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  1. God, i hate that game!!!!! and it's partly because of the Ram Python...it's a very well-kept secret, but the Ram Python is a subtle racist poke. They are generally a braindead combat machine sub-race of the Python people. i played Phentari, and had Python allies. While fighting the Cats, The Ram were essentialy fed to the slaughter to save our skins. I'm not gonna risk my ancient profile on what real-world parallels we discovered while playing, but they are there.... and they are VEILED, not right there for all to see. read some fluff, compare some pictures... i also hated most race design...As Phentari octopus, i wanted eight tentacles, but got four and two legs instead. Octopus with a gas mask = cool. Badly designed Octopus man.... not so cool. overall, that game should stay history....just sayan. fine paint job, despite my rant. i do admire your skill.
  2. Infinity: the game you want to play, but no one else does!!! I have three different cities i tap for game-play resources. and not a single ******* one has another Infinity player, unless you count those "yeah i'll do it" (and never does) types. Alex, i'm looking at you. This game has very kick arse mini's though i MUST point 2 things out: ------What's with 90% of female figs beign a hip swaying model-wannabee or a booty shot? ------The game rules are more complex that DnD 3.0's fight rules, and are written in 9 point font.... i can do, but others find that scarey... otherwise, i'd Yu Jing all the way. and oddly, not the Japanese sub-divbision. (i own Musashi and a Ninja) the ordinary Chinese types stack up to some pretty interesting elites and models...
  3. Hah!! those Villagers! Old Glory tends to not have as much Photo support as one might like...if i ever was to run a mini's company EVERY mini would get 360 treatment. BTW, among those Villagers are a Heian Noble man and Woman, and a Heian elite guard. funny, considerign their acual samurai are Asakura/Sengoku....not Heian...then again, what company would put out a different set for court nobles from villagers when 99.99% of their sales are for SOLDIER mini's if all else fails, i will see about gettign some, and then paintign them.
  4. Sorry to post about a competitor, but, Reaper doesn't exactly make Clan War mini's anymore! i tried contacting VE ltd recetnly, from two venues, and i have no word in response. anyone have some news? or do they hate me that badly? just asking.
  5. Hello, once again. Well, i find myself often too busy to post on just any random topic...(and i'm serious about my signature tag...) but i came across some news that is likley old to most of you, but new to me... White Wolf Publishing will no longer be producing RPG games. they are essentially just a developer branch of CCP now. Onyx Path took over their big liscences, but they are doing it through Drive Thru RPG... give me a moment: The White Wolf games are what really made a gamer out of me. I played two campaigns of ADnD, and they didn't do it for me. But i was then invited to a Werewolf the Apocalypse campaign by my bud Dedros, back in 1996...the tribalism, the level of intensity, and the high-end customization combined with the strange 'Conspiracy and Dark Gods' feel of the meta made me hooked. When i ran ADnD campaigns...i took that storytelling and smart-world design concept and brough tit with me. "too bad about new WOD, eh?" yeah, this would be harsher news had WW not pulled that little trick... this company, despite it's flaws, did me well....
  6. Heisler..those laser-cut ships look like a serious hobby investment. let me guess: projected finish late this year?
  7. i like, i like... the Local Club is thinking of going SAGA, and i have no problem w/ custom dice or new mechanics.... my Question is: should i do Normans or Vikings? i like armor, but i also like fast and hard hitting. and yes, though a Gripping Beast game i will seek the Perry's mini's...unless...
  8. Even though my buds and i are looking forward to 1:285 scale combat this summer, i have had about 150 african militia 15mm laying around for about 2 years... and my bud impulse-bought some 15mm SAS Assault because they looked damn cool. we may just have to break out a few side games of Africa Coast Rebellion...Force -on-force style. Droves you say? sounds about right...but would that be ordinary droves of dead or the epic body pile you can pose on drove? =)
  9. So, is this what is meant by the Karkarion faction special game? Fate of Scynneoa is to be the RPG event? (Cool. if i was going to ReaperCon, these would be me boyos!) i dunno what it is, i've always had a kinly thing with Shark-men...somethign about toothy creatures rising from the crashign waves with death and blood on their mind...and all those teeth... and it gets better if they have corroded/ancient-looking asiatic weaponry...a Guan dao or No-dachi in shark hands... (/dream) so, can we expect cool miniatures? we do have 3 weresharks in the catalogue...and i have yet to convert my be-glaived Weresharkman...
  10. Oh, BTW, i have actually run a dialogue with the owner of Valiant: says that they get what they can. it's about either finding and owning the green, or getting very fresh molds of past prodcutions. from what i understand Reaper has helped him out as much as possible, but some mini's are just hard to get... i am kinda shocked they found all 4 dragons...supposedly they have banners they can use but no actual miniature for the Moto...odd!
  11. Force on Force!! heck yes! i have the book, but if i find somethign cool, my problem is to find people who aren't just slaves to the popular fantasy games grind. i have been waiting for Bush Wars, though i've considered the others very carefully. ...and is it me, or does the game require a setting book or either players with hard research on what X country's standard platoon would be rated? FoW has me. i'm looking forward to fightign the new powered-up americans, and i seek more battles in Mid War...the schnellsquadron Stg44's call me more than volkgrenadiers... .... so, yeah, enough posting. i have mini's to paint, money to make, and auctions to win!
  12. a single phrase: ARMY PACKS!!!!! i'm not saying reprint your old army packs, no (err, mebbe some of them). i'm saying multiples of the little guys. the Kobolds have my attention. Multipacks of "Bones" Amazons, Archers, Men of Malvernis and Black Legion (heck yeah!) can be added to the request of 'dude, can i have, like, a hundred orcs in one pack? killer!...." if anything can be taken from this thread: a) make big expensive heavy guys as bones b) make multipacks i can pay for metal heroes. but i want ARMIES.....
  13. ...i show up to me ol' stomping grounds after all this time, and...i find myself looking at a single post about zombies... (the russian commisar restrains from weeping) so, i am just gonna be social about it. if this is to be taken as a good sign, we are actually out there playing games as opposed to posting here, eh? if so, what are we playing, crew? i have actually been hitting up the ol' Samurai Swords/Shogun box game: i bought an additional box (not the new Ikusa) and have gone forth to prove my strategic skill now that i have replacement pieces. Flames of War occupies a lot of my time, but with 3rd ed. out, people are a bit shifty on getting a game or two... (Early War...there is a full basket of worms there! and my DAK have yet to see a win...) I'm still looking into ACW, but only because i found a second player! (Original player moved away, sadly!) am still working on a playable Air Combat game, but as my life has gotten busy, i have less time... i've picked up Force on Force by Ambush Alley/Osprey, and i hear they are coming out with their wars in africa book this summer. oh, fun with african militias! (it takes two read-throught to get the idea, but all in all i like this game.) enjoy rolling dice!
  14. hello, it's been a awhile. although i've bought plentiful Reaper Miniatures, and i enjoy how ubiquitously available they are across the miniatures world, this forum has some good people on it with some good coverage. so i have to ask about non-Reaper stuff that has apparently gone the way of the dodo...that i want with enough desire to end worlds. so i ask if you have seen or heard if certain mini's are hiding in a corner or are otherwise gone to history, do tell!! AEG Clan War, Shadowlands faction: Lost Moto: should have 2 skeletal horsemen w/ sashimono banner per blister, used to run about 12 USD... Images: http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures.com/olley/index.php/File:Shadowlands_Lost_Moto_1.jpg http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures.com/olley/index.php/File:Shadowlands_Lost_Moto_2.jpg i need about 5, i could use about 12, i'd want about 20 or so... i already found the blister with the Undead Horseman general...i just need access to some troops. message me, if you see these, please! much grace and infinite thank you!!!
  15. hey, all a' ya... i have been asked about wargamming as it applies to ACW...i guess the ACW fan crowd extends past wargamming, so...in lieu of having to convert the popular system around here into an ACW game, might i have some personal opinion on really good ACW systems? i'd like 15mm/6mm compatible over 28mm by far. overly rules-manual intensive is out, but so are 3 page wonders. so, if i may ask...?
  16. hey...thanks for the replies, and sorry for the wait....my life is busy. 15mm is the way to go for 'army' games...or 1:285 scale if you like lots vehicles. a friend of mine threatened to convert modern warfare to battletech rules (huh? yeah, i know...) so i told him how modern warfare gaming generally goes and i've pushed him in the right direction...seem's he's interested in the Arab-Israeli conflicts in 1:285... i hear Malifaux is growing...not quite the sci-fi Victoria, but it's the same time-line, at least... DAK for FoW!!! me too!!! i run a 1500-3000 point list of straight up 8th panzer company, with light combined arms support and the occasional Luftwaffe. You've always had taste, Heisler. BTW, how are the Too Fat Lardies on Rules? is it in-depth or light, Skirmish or Company Scale, conventional or progressive n rules-style? i just haven't asked, but would like to know. my typical news outlets don't cover the really off-mainstream rules companies. Funny thing on the FoW circuit...they seem to be launching themselves forward with bizarre momentum: they made Blitzkrieg (people say it's a pillow fight, but i intend to prove them wrong.) and released a new mini's line for Vietnam (they had better branch into the Israeli wars sometime...) now, they plan on releasing new infantry rules called infantry aces, which they start in the new Monte Cassino book. like i said, lots of odd energy, eh? I'll see you guys around.
  17. Oi! Just thought i'd swing by the old favorite here and sound a few alpenhorn. Any of the old gang still kickin'? and hey, what are you presently planning or playing? --I'm mostly hacking at Flames of War... --I've picked up WAB, but oddly, the army i'd most like to play either necessitates an expansion book or a hefty order to A&A Miniatures...and my, do they take forever to ship! --Was inspired to play oodles of samurai by a back issue of WGI (now a slave of battlefront)...but no takers. everyone plays WH40K...it's sad (convert custom army for non-tourney private 40K games...hahahahaa!) --Found a distributor for really tiny fighter aircraft (1:600), and have discovered the joy of rare-earth magnets...perhaps i can make a winning Air-Combat game? you guys take it easy, and have a killer weekend!!
  18. Konichiwa, new and old users alike... yeah, i decided to take a peek at the Reaper boards again. i have been lost in the real world, or in the wonderful world of historical wargaming. much has changed, particularly my outlook. i was going to post my most recent project on 'show-off', but...well, i seem to have fallen behind in paint-skill. As a wargammer, i tend to mass produce my armies. i make really cool shtuff for commission, but if i wanna army, i just make it. if it doesn't razzle me, i don't take the extra effort... ...at least i buy, paint, and post Reaper product! i am wondering: has anyone noticed if gamers in the local area are becoming less fun to hang around and more likely to be gamer-jocks looking to win the next moneyed tourney, all class aside? i dunno, maybe it's the fact i live a stone's throw from the gates of hell, but finding good gamers in my 'prison-city' is like looking for a staff among kindling...i'd be better off recruiting gang members! (sad face) BTW: if you live in a good city, with economy and wholesome gaming, i am still needing to move. may everyone have a great weekend.
  19. BAM!!! GreyHorde, you win with a confetti parade...that is the one stop- shop i have been looking for!!! yeah, i've been looking in to both MAKING my own crucible as well as me mini's, but, eh, seeign as i am one meticulously slow sculpor (and a newb) puting in all the work for a home grown crucuible that skips the problems mentioned above and is reliable would be a time-sink. i am getting old. so, i'll shell out the cash and call it good. thanks. thaks a ton.
  20. Hello again. i was jusy wondering if anyone knew a good place to acquire a small crucible for small-scale (as opposed to reaper-scale) lead-pewter casting. i see alot of online info on building somethign the size of my barbeque, but i need an item that's workshop scale for small molds. a brand name or general company name would be nice if you have a direct recommendation. PM me if you feel it is neccesary.
  21. OK, i understand now that the P-65 line is delayed. i see the website subsection has the first wave releases, but i have seen longer lists in the news section...and in random news sources... will the P-65 site section get full lists updated constantly, with image links perhaps? i know now that you guys have a delay, but i am hoping we see a forecast on the site past the "september" release lists... (afterall, i am typing this from my FLGS IP addie, because my owner wanted to know, BTW) this is a good idea. keep it up!!!
  22. My First Impression on 4th edition DnD: It's completely designed for fun, with little or no care about research or simulation. take your flaming sword and go romp! After having played in a Campaign: --Skills can be too vague at times. --Warlord is one heluva interesting class addition... Since the dawn of time, there has been tieflings and, cute tielfing ladies. (especially the butt part.) nowadays, those cute tiefling butts are obscured by a rather large tail, whilst, OMG, Dragon born females are genetically allowed to walk around without any such hindrance. can you just imagine a dragonborn young and cute butt in a chainmail thong *cringe!* this, my friends, is an outrage!!! this requires justice! final thoughts: for real RPG, get somethign else. leave this to the trendy dumb down crowd... (until they release 4th ed ADVANCED Dungeons and Dragons!)
  23. Whoa, responses...terrific! you guys are putting in a load of advice, and i'm listening to all open mindedly. (though, hats off to Wild Bill on enthuiasm!) lemme put that dang list out again and explain myself as far as priorities thusly: red = top brick = middle orange = i can do without...kinda --larger Population base without being sprawl or hi-density, decent city infrastructure. so we have a decent social base for...anything. wifing, gaming, festivities. --Religious neutral ground i happen to be the Kadaj* of religion, so this is nice. i keep underground, all the time... as long as fanaticism does not affect local culture, i am fine... --has a FLGS nearby or several within sane driving distance. actually, not so a prio'. i can go online...but local is convenient. --actually has local gaming culture that isn't WotC based... all they play here is Magic, DnD, and Clix. i have started 2 out of 4 super-elite gamer groups in town who can tell you what a Tharn or a Shugenja Path or a Fuzion System is. Most of the metal-mini crowd has gone WoW... having social gamers is good. here, they are factioned and very prissy, and often, too fanatic to the baseline companies. diversity is good. oh, and having historicals nearby WOULD be terrific! --is not a retirement community i need to find a mate, dammit! --is not economically challenged and yes, i need a real job! right now, i have service/light industry background...nothing awesome. a return to College is not a bad idea, actually. Design Colleges, anyone? --Non Megatropilan. i could do that, but the cost of living will be out of my par. like i said, possible, but not too good an idea... --decent crime rate w/o widespread gangs or related BS. i can defend myself just fine, but i like to have general peace of mind. --generally temperate climate it snowed on May 1st here. IT SNOWED! a good 3 inches, in MAY!!!! in general, i also have 2 other issues: i just don't wanna stay in the place i was dropped off at 18, and i would like to see more human culture and diversity: i live in Napoleon Dynamite-ville. I'm an open minded techno-punk if the new town has people who think gaming is cool, then i go with it. if they think my attitude and thoughts are cool, i go with it more.... if they actually think on the same level, terrific!!! (closed mind and closed gene pool no good for anyone but members anyway. and i'm a stow-away!) by all means, might i ask for some finer tuned responses thus? sorry to push you guys!
  24. hello. i've been living in the same place for quite some time, and have finally reached the very end of my rope...unless the place i live gets a $2.00 all around wage increase and 40 new venues in town, i'm done... but, i am not gonna just pick up and move blindly. Where is a good place to park my life, for one looking for the following: --larger Population base without being sprawl or hi-density, decent city infrastructure. --Religious neutral ground --has a FLGS nearby or several within sane driving distance. --actually has local gaming culture that isn't WotC based... --is not a retirement community --is not economically challenged --Non Megatropilan. i could do that, but the cost of living will be out of my par. --decent crime rate w/o widespread gangs or related BS. --generally temperate climate because i am done with this crap!!! so, if you want a game-neighbor, and your home region is the coolness, tell me!!! Thanks, thanks endlessly! PS: never move to SE Idaho...it's a redneck ghetto!!!!
  25. i'm behind...life is eating my tail... but i've finished the first part of me new Korbolas... 5 ravagers, capn', shaman, lord and familiar... you guys have me beat...i do have a growing Primer Que, though....
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