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    Motorbikes, RPG's, Figure painting, Model making, war games. Rock music.

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  1. Nice work. I especially like the detail in the face.
  2. I like this - especially the freehand.
  3. I think the 'eyes' have it. Great work on this.
  4. try this link to EM4 http://www.em4miniatures.com/acatalog/ALIENS.html
  5. Hi, I've been away from the forum for a while. I haven't painted anything in about 18 months either. just picked up my brushes again in the last couple of weeks. Things have changed around here and I can't remember how to post images in a post. Can someone give me a little reminder please. Thanks.
  6. I've had a big break from painting - over 18 months in fact. Just picked my brushes up again and finished a couple of figures.

  7. EM4 Miniatures do a figure that fits your description.
  8. Well done! I'm a big fan of SW and will probably pick-up a copy of this.
  9. Stuff that's getting heavy rotation on the ipod - Threshold - Subsurface and Dead Reckoning. Sasquatch - Sasquatch 2, Shinedown - The Sound of Madness, Astra - The Weirding. Panic room - Visionary Position. When I'm in the house I mostly listen to Planet Rock
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