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  1. Page 71 of the rule book say's " gain a clear of sight to any target for a single ranged attack even if the target would normally be obstructed or even blocked." Can I shoot over a hill at a target ??? Or how about a magic arrow that can find a target behind a building ?? I undertand targeting a leader in the back rank, but over a hill or something behind a building or forest.......



  2. The second printing rules say's in a "All Reven company, all leader models gain the innate Warcry".

    At Origins I was told it also had to be a "All Orc company" ?? No Beastman, Goblins, Ogres.


    Did I have the wool pulled over my eyes ??


    P.S. Go Green......

  3. In the rules it has a CAV bonus during a charge as additional movement to make contact.


    But I don't see anything for the Charge getting a impact bonus against the target.


    Do I get a bonus for the impact ??? Only for the impact turn. (MAV +1, +2 )



  4. How can I have a troop of warriors, troop of archers, troop of skullbreakers if the whole Reptus line only has 1 leader ??? Am I to use mercenary leaders ???

    Did I miss something, I don't see any Captain or Sergeants in Reptus.


    I don't want to buy Reptus if I can't field units ??

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