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  1. Excellent stuff - a really crisp and clean paint job.
  2. Nice work - I particularly like the gems on the boots.
  3. I like this. Excellent detail work and colour choices.
  4. This is a very good conversion and an excellent paint job.
  5. Excellent colour selection and a very nice paint job.
  6. Well done on hitting your target - it's quite an achievement!
  7. I like these. The school girl is really very good.
  8. Nice paint work on these. Excellent skin tones.
  9. Looks good. The Limestone base is very convincing.
  10. Great paint work for your first figures! Keep it up and you'll be putting us all to shame within a few months.
  11. Seasons Greeting everyone. May there be peace on earth and goodwill to all.
  12. I'd go for Chaosiums BRP or Savage Worlds.
  13. A couple of Superheroes for an upcoming game using the Savage Worlds - Necessary evil rules.
  14. I find taht the keys aren't where my fingres are - either that or I have dyslexic fingers!
  15. Very natural looking painting on this - I like it a lot.
  16. More great frogness. You did all this in a week? I'd be happy if I got this lot done in a month.
  17. Lovely work on this one - I really like it.
  18. Great work on these - the white is done very well.
  19. I like the cloak - the colour change is excellent.
  20. Very nice work. The wings have a real translucent quality to them. The whole thing is quite beautiful.
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