And you're right, that wyvern pose does suit the scene you described really well, from what I can see. It should be an epic entry. I hope you get it done on time. (You can, and we're rooting for you).
  3. Fun paint job, ugly bullette model. Gorgeous base.
  4. I like the subtle (and not so subtle) differences in the horses' colours, and the basing is delightful. Impressive looking unit!
  5. The stalk eye color sell the "weird monster" effect. The range of colors on the tree stump and the variety and colors of the mushrooms (including the barely-visible purplish ones) is fantastic, and the mouth on the back is somewhat terrifying. All around excellent job.
  6. Excellent job all over, I'm finding myself quite impressed by the horn on his belt.
  7. Thank you kindly, you've given me a lot to think about and explore. Theoretical research type exploring for now, and we'll see where it goes for later. My first miniature paints were Testors (back when I was 8 and had no concept of thinning paints, highlights and shading, or any other technique than simply "put the color on thick enough to hide the primer"), so it's interesting to hear where they stand. My two-year-old *usually* is pretty good about not tasting all the things, (especially paints), but she does want to use any paint Mommy does, and doesn't always have a perfect concept of what makes a valid canvas and what does not...
  8. I think the two tone look is neat. Besides "an oil painting technique", what is oil paint rendering/OPR? And are Testors paints considered decent oil paints? Or what brand(s) do you use? I don't think me using oils is a good idea with an inquisitive two year old running around, but kids grow up eventually...
  9. I've been known to do that fairly frequently. Sadly, by the time I'm ready to print them, usually the print settings need to be changed for one reason or another and I need to reslice the files anyway.
  10. ... and ReaperCon got vetoed. For this year. So, no alarm needed for me.
  11. I doubt any entries I might come up with will be inspiring any drool in the next year or two, though it's a fun thought. Hopefully I can at least get a smile or a chuckle. Thank you very much @dks, @TaleSpinner, and @Heisler. You've given me a very clear idea of what's being looked for, how, and why, and how to prepare and document what I'm doing. Not to mention a clearer idea of what category might be best for a given mini.
  12. Hmm. I've been wondering how to turn the dragon door knocker model into a "dragon coming through a portal" model. I intend to goof off with it in meshmixer, but if I can find a good way to take the "mounting plate" off, or just cover it with textured hot glue, that might work too. Interesting idea, thanks. I'll have to look for those videos you mentioned. I'm not sure what's added to the hot glue to make it fragile, though I'm sure there's a good reason to. The stuff is usually very durable. At least, the glue that comes out of my glue gun can take a fall pretty well. Won't stand up to picking fingers.
  13. Do I literally need to set an alarm to get a hotel room in the booked block? Or am I likely to have a couple days to a week (or more) before it books up? As I general rule; I understand past performance is not a perfect predictor of the pending picture. Results in a given year may vary.
  14. White, black, and red; all purportedly difficult colors to highlight, but you pulled it off. Well done. And happy (late) valentines to you, too.
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