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    I'm looking for warhammer chaos minis from 1989-1990 era

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  1. LOVE IT! mindflayers/ bathalians are some of my favorites love the blue
  2. http://www.stupid.com/stat/DAND.html maybe they were for a board game or something? I stumbled across them while looking for other weird toys either way they are pretty cheap if anyone is interested
  3. amazing work as always sir! nice to see that Djinn again, that was one of my favorites when I first started painting. I wish you well my fellow Minnesnowtan
  4. VERY COOL! I always liked the Slaanish
  5. Ahh, that makes sense Thank you I do love this mini!
  6. I finally got some new minis this past weekend (all Reaper baby) and when cleaning and priming them I was suprised to see the Astral Mauler has a tusk? mouth peice? whatever it is that needs to be attached. I was just wondering why since the other two are scuptled on there just fine. I tried gluing it on 3 different times with no luck but I will find a way eventually. I was just curious if this is only on certain scuplts of the Mauler or if all of them come this way?
  7. very very nice! however, they do make me miss Halloween..
  8. Thanks for the help everybody! it sounds like a realy good system I will be getting the book for sure.
  9. I've never played Warlord or any other game, I have always just collected and painted off and on over the years. Warlord looks interesting and I think I will pick up the book soon but I was wondering about some of the characters and monsters. Can monsters fight for any faction? I like a variety of monsters I want to make sure I can use them in the game examples: Owlbear Chimera Wereshark Wereboar (Were-anything really I like em all) Hounds of Judgement Astral Maulers Genies what about the Bathalians? (some of my favorite minis) sorry for all the questions any info would be greatly apprecated for this new guy
  10. Looking at the half Orc minis am I correct in assuming the other "half" is human? So if your playing a game can the half Orcs be used along with humans or do they fight along with their Orc brothers?
  11. Thanks for the tips everyone I got in touch with LordColdsteal and the foto-fu was from was from the forums on his site. hopefully I will be posting pics soon
  12. Oh so maybe thats where it went. hmmm. I have never taken pics of minis before and I think I want to post one I recently finished so I was trying to find that thread. I thought it also covered how to make a basic light box too. I will expirement and see what happens.
  13. hater dave


    I remeber when I first joined the boards a few months back someone had posted some tips for photographing mini's. I did a search but was unsuccessful. I thought it was on here but maybe I am wrong. Does this sound familiar to anyone? thanks -Dave
  14. I think it's a good idea. I would suggest having some female characters to paint as well for the girls. Also animals might be a little easier for beginners to paint. good luck with it.
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