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  1. That is great........ Thanks for the good work.....
  2. Page 71 of the rule book say's " gain a clear of sight to any target for a single ranged attack even if the target would normally be obstructed or even blocked." Can I shoot over a hill at a target ??? Or how about a magic arrow that can find a target behind a building ?? I undertand targeting a leader in the back rank, but over a hill or something behind a building or forest....... Thanks
  3. The second printing rules say's in a "All Reven company, all leader models gain the innate Warcry". At Origins I was told it also had to be a "All Orc company" ?? No Beastman, Goblins, Ogres. Did I have the wool pulled over my eyes ?? P.S. Go Green......
  4. Fireball and light woods. Can you light fires in the game ??? I had a game that a Mage cast (2) fireballs in lightwoods to fry some Elves. Some Elves survived and stayed in the woods. Can fire destroy cover ??? Thanks
  5. In the rules it has a CAV bonus during a charge as additional movement to make contact. But I don't see anything for the Charge getting a impact bonus against the target. Do I get a bonus for the impact ??? Only for the impact turn. (MAV +1, +2 ) Thanks
  6. How can I have a troop of warriors, troop of archers, troop of skullbreakers if the whole Reptus line only has 1 leader ??? Am I to use mercenary leaders ??? Did I miss something, I don't see any Captain or Sergeants in Reptus. I don't want to buy Reptus if I can't field units ??
  7. What comes in a Overlord starter pack ?? The reaper site does not list the box contents. Thanks.
  8. Does the 2nd printing include any rules and tables for Dragons ?????? How about Giants ?????? Thanks
  9. I will soon be a new player. Can you mix "factions" when you build a army ?? Can I mix evil units together ??? Who can use Mercenary units ?? Who can use Darkspawn units ?? Thanks Scott [email protected]
  10. My boys want to play Warlord or Warhammer. With Warlord, can you have 30-40 troop armies on a side ?? I have a 4 x 8 table with terrain. They are 11 and 13. Any input will help. They have about $220 to spend. [email protected]
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