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  1. So now that we are one step closer to the solution, is there anything I can/should do in the meantime to avoid this happening?
  2. I'm thinking it might be that the primer had an issue (I primed the sucker closer to the middle of the day, probably 95+ degrees). I didn't use a retarder on the paint, just straight water. the Paint was reapers MSP 9023 Imperial purple.
  3. So I begin working on my latest WIP last night. After spending probably a grand total of 8 hours on the cloak (and going through one repriming after I fubared the first crack at it) you can imagine my horror when I looked at it again only to see the base coat of the paint was cracking like a busted windshield. Granted the damage wasn't THAT bad, but it frustrated me since some of it cracked near the highlighting I had done, making touching it up particularly difficult. I just wanted to know, has anyone else experienced this problem? What could be the cause of this? I had watered the paint down (about 3water to one paint, just an estimation though) enough to cover the surface area, and I had put two layers(albeit thin) on the cloak. Also, my mini table might not have been in the air stream for the AC to hit it so it could have been higher 80s on up on that painting table. Don't know if that would explain it or not though.
  4. Look good so far. My only thoughts are maybe hit the recess of the gold with a light brown to give it a little more depth. It also looks like his shin guards could use a bit more highlighting. I love his face. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  5. All of them are simply awsome E. My preferrence is the green dino, blue dragon, pole-arm, harpy eagle, and a side order of fries... lol. As stated earlier though thats picking the three pictures apart, they are all very very impressive. Great job/s on this mini, they all look great.
  6. Daaaaang JL, that guy looks awsome, very very very smooth. I can't get over how smooth it is. That is flippin amazing, what paints did you use on him. and no worries, JL, I have come to the conclusion that metallic paints will do everything I want and need them to do lol. Keep 'em coming, I think you just inspired me to finally pickup my paintbrush again. Oh, and btw, love your color choices, that hue of red and blue really work together.
  7. Gorgeous Red, and I love that freehand. Very very sharp. Excellent work
  8. Just like your minis, this guy is a piece of work...I think it looks great, mayhap you should contact someone about putting this guy into production too lol. If you could find the time I would love to see this guy in full color. Great work. Warden BTW, is that a dragon head on the chasmosaur's front right shoulder plate?
  9. Wow, very convincing....pictograph? lol, thanks for sharing =).
  10. I love that paintjob, amazing work, my only real suggestions are add a little more depth to the horns and bring up the highlights on the back of her cloak just a tad more. Lookin good
  11. That's awsome Ugluk. I love that armor, I feel like Ima get lockjaw just looking at it. Can we get more angles on him? ....please?....
  12. I think the Forums only stippulation on that is give credit where credit is due i.e. tell who made the mini. Look forward to seeing stuff from ya. Warden
  13. I love the color scheme you chose, never would have thought to use black and gold for a paly. The light sourcing looks incredible, tip top work there.
  14. it might just be me (because my perspective can be extremely skewed at times) but I like this newer batch of pics. Again, I am diggin those fleshtones. I just finished up a "cleric" and half her face turned out smooth and the other half not-so-much Again, great job.
  15. Heh, I like her fingernails. I agree with the call for more highlights. Something else to try, maybe get some waxpaper or something to that effect and cover your lightsource for teh photo with it. Then aim the light more or less straight at her so any highlighting -will- stand out a bit better. I would like to comment thought that I bow to the smoothness of your fleshtones, no matter what I do mine always come out grainy in some form or fashion. Keep up the good work
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