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  1. BUT BUT! does someone shrug off the events of the exxon tanker spill, which killed off thousands of poor, tiny, cute animals? does someone shrug off an oil pipeline in alaska? what about fur farming? no, people do not! there are some humans which care about things that have nothing to do with humans! therefore, a human can and will love a monster!! Why not compromise and make the monster above average to equal a human or below average to equal a human! case in point: monsters rock.
  2. Personally, I would like to see a playable monster. Maybe you could twiggle with the stats a bit to make them just as powerful as a normal human. As for dragons, Maybe there would be a baby dragon or somethin. Then because the dragon is among humans, they learn as fast as humans or something. From a painting perspective, i LOVE to paint monsters. Much more interesting than a human. I dont mind painting humans if they are like, HEAVILY armored humans. such as a Mangu Timur. (my compliments to W. Klocke.)
  3. i think human-type creatures are boring. Maybe fantasy could add a non-human type protagonist?
  4. I dont have a piccy, but a Domur Hunters Moor in my rerpetoire! k here it is, blue cloak, tan belt, tan skin, black eyes, grey hair, INCREDIBLE magic power! forgot to add, the spell book's painted red. Domur Hunters Moor nukes you away with uhh.. metor strike! no wait, thats FF, uhh. ah, a fireball or whatever. yeah, Domur Hunters Moor sucks... but when i get him to level 20 in D&D's elemental evil campaign, you're going down!
  5. Thanks for the help! I think it'll be some time before i understand the painting gab lol . I paint outside during noon, i think the sunlight reflects well off the pewter and the natural suroundings are peaceful. I keep the minis sheltered overnight so they can dry off. The paint sticks on better if you dry it outside overnight in my opinion.
  6. I would love to do that, except i dont have a digi cam or a scanner :(
  7. Hey, In addition to latin gods, how about sirens? I would defientedly buy a mini like that.
  8. hey, i'm really befuddled with some mini painting terms. like uhh. Blacklining, NMM technique, paint thinning etc. And, whats a fast way to improve on painting minis? not that im impatient or something, just curious. Whats the BEST way to improve on painting minis?
  9. oh sorry, im not a computer geinus so i didnt know that a large sig picture took a long time to load lol. Thanks to whoever resized it for me. hey, why not a monster adventurer? like a trogodlyte aramil or something oh the things i think in my head Cave Bats make real good candidates to become an adventurer... they're cool. or undead bathalians! Heeeeyy.. this thread seems like the makings of a long one! awesome! i've always wanted to make a mega-omega-ultra-mach-uber-thread! hey, if i wanted to make a thread where people's minis could battle eachother or something, where could i put it in?
  10. How about doppelganger god minis? like doppel-Hades or doppel-Zeus or something like that? Minis in the form of gods etc?
  11. Hey everyone, Which do you guys (or gals) prefer? Humans or elves or dwarves etc. or monsters like orcs, trolls, etc.? I like painting monsters rather than humans. I find a monster's palette avaliable is rather exciting.
  12. Thanks! you're helpful. appreciate it. how experienced are you in painting minis? im an uhh.. NOOB AND PROUD OF IT! lol
  13. Hey, how about Man-Faye that shows up at Anime Expo? wouldn't that be fun at Reapercon? or a man-mialee
  14. Hey, can you redeem swag points for paints and minis?
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