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  1. WHA?..... dude, take better care of thyself! and please get better soon, your hands are needed. yes, they are... every creative person has priceless items in their own two hands. (aside...for bile and helltown: i don't get to be coo' like you guys, i simply regenerate all my razor wounds! bwa-ha-ha-ha!)
  2. true, Vejlin, true. sadly, i am not the kind who treats kids like lil' cream puffs...they WILL grow up to be adults with hormones, jobs, and a need to vent stress....adults in need of training. and when growing up less is more DOES NOT work as far as learning. this is sick...why not make ethics lessons and teach discipline as kids? humanitarianism vs. complacent cream-puff placidity hey, does anyone here have 8yr olds in Martial Arts classes? i have friend's offspring and nieces (NIECES, mind you) who are.... they turn out pretty sharp by Age 10... (i myslef have yet to reproduce...not like i haven't tried, but you'd be amazed how many not-quite-women exist who adhere to the kind of philosophies mentioned in link above...it's amazing how being a smart, honest man makes you less attractive...so, yeah...) *guilty of almost ranting* in closing. "raise 'em right, people! problem will get solved!"
  3. how..... dude, i am a digital image kinda guy.... how is this done? why eat a fish when i can learn to catch 'em? owza!
  4. ...I'm getting a Hydra ...now. the pics were tiny...then again, i will probably get to see this foo' in person.
  5. (over-the-shoulder commentary given on said streamer-video) "Microphones should only be accesible to people with brain capacity..." "why does the pageant end with an inteview and not a swimsuit shoot?" " take away the audio and she looks fine..." "who gave her permission to leave my house?" mine? we're the same species? ugh! so embarrasing...! This is not a woman. this is advanced mobile genetic material, class A. she can spend her experience points gained from winning on public speaking skills. i recommend a +3 increase
  6. want some new desktops for your HD or LCD monitor? right click these! http://www.red.com/gallery-still.shtml oh, i must start another thread on the camera he was using....
  7. Name of D20 product: Kingdoms of Kalamar their advertising pitch did not catch me...I know, i assisted a game store when it first hit.... and it had that neo-historcal flavor that i played Historical RPG's for anyway.... i loved KODT...all my early RPG experiences parodied finely....
  8. Laugh well. Fight well. Live Well! ( i think that's how it goes!) may you live as long as you want and ne'er want as long as you live...
  9. Actually, Mangu Timmur was the original Malvernan 'Warlord' for DHL, back when Dark Heaven legends was the Reaper mini-game... i know...he killed hundred and thousands of scots, dwarves, nuns, and those ******** dire dead fools for me. (it's also a 10 yr old paint job..don't expect to see it here...) Then again, Quinn Rowan split his skull a few times...same the ***** Reaper of War! (HATE Reaper of war!...painted him 4 times, actually smashed one with a hammer once too!) (i should post my present one...he's purty...) . just FYI...yes, alot of the OLD DHL mini's are actually specific characters...some which have actually resurfaced in Warlord (Orba Sinhain...he was an ally for Malvernis once...was he?)
  10. Whoa...! izzat? Sir Blackburn! Thanks for all the KODT over the years, you put on a very good show! (Gnome Groin Stomp! there is a special attack...)
  11. yes! ah, WWI tanks...big, ugly, and the trump of their time...something about those big over-and-under treads and all the rivets makes me go mmmmmm....i need to start looking for a model, might as well... wait, a Red baron movie? (my present PC hasn't the latest FLASH, so lemme look again later...) That, i will need to see! (wishing my work was more advanced in it's non-process PC's....)
  12. Spatula! very funny! i'll take dark Knights for 300... Lars, thanks for the insight on those lesser orders...yeah, they aren't all over the net/press, but that information would be helpful in widenign options and filling out world accuracy. Thanks also on the mini's link, you are too kind! Livonians...yeah, Nevsky wiped them off the map. too bad, but thus goes the young and stupid who fight not just in Russian Winter, but against a russian willing to prove himself on a frozen lake.... EDIT: ok, yeah, i know they later joined the Teutons, but those who know about them remember their solid defeat...
  13. I have an Idea for a Historical-Fiction/Alternate Outcomes game that takes place in Europe and involves the many knightly orders of the time... i know we have secular knights who follow their feudal lord, but they aside.... we have Templars, who banked and who guraded the temple in jerusalem for a bit. we have Hospitaliers, who, ...well, did hospice work. we have Teutonics, who were german slashers and hackers we have an order that Alexander Nevsky slaughtered on that lake...starts with L, forgot the exact... what other orders of faith with a military bent existed about this time? these are the common ones anyone can look up on the net, or find wealths of books about (especially the overrated and much legendized Templars...)
  14. let's share a beer, eh? "i looked at my life one day, and realized: gee, i have seven LotR Armies, 2 Warhammer Armies, My Eldar, Reptus and Overlords, A plethora of Historicals and wargame scale model planes, several hundred RPG books and etcetera, two shoeboxes (size 10 wides) of L5R cards not counting my beiden box which holds my decks, twenty pounds of dice, two shelfs of terrain... i play RPG's four to six times a month, and i get in a wargame about once a season when things look dry. not only, my third fiancee has long since been gone and i live in a ghetto apartment with a low-key average car. after sellign most of the above i realized my sales were a huge deficit: i have spent $9,750 or so on gamign stuff and only gotten $1,020 in return cash. people love their deals i did give some stuff away after that, but all in all, a hole... we game for the helluvit. if any of us would have known the odd addictions that crop up as a result, we would have said "sure beats alcoholism or collecting STD's!!!!" and you know? we are f'in right! love the metal as you love yourself
  15. *best palpatine impersanation* Do It. Do IT!!!!!!!!
  16. H.F.S. --W.F.A. that is a boss paint scheme...now i wanna paint some tanks!... is that true scale or standard, my eyes decieve me...
  17. HEIL!!!! wait, no...it's not me. post count CAN be arbitrary...however they adjust my post count, it would be unwarranted...i earn all my posts --even the ones that get nuked out from under my feet thanks to admin's (who actually do a good job keeping me from doing the whole 'spread corruption unto eternal darkness' bit ) it comes from my crazy idea-fountain head i am cursed and blessed with...i need my own company and 10,000 a month from no-where (hey matt, aren't those called grants?) In response to my Dojo: 8 uber-menchs samurai could milk-toast a Godlike character. 40 instigators/enlightened is more realistic, and could do for one hell of a fight scene in defense of the dojo..especially considering i'd be there as well... and though i may only be a master, i swing like a Ring!
  18. You call that quick? i do 20 hours and i have a masterpiece (accordign to my level of skill) for reference, i spend 6-10 hours on my average posted mini here...i consider a few of them to be 'best of my show' too nice waggas..err...what is a wagga? do they make good familars? hobbit slayers? mechanics?
  19. i think you are correct on the LABEL sci-fi: sci-fi is whatever is Fi for Sci at the time... yet when i wake up one day, take an auto shower while getting downloads from BBCX.net and NPRX.org into by cortex navigator, eat brakfast that is chemically engineered or hydroponically grown to look like an omlete and sausage with syrup, put on my all purpose suit without worrying if i have to change from business to outdoor attire for my afternoon romp in the sierra's...and it so happens i live in Seattle, and then fly my Douglas 33' Stratus to work... then i will have no need to ask this question anvil does get my gist full on...should my grandfather have lived to see now, he'd have somethign to say about pretty much everything PS: you Can get armband computers with not-quite crystal storage...but be prepared to pay $6000+
  20. OR GW!!! rule of being an Imperialist #1: if you don't make enough money, squeeze your subjugate peoples with a suprize tax... game empires like WotC and GW do this with constant new stuff that you pretty much need to buy...3.5 made me go 'huh?' in interestign ways, then my eyes opened...
  21. err, you are funny, i'll give you that, Spike! It comes down to : A) if you don't plant a garden you don't eat in the summer, if you don't store winter goes unfed too... B) starving men want food so much more it shows on their faces in scary ways. C) what do they know about gardening who are dead from lack of it? of all the gamers (unmarried, that is) in my area i am the most conversant with women, and i know why....i act human around women, and i don't push my luck too far...letting your heart race gets you defeated in any arena, and bad hygene is bad advertising... also, nothing says equal rights for women like telling local wanton hoodrats to go to he11....
  22. Do not fear the Reaper...forumites, that is! we provide good support to the new ones... i have seen many Ring-bearers come in as blank as white....now they post with flourishes. keep on it!
  23. So, i now am Master Matsumoto! err, Master-Moto! or somethign to that effect...good thing i'm not Bait or Bae Shun so i missed it... what are the seperation marks? 750? does this mean i can start my own Dojo to recruit new samurai?
  24. Chuck Norris!!! BAH!! Chuck Norris is overrated thanks to that .....that.... Korean Isolationist Forumite.... Chuck Norris jokes stop beign funny when people idolize him..... But they start beign funny when you delete Chuck Norris, and add another name.... "When you catch ___________sleeping with a man, he's not gay, he's just run out of women..." see? all kinds of Fun! to see what it takes to defeat the myth, see "Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" on YouTube
  25. care for a three some? yeah, Reaper doing that makes them less "we supply generic fantasy" and more "We have the hoontas to manufacture whatever genre we please and make it rock." Advertising, advertising, advertising!!! (BTW, Master Series Rules!)
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