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  1. Hmmm...maybe it'd be worth it to look into the infantry a little more.
  2. On coherency: Do all the models in a squad have to be within coherencey distance of each other (like a 24" diameter circle for infantry), or do they have to be within coherency distance of just one other model from their squad? It makes sense to me that they only have to be within coherency of just one other model, but he situation I am imagining isthis: Four infantry stands are in a line, each 14" from the next. One stand in the middle dies beneath the big stompy feet of a super-heavy, leaving two stands on one side and the third stand on the other. The two stands that are 14" inches
  3. Well, I found those faction special rules and read through them. I've gotta say that I think Adon and Templars both sounded pretty good. ok, so actually all the CAVs I have now already fit into one of those two. I liked the infantry rules for Terran and Rach too, though, but I can imagine all those little soldiers being stomped to death beneath the feet of big, shooty, stompy war machines. *splat!*
  4. psssst those aren't Gundor House they're Borsig-Spline I always get those two mixed up somehow. Umm...That is still Adonese, right?
  5. I'm not sure which one I like the best. Grundor House has the best CAVs as far as I'm concerned (Mantis, Ogre, Scorpion), so I favor Adonese for their selection. Templar are the idealistic, all American good guys and I find it hard not to like them for their dedication to justice, especially because they got so rich while fighting the good fight. The terrans are crazy and tough, plus it's hard to root against the home team. The Rach are crazier and just as tough and have all the KODA Works CAVs. A mercenary army might be the way to go for me. Maybe Red Spades...
  6. Ok, thanks. I guess I'll just have to take a closer look at the beta rules then.
  7. This might already be in the rules and I just missed it, but what are the benefits of playing a "pure faction" army? I understand that each faction only buys CAVs from one or two specific UCORs, and that this will affect their style of play slightly; but is there anything else to it? Is this just a "role playing" thing so people get more into the game and their army or have special rules been written somewhere for each individual faction? These are my questions. Now I would like to say that I have looked over the rules, and I think the game should be more fun and even easier to play
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