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  1. OK, all Sages of the Metal... i need a warload of mini's for a new L5R 'WarPG' i will be running, and i need to know.... is the Old Glory scale 25mmm actually herioc-ish in scale or is it closer to true 25mm? i also see they have 2 samurai ranges..under 'fantasy' they have the crap range with "fire mountain clan" and "female samurai" with odd not-so-japanese names... i care not about those. then they have a general category 'samurai wars' that has amazing 30 mini's for 30 dollars kinda thing. wow! Those ones are the ones whose scale i really wonder about.... i like the sculpts and the choice of poses...as well as the price, if it's for real.... loads of minis...for huge battles...Mmmmmm!!!
  2. well, i might as well just start chucking tags here.... My Reptus Longstrikers (more are needed...) painted to what i call elite tabletop quality.... My Okuran mercenaries...painted to the same standards. we've seen Haranobu before, he's just in there for completeness.... here is Harmonious Jade, back when reaper ran a few licenced lines...thought that fell out, i bought quite a few of them, including this 'Shelf of Shame' hero from the Exalted line..now, she is no longer on my (box)of shame... Average Quality....i painted casual...5 hours work? and...my FIST MINI!!! a Ral Partha Battletech Madcat (Timberwolf, for you purists) painted in Testors model master colors....no primer, either . painted in 1997...and paint is falling off!!!! just thought i'd take up some more forum space with my latest creations...more to come!!!!
  3. i bet this guy looks sweet on the table... for a P'N'T he is way not bad...as you can scan around and see, we have super-pro-grade paint demons stalkign about freely, but trust me, this is good for any of my games.... excellent brush control!!! would love to see some of your time-invested pieces....
  4. Qwyk, you are the man...can i be part of this game group so i can photo' the looks on his face??? I think Harlan Ellison and i could get along...thought i think he's dead. It'd be cool to get Gary Gygax, John Wick, Roger Zelazny, and Mark Rein-Hagen into the same game group.... chaos would ensue...again, i take photo's of everything!
  5. LP: here HERE!!!! yes, it has been lost! with skirmish games taking over the market, the definition of mass-battle is one lost to those who can't fathom setting up 400 figures or so, with quality terrain. let alone spending the money or the shelf space to store it all... this is why 15mm mini's/1:72 scale toy soldiers/models are in truth a gamer's best friend. (if only people would grow up and see the awesome in getting 40 figures for 8 bucks...) ...as opposed to ONE!!!! Nan': mass combat rules? did they finally decide to make units a concept in SW:MB???? heh...
  6. i have one of those oddball friends who hangs around me for reasons i know not...he's a football nut, so i recommended him bloodbowl. he won our first game despite the fact those orcs killed half his team... i could care less about bloodbowl...and he'd rather play Madden and surf for porn. eh. and no, it's not the greatest fantasy game ever. that title is still hotly debated....
  7. funny you bring this up... ...in my corner of the world, men often get premature balding...it's the genetic type... whereas i come from hairy ol' slavikov stock, imported from europa, who doesn't bald until 60, i feel a distinct advantage in my corner of the court... ...save that the local women have adapted...SMORKER! be as young as you have to be...(ESPECIALLY if single...) Kristof, i say do what you need to do for the wife...good women are definitely worth the effort...
  8. Just some added Clutter here: I hate it when you try to get rid of somethign ands it comes BACK!!! i had a Chaos army i assembled back in 1998...it's painted fully (my old paint jobs) and stocked with men in metal... well, i couldn't sell it since the new non-lancer knights came out, so i gave it away. for free. time passed, and my bud "Sir Chokobo" (huge FF fan) receives a High Elf army. has no clue to do with it. less than a year later, my bud "Cuchulain" returns the army of Chaos to me saying " no one wants it, i cannot keep it, i hope this doesnt bug you..." it doesn't. but, y'know... i had tried to get rid of it, and lo and behold.... well, so back i go. Chokobo and i will be spilling blood all across uthalan, unless his ships can reach the northern shores... this, happening to someone who has a grudge against GW!!! PS: Ugluk...Ugluk....Cuch' is looking to sell his Orcs and Goblins...
  9. heya, all of you!!!! with all the new people swarming onto the board as of late, i thought i'd pop this one!!! again. IF YOU ARE AN L5R PLAYER, please let me know!!! i like to network, and i like to travel... just state what versioin of the game you play, and which faction you like the most... me:i play all versions, all editions. clan war is tough though... and just read the sig for my faction...you could call it "ronin leanign towards unicorn..." keepign it alive, Matsumoto
  10. i'm sure... Clix will see the death of me...the Sangheili are walking meat puppets for game purposes, very few usefull advantages... and no one sells reasonable grunts online. ouch... i will need a weapons-laden Arbiter or Sesa to get any heavy beef in there...
  11. i was thinking someone thought my posts sounded too snarky... i ALWAYS sound snarky!!!... Murakumo, i think you have potential...much like a young dragon found starving in the desert. Try for: More Brush Control, Using Highlight and Shadow effects, freehanding in open spaces... how many gamers are there in sin city with you?
  12. There is an Urban Legend Jungle Queen? in that pose? Dude!! You got Neals' Zardoz model!!! awesome! (i do think the skin on that Z modle is a bit bland, with all that red running together...) (if i'm facing painting a one-color costume, i find TWO different highlight shades and mix it up...) (just an idea )
  13. Uhm...i have some descriptor and fluff type questions... Who are the Gan-Horr? are they Pietri type guys with...some kinda weapon? are they more like winged lizard or snakemen? half dragons or draconican types (Asian Draconians??? this would be the Shiznit!!! yessir, sign me up!!!) nice stats guys...but who are they? what do they kinda look like? winged frogs would be acceptable....if only i knew what to proxy!!!! i'm assuming PakPao is a Reptus Warrior-mage? coolness! (please) Make his sculpt ROCK!!!! What do the Brood of Panyak Ride? Krungbeasts are Giant based, so i'm glad i'm not gonna see those ugly mothers.... they don't fly...and they beign a cavalry type, i'll want them...i would just like ta' know in advance... Large Base Cavalry...Shock...ooohh, shock affects all in B2B right? ooohhh!!! why is the Dragon Rider named Broodmaster and not Jiang Huo or somethign like that? we have Po Wi Set, Khong To, Ti Kay, Chai Ut...and Broodmaster...is he everyone's dad like papa smurf, so he gets a special title... (i'm not cracking wise...is Broodmaster=Master of the Race?) just thought i'd ask!
  14. murakumo, it does seem you go the boyos confused... Warlord is sold in puple blisters next to the green ones that say Dark heaven legends on them... GW Blisters are Grey and Dark Red (old style beign light red) ignore the GW blisters, unless they are blue ones that say Lord of the Rings on them... Err.. Skaven are ratmen who eat "warpstone" ( i think nuclear ore) and attack in dirty ragged swarms Reven Orcs are Mongol/Visigothesque tribesmen orcs who i get sick of tryign to beat the p1$$ out of...their local general is just way to smart to beat (though i've come close) Necrons..ehk!!! also GW... Murakumo, you like asian, right? PM me if you want good suggestions... ON TOPIC: wow, you use much what i do..most of my supplies are the lowest end of the bucket you can get! hey, gotta start somewhere! try this sometime: base coat the mini, much like what i see presently, just less detail. let dry fully. (acryliics=an hour) mix 1 part darker complimentary paint to 3 parts or 5 parts water, and coat a target area of a model. let dry much longer... then, take a color a shade lighter than the base coat, and 'reclaim areas you don't want the dark faded look to touch... use a light matching color to the high-tips of your reclaimed ares to brighten them up a bit. Voila!!
  15. Jordan, is that you?!?!? so, "townspider", i must ask a few questions: what class paints are you using? be they a mixed bag of types? what primer are you using, and with what technique? in any case, just keep it up, see what you come up with in the future "original pine tree" (eager running into any trap to come!)
  16. OMG. ROTFL! Why could you have not waited for Easter when mini's are in good supply? i can think of lots of fun with the microwave duel box!!!! hehhehhehehhehhehheee!
  17. No.... GW needs to continue making mistakes so one of the lesser companies can stand up and take their worthy place as a equal competitor i was once on their side, may i tell...but hter eis only so much BS one can live through dealing with a non-serious aspect. once the game becomes a chore, it is no longer fun!
  18. Hey, just to note: i looked on Strike force, and it seems the unique singles (cortana, Sgt. Johnson) are going for 20$ a pop!!!! good thing i want commons and uncommons... they only sell for 2$.... Beowulf dHunter: your Brute HG goes for 17!!!!!! sell, sell sell!!!!!
  19. well, Sandor is supposed to be bad dudeness, but if they decide to sculpt Gregor, his brother/nemesis, then Tom had better go conan for him....Gregor is called the mountain that rides for a reason... Tom Meier is good, but i will confess he's a tad bland...then again, most of his sculpts paint well enought that the frosting more than makes up for the standard (yet well made) cake.
  20. Bartertown. Ebay. the works is available if you know the place. hell, most Online game stores will back-door the stuff for 10% off or less! OK, lemme explain...i have bought expensive stuff before, i've bought cheap, for all kinds of games. the fact that GW consistently sells the same product over and over again cycling newer models and different tweaks of the same rules is something that Boggles me. props to their specialist games...at least they have made interesting forays there... when they upgraded their casting process...i did buy in. the release of the Tau made me giggle But the company is INBRED. and very much so...afterall, they release Demon Hunters (IG/Space marine mix-o-rama) and call it new. now, i DO look on the bright side...i have plenty of scupts to choose from, i pretty much know what each army does (unless they throw a big change at me, like giving the eldar the equivalent of combat auto-shotguns when they once had FN-FAL's) by now, they could have some 24 races for Warhammer, and some 13-ish races for 40K (army sub-lists do not count....) and still do other force partial model and rules updates. or, they could have have 11 or so different story line chapters...if they Do, they have a crap time advertising it...hasn't macragge been invaded some 40,000 times? it'd be nice if Gotrek's grandson was kickin' around with pappy's axe...with the Daemon Slayer long since dead... i guess there is some inhuman desire in humans to buy re-furbs of their same ol' s#1t... worse when you get looked at funny because your army is 4th ed. mini's, not 6.5, or whatnot... *ramble, ramble*
  21. GW owns most of the gamign market, next to WotC...wizkids is catching up, but ever so slowly... It's way too bad we have to play subscription to GW...but hey, you are right. you can at least find the GW players...other gamers either hide under rocks or are not worth talking to...(yes, i said it...i've met vampire players before who were so whack in their beliefs/conversation choices it was sad to be involved in the conversation...) i say pick what you like...either it will eventually receive a baaad codex, or you can at least be smarter than your opponent, as that works 50% of the time. i know some of us can play collect em' all with 400$ armies, but i'm not one of them. pick your type. stick with it. Sad note: GW's Lord of the Rings game is mostly superior in basic rules value than the other games, yet it is faded in power with the fading fad of P.Jackson...though i don't like the 'roll off to fight' dice mechanic, all other aspects: how a turn is played, heroic stats, Balance of magic...all is pretty good. i will say the stats they cook up are poorly researched/uninventive, but then again... I must confess. taking up 40K again looks like a good idea....
  22. Just posting the mini does lend a bit of surprise...who will get it? it's also not i....i didn't ask for a dwarf, and i DID give a list of potentials....
  23. The Hammer: Tartarus carries one, but it is now a standard weapon: Elites--> Energy Sword (and i think the humans have them too, thanks to my buds the Sangheili) Brutes-->Gravity Hammer you can find ordinary brutes who carry one, and retrieve it from their bodies. if you find one of those brutes, prioritize killing it. lest he end your squad.... headshots do wonders. also: i forgot: new Flare Grenades: they blind your entire screen if you are caught in one...not good for those who live on headshots....
  24. seriously consider hiring out yourself as a mini painter...you are good at this! by all means, get your confidence up, but still...i am impressed.
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