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  1. A quick heads up. i have a question for all you reaperites. Who were the Skoli? Anyone remember them? (save reaper employees) yeah the skoli. one is actualy pictured in the CAV book (as CAV is DH/Warlord 2000 years or so in time), we have two miniatures of Skoli Warriors available in the catalouge. and the Unholy Warrior worships their god/gods they have a few marking characteristics: they look like humanoid gargoyles, they are spikey, have small horns, and seem to do really good at war. other than that, we have only a few half references. but i think it'd be cool to see more of them. if they are in the dead/dying race category, they have no chance of being involved in taltos. but if they are simply a mystery, well, odd how some things work....
  2. Wow, uh, thanks. for those who gave good rich answers, Kudos. that is how you make an opinion worth a damn. 2 good characters are Khong-To and Vaurag: KT made someone who was stealing flowers from his land, spice flowers mind you, but still, little flowers, listen to a full speech on reptus glory, made him memorize it and repeat it three times, then CUT OFF and ATE the thieves hand, healed him, then sent him back with the message. for stealing flowers! top that for cool sheeters. also Ol' vaur is a typical 'i want revenge' character, but he's the random orc guy who survived a typical dungeon crawl and now wants justice for it! that my friends is a cool charcater. as far as others: Lurgh was abandoned by his mom, and now hates human women for it. the guy is ill adjusted, but it's how wife-beating trogs are made. Elsabeth Briarkiss is what women aren't supposed to be, but are anyway. "I want everything, I will be the beauty above all, i will have everything, cause i am the laughing sweet princess." think such is cool? try living with one! poor Judas! Poor Judas especially! notice how half his camp is lookign to betray him! his own love, the wraiths, the damn succubi.... "dude if things ever get to bad, ship your coffin to Craclaw. we could use a good vampire like you..." then again, with Tough 5, will anyone ever kill him? one complaint: Ashkrypt. for being the chief honcho of my faction, he is quite the typical powermongering butt slut. ooh, i want power, ooh i'm dead! also, his mini is doing the Brittney Spears hip swinging thing. sorry, but the Overlords have seven Overlords among them. until the time comes for a better warlord, i shall rely upon my captains.... ONE THING I REALLY ANTED TO KNOW: does any one have any favorates from the old Reaper Charcaters, the ones we have all seemed to forgotten? can anyone tell me who Jade of the Veils is? she had two mini's made for her, as did the Unholy Warrior (who soooo needs to get a cool new mini, and join the Warlord refurbished crowd) yeah, most of the old mini's had Characters attached to them. not neccesarily deep ones, but were PCs/NPCs nonetheless. have you had your morning ninja? "konichiwa, how may i serve you?"
  3. Hai!!!! Yukimura san will then see the might that is takeda cavalry! zengen, sus'ne!!!! right on. BTW guys, i noticed some odd shreeters about what one might expect, and i hope the erratta cards fix this or let it be cannon. other races have archers that can compete with elves very well: Orc Bull Archers for example. so, think not he with the most and bestest arrows will win. this shall be decided wit strategy.balot of our old expectations are flushed away. GOOD! about damn time! that, and the necropilis are very usefull. good thing i'm playing evil, so i can call on some gargoyle goodness and a few wraiths to eat my foes while the Overlords grow. yeah, the stats are balanced, but the nec's have really nifty crap they can pull. will get the RB to my cohorts. PS: reminds me of a mix of Dark Heaven/Confrontation, with a few origina DND combat and tactics things thrown in there. and the damage tracks are cool. you are stalked by ninja.....
  4. Requested Units? Reptus: Pit fighters would be cool. dinosaurs have been done before, though i like the ankylosaur w/ howdah approach. we know the snakes are coming. but what i want to see, more than anything else; Reptus SAMURAI!!!!!!!! Adept. powerful ranged and melee values. high discipline. some sick rule about banzai applying to charges and the ability to commit suicide instead of beign captured. they would so damn rock...they would be pricey, but too coo' to pass. i can see them, in shoulder-and-hip plates, flowing robes here and there, and a long elegant sword, not quite a katana, but very striking. the only thing cooler would be having reptus NINJA!!!!! Overlords: one sentence: Black Legionares. they'd be adepts, but they'd also be worth it. it's be cool if they had the vile trait when they advanced as a whole united troop. the sound of stomping steel boots... Crusaders: i so agree with knights on horseback. that is a friggin must. and paladin types would be nice. call it sick but i do favor this stuff: a demonslayer that does 2 damage racks to a Demon model. such holy banishment would be cool, esp as a one time "smite" now that i think of it, the Reptus have a great dragon god. his avatar would kick, and be the biggest mini for the game. also, i love the fact that the Reptus are Monotheistic. so many times the tribes of yore in gaming are ambient or totem huggas or voodoo boys, and you can bet on it with real money and make a profit. but they have a single focus, and a Dragon to top that! how friggin cool is that!! neksofar could use more humans. and more interesting hero types. the arabian and egyptian legends loved their heroes. it would be cool moreso than new minis that new Neksofar get props and inspitration: some of their models look bland and not so cool as all others. give they boys some spice: saffron, natron, myrrh, lotus blossom, the stuff that you expect to find in the desert oasis. other factions can do as they wish. save the necropolis: they have soo much crap anyway, and some of the very best models in the game, hands down. let others care about them.
  5. HooYah! i just want to ask, who is your favorite Reaper Character? as far as fantasy goes, everyone knows Sophie, while a few less know Falco Steelcross, Monique D'Noir, and Gragg Elfslayer. the rest tend to have random support or knowledge. so, what say ye? (i'll vote for no one just yet...) must have NINJAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. oh, i didn't make this explicit: i was talking about the archers, not melle aand archer. i did mention using melee guys as a lure, but i was speaking of how to use archers be gruddly with your archers. reptus archers know how to fight, so be unafraid to engage at 18 inches, 12 inches, or even six inches. let the elves come. let them see what scale and fire-blood have to offer their pretty perfumed hides....and if they try to shoot, remind them, you're in range! "Ninja archer shoot from deepest shadow!"
  7. Elven Archers? i hate the shooty types, because the fagin elves always get them. thankfully, we overlords have really tough crossbowmen that are cheaper. as far as reptus, here is an idea. look at the terrain. are you in the open? hunker down behind whatever is there, and make it really boring for the elf player while you watch him like a cat. when he gets close, kill him. are you in dense terrain? great! awesome! here is why no one worships magical bows in DnD: in a dungeon, melee always wins. move to a spot where he has to get in between buildings and double flank him once he is in there. hmm, this was about archers general gist, you have to get in range to use ranged weapons. so what if the elves have a free six inches? what are they going to do, march off the board when you advance? i say, use move actions and stunts to take advantage of cover. i forgot if you can use 2 non combat actions, so, if so-- move twice, who cares about fighting if you wanna use marksman? then, when in range, lull out the elves with some melee huds and let the reptus arrows seek to prove supremacy! biggest advice: never fight elves in the open. use 10+ terrain pieces always second biggest advice: make them fear you. let them hear you behind cover rushing up to them, and if you have to, use your archers to mele engage their archers. remeber, you are reptus, though you carry yours internally, pound for pound you've got the bigger stones. al else fails, use ninja!
  8. Thanks for your generous posts!!! i have access to a set of the rules now, and boy are they good looking! first: Thank You Reaper Press for making such a sexy rulebook!!! w00t!!! else: yeah, the reptus are very sweet, beign the second toughtest guys in the game. I like the crusaders and the mercenaries, as well as my overlords (or for those who paid attention, my PAWNS, the overlords...) i really liked the conspiracy behind Craclaw, i like it very much indeed. like dark heaven it came with 'paste up your own' unnofficial tempates, and the freelancer list option. they also had the typical strong bias toward undead (though thankfully it was not as obvious as in the old DH stats) and really good sense of character for each individual hero. maybe the great dragon in the back of the book will find it's way up as a charcater in the reptus army, afterall, they have one in their temple (read the manual, see why) that is the funny thing, there were a ton of really cool charcaters for DH that live in Adon's north hemisphere. i'td be cool to see some of them show up in cameo or as ltd. ed. figs. for Warlord. Ilkhan the Bloody might show up anyway as hs penchant for killing will be usefull in the plans that lie ahead. an then there's the bad dude we all seemed to forget named the Unholy Warrior. he never got a really cool mini, but he did have a kicking story--that guy is the boba fett of reaper. props for the return of Orba Sinhain. that man is a cruel work let us not forget the good ol' highlanders either....Ugluk, we may get a new merc player....or a crusader, however they proxy... remember, my ninja are ever vigilant!!!
  9. Greetings, warlords. it's Matsumoto, the bullious overlord fiend anew to the redstones. i have decided to play Warlord, and for my first run. i'll be takign my big chunk of old Dark heaven Malvernis guys and running them around in taltos. however, i don't have a freeakin' rulebook yet 'cause the local shop is a bit inbreed in the mental lucidity department. so, i must ask, how do the warlord rules play compared to dark heaven? i see the little cards on the new run miniatures, they look like CAV cards. i can only guess, without the main dead tree. PS. reptus looks really cool, but still have no clue what the dang special abilities rules do for sure.... "send in ninja squad!"
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