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  1. I'd take a look at Chaosiums BRP - it has customisable rules for various aspects of combat. Hit locations and hit location hit points, wounding, parry and evasion, strike ranks and really deadly combat. the rules are taken from the whole Chaosium range of BRP games and compiled in to one great book. You get the good bits from 'Ring World', 'Stormbringer', 'Runequest', 'Elfquest', 'Nephilim', 'Future World' , 'Super World', 'Magic World' and 'Call of Cthulhu'. Go figure.
  2. I thought this sculpt looked inspired by the art work of 'Heavy Metal' magazine - so thats how I tried to paint her. I may redo the hair at some point - what do you think.
  3. I had fun with this one. Some of the flash lines were too hard to take out completely.
  4. Very striking paint work on this one. The blending is excellent and I love the skintones.
  5. Nice paint job. The drool is excellent - what did you use to make it? I love this sculpt but it's too small for use with Call of Cthulhu rpg - Gugs are 'sposed to be about 18 feet tall.
  6. These are very good. The Orc really stands out.
  7. Great work on this one - the water effect is excellent and I really like the skin tone.
  8. This is a great paint job - the wings are excellent.
  9. More brain meltingly good stuff from the Frog. My fav is your version of Crosswire.
  10. A very crisp paint job this one. The shield is excellent.
  11. These are great sculpts and really very nicely painted. The bases are excellent.
  12. I like this. I like how you moved the legs to re-pose it. the patterning looks great.
  13. It's slightly out of focus - I think that my tripod head dips ever so slightly when the trigger is pushed (cheap tripod). I can't use manual focus at this distance because I would need to wear my glasses - it would only look in focus to me (I'm very far sighted and can't focus well under about 18 inches). I did the whole gem with a Vallejo dark blue (don't ask which one - the name has long since worn of the lable - it could be 'midnight blue'). I then used a thin coat of the same with a drop of black added to paint the top faces - leaving the edges. I used the same dark blue with a lighter blue added and thinned down to paint the bottom of the crystal. I used a lighter blend to just mark in the side edges and a small dab of white for the very top pointy bit. I finished it with 'Ard Coat' gloss varnish. Actually, the whole figure was gloss varnished and then matt varnished, so technically, I left the matt varnish off the gem.
  14. Nice work. The shading/highlighting on the hair and the cloak are amazing.
  15. This is good. The muted tones give a great pulp sci-fi feel to the figure. Excellent base.
  16. Cheers for the comments. The gem took me ages to paint - the final version was the 5th attempt.
  17. Thanks for the comments - worn armour was what I was going for.
  18. Thanks for the comments Guys - most appreciated. Sergeant Crunch, I didn't use any dry brushing on these - it's all wet blending and layering.
  19. I pushed myself on this one. I really tried for smoother shading and better looking gems and crystal. I painted the crystal on the staff 5 times before I settled on this version.
  20. I'm mostly happy with this one - some of the armour could do with more highlight as the varnish took it down bit.
  21. When I saw these at Zobie Smiths' website I had to have them.
  22. More strangeness so odd that 'it makes my head hurt'.
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