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  1. Nice work. I especially like the detail in the face.
  2. I like this - especially the freehand.
  3. I think the 'eyes' have it. Great work on this.
  4. try this link to EM4 http://www.em4miniatures.com/acatalog/ALIENS.html
  5. Hi, I've been away from the forum for a while. I haven't painted anything in about 18 months either. just picked up my brushes again in the last couple of weeks. Things have changed around here and I can't remember how to post images in a post. Can someone give me a little reminder please. Thanks.
  6. I've had a big break from painting - over 18 months in fact. Just picked my brushes up again and finished a couple of figures.

  7. EM4 Miniatures do a figure that fits your description.
  8. Well done! I'm a big fan of SW and will probably pick-up a copy of this.
  9. Stuff that's getting heavy rotation on the ipod - Threshold - Subsurface and Dead Reckoning. Sasquatch - Sasquatch 2, Shinedown - The Sound of Madness, Astra - The Weirding. Panic room - Visionary Position. When I'm in the house I mostly listen to Planet Rock
  10. EM4 stock the old Grenadier Future Wars figures - they are quite nice sculpts too. I've painted a lot of them.
  11. A couple of supers from Black Hat Miniatures.
  12. I like this! Good work on this figure. I'm inspired to get one and have a go at it myself.
  13. I heard it was like 'Wings of War' - which is a cool game, so it should be good.
  14. A figure from Four Colour Figs/Super System for an upcoming game of BASH! UE.
  15. I like these. How big are they? The colour scheme works well, too.
  16. Another recent figure. More experiments with metallic effects.
  17. That is on nasty looking dude. Great paintwork though - I especially like the tentacles.
  18. Also recently finished - yet more EM4 aliens.
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