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  1. Hi guys. I am trying to get layering down as shown in "Painting miniatures with Jérémie Bonamant Teboul" and http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=32050 . Model is the Witch of Khador. Anyway, I think I may be hurting myself by using too dark a mid tone. 9034 Muddy Green is what I was using. Pretty dark. Was messing around last night and just tried 9022 Nightshade Purple as a shadowing color. I am probably way to inexperienced to be going with off colors, but my attempts to shade where not getting anywhere. I find myself timid in the color choice area. I wanted to try and capture the malevolence and dark magic she oozes. Seemed like purple as a shadowing color and pink as a highlight might be interesting. Thoughts? I will try and post a pic later, but I have a terrible camera. Doubt you could see much.
  2. His web site has nice tutorials as well. http://www.jeremiebt.com/
  3. Awsome new bunch of colors! the classic browns will be nice. The greens mirrors one of my armies, so that is good news. Can't wait for the book! So now you know how a crack dealer feels. The more you give us the more we demand! More colors! More tips! More, more, more!!! Keep up the great work. Continue to love all your stuff.
  4. I hated yellows until my LGS owner turned me on to using a VERY light brown as a base coat and layering up. The color I have become addicted to is Palomino Gold and I also like Buckskin Pale. Anyway, it is much easier for me to get a decent yellow now. Covering white was just un-fun.
  5. I would lean to a dark brown on the loin cloth. In her color theory class at Gencon, Ms. Foerster recommended drawing the eye up with lighter shades and the red sounds like it's gonna be pretty deep. So to keep peoples eyes focused away from their... lower regions I would go darkish brown. Brown being a neutral will free you from any contraints another primary color would put on you. Anyway, that's my 2 copper. Now someone that knows what their talking about can tell you why I am a goof. :)
  6. Just to lend my support to that. I fear it's just gonna be a nak I have to get, but NMM seems more difficult to place than normal shading by a factor of 10. I am trying it for the first time and I am using the Ocre triad. Getting a feel for the layerng seems really different. The shadows are not really that different. It's the light placement that is hard. I never feel like I can trust myself when I start applying the paint. That and I always want to do too much highlighting. Pat
  7. I was in one of Mrs. Haley's classes and she showed us that wash. It really is amazing. Expect a run on Brown Liner and matte medium. :) Pat
  8. I agree completely. That was the best time I have ever spent in the hobby. While all the classes where great, Color theory had to be my favorite. I am just so happy I was able to attend so many classes. Seeing the different artists work was awsome. Anne Foerster has a real gift for explaining technique. As a father I was extremely impressed with how she worked with children. It was the last day of teaching and two kids from (Belgium?) came in hoping to be included and she really took them in hand. Neither had ever used layering at all and she took time to literally show them what you can accomplish with something other than dry brushing as well as the importance of basic technique. I was really impressed because she had to be sick to death of teaching by that point. So, count me among the fan boys. Anne Foerster rocks! I did not get to attend a Mengu class. :( His dwarves where awsome though. Ms. Foerster had him send one over for the Color Theory class. Wow!
  9. I am very much looking forward to Gencon! I will try and supress my hero worship to a reasonable level.
  10. Ok I have been looking at the Reapercon info from the last one and it look awsome! I don't see any prices or anything though. Anyone remember how much the admission and event tickets cost? If I am missing it on the site, just pop me on the brain pan and point in the right direction.
  11. Altropos, Thanks man! Neat vid. I did like the music too. I learned about feathering the other day from Troy our local Press Ganger. I saw a... less than perfect example of wet blending a couple years ago but after seeing this it's pretty obvious the guy showing me really did not know much more than I did. Time to experiment!
  12. Thanks guys. I am hitting Gencon in August. Taking almost every painting and sculpting class offered. Some happen at the same time sadly. I am enrolled in every class offered by Mrs. Foerster. A drive to Texas is a cool idea. I will wait and see where I am as it gets closer to May. October probablly is not an option falling so close to Gencon. My wife is cool, but not that cool. Oh I am actually in Missouri. I live in Kansas City. Not a huge amount of painting here. Some on the Kansas side, but no groups or anything. Not that I have found anyway. Wish there was. I am not good, but I would rather paint than play. I was just curious on the video thing. The bandwidth commitment might be too high. Just curious if anyone had ever explored it. Pat
  13. I love the Craft info but I was wondering if anyone ever thought of doing an online vid to show some of the techniques in action? Seems like an easy enough idea to execute if only one thing was shown. You could do a writeup then "click here to see the technique in action" or something.
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