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  1. I like these. The devil is very well done - excellent reds.
  2. great colour choices and nice painting on this figure.
  3. I went for a dark palette on this one - suitable for hiding in the shadows.
  4. Here is another new one. I'm going to re-do the base as there is not enough colour variation in it.
  5. I love the colour you've done her coat - very nice shading. The rest of her is very well painted also.
  6. I like this. How fast is a speed paint?
  7. Great stuff - who makes the planetary romance figures?
  8. I like this - the cloak is very good.
  9. I like this paint job - but I think the sword looks a bit too chunky.
  10. bikerdrew


    Very well done on the wings.
  11. Thanks for the comments - Ole Max here will get used in a BRP post apoc game.
  12. Thanks for the comments. The cloak was a bugger to shade - way to big and flat. I used a gloss varnish with a matt varnish over the top as the figure will be handled a lot and the gloss is very tough. The bow could probably do with another coat of matt. I'm very pleased with the gem - I've been practicing.
  13. I love this figure. This is the 100th miniature I've painted this year. I took most of November off as my eyes were playing-up. Then I had to get a new PC as the old one expired (trauma!) and it was crappy.
  14. For C&C. I've been experimenting with Valejio Metallic Medium.
  15. Excellent paint work on these - I really like the flame effect.
  16. Nice work here. I really like the spaceships and the squid figure is interesting -who makes it or is it mostly scratch built?
  17. Gorgeous paintwork - what more can I say.
  18. Very good metals and excellent shading with the red - very understated. It gets better the longer you look at it.
  19. These are very good but I've gotta' ask - 'how long have you been doing LSD?'
  20. I agree - the tabard, book, leather and skin are all ok. The metal needs some work. Try washing the metal with well watered down black paint, letting it sit in the cracks and crevices - experiment until you find a thinness you like. Do this over a dark metallic colour - like GW Gunmetal. When the was is dry, highlight points and ridges with Chainmail and the sharp edges and point tips with Mithrill (or other make equivalents). You are basically going for the same kind of contrast you have on the tabard except with metallics.
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