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  1. Actually, I think you'll find that the Infantry in CAV isn't quite as squishy as the grunts in BattleTech. The combined arms feel of CAV is alot better than BattleTech.
  2. I'm going to go with the Adonese...just thought it would be fun to play the elves for a change. Then Chris gave me the run down and sealed it for me. Ignoring Deflect is kinda' nice (when you remember it, hehehe) and the feudal Japan thing works for me...especially when he said they were Minbari/Federation-esque...big Star Trek fan and I have all of Bab5 on DVD. I also have my Geek union card in my wallet, hehehe.
  3. Hey if it works use it <finally puts his fingers down...after the third recount, hehe>
  4. I can safely say that Spartan may have shown me how to play CAV...but c'mon man...it's not very difficult. Now when it comes to tactics and strategy my teachers were actually my father (taught me chess when I was probably too young) and my uncle Sam, hehehehe. 2 yrs of ROTC before I enlisted and about 12 years spent doing grunt stuff. I know my tactics...I just need to get used to my equipment to know how to best utilize it, hehehe. And Chris is Kool...(shameless plug)
  5. Just wanted to say hello to everyone. Spartan's been buggin' me to get on the boards here...so you can blame him, hehehe. I've been reading a little on the CAV books and so far think it looks pretty good. I've got a lot of the MechWarrior stuff and even played the RPG version years ago. I'm predominately a role player, but I do have a few tactical games that I've played on occasion (ie. MechWarrior, Advanced Squad Leader, etc.). So I'm not a total stem head noob. I'm just gonna lurk and see what's up...see ya' round dawgs.
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