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  1. Sounds awesome! I weill hopefully be gettin' a new Ashkrypt today, and then Ill prime him with white (for once!) Then Ill give that skeleton recipe a try! Thanks again!
  2. Sorry, I musta been high at the time. Well, look forward to gaming sometime, hopefully that plan works out. Good Luck!
  3. No Archers!?! This should be interesting... You better tell us the resuslts, thatd be awesome if you can pull a win with a b2b oriented army! My suggestion: archers! But that, of course, is contrary to this whole list, right? Blah! never mind you have archers!
  4. Im actually just gonna go buy a new Ashkrypt and try it again, should I start with a Black primer or White?
  5. Hell yes for Necrons, for I play them also. Very awesome color scheme, it looks much better than mine! Cheers!
  6. Thats awesome! very nice job indeedy! Praise Khardullis!
  7. Im assuming that a Tomukh list is an alternate list for the Reven? Also, if you could tell me the difference between a Tomukh list and a Grand Reven list. Thankyou!
  8. Thanks! I actually just realized the Deluxe starter army for Reven, is that an even better idea? Thanks for any help!
  9. Hey, Sorry this is kinda outta da bloo, but Im gonna be starting a Reven army in the next 4 weeks or so, and Im curious, do you think that the Reven box is a great place to start, or should I just by several blister packs with archers, etc.? Any help is appreciated!!!!!!!!!1!!!1
  10. I was using black primer first, then Oiled Leather (Pro Paint) and I did a poor, poor job on drybrushing (how the hell can you drybrush bad? ) with aged bone. Thanks for the help!
  11. I dont have a camera, or I would post one for you. Sorry. I actually havent painted many skeletons, how did you do yours?
  12. Prophet, Would you post your army list? I am deeply interested!
  13. Hey, Ive been recently painting Ashkrypt, and I have been having alot of trouble with the liche's face. Im just wondering, did anyone else have trouble with him? I am also wondering if I should strip the model in order to restart the model.
  14. Thats great work, Im not a CAV player (I will be soon, hopefullly though). This piece is for CAV Right?
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