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  1. Nice painting on these. Glad you survived the cancer. Having witnessed what chemo does to a person (my wife had breast cancer 2 years ago), you did well to get these painted.
  2. Fantastic stuff - the water effect base is excellent.
  3. 'Don't make me unleash my Space Monkeys'. Great stuff - your head must be an interesting place to live in.
  4. I see why you call him 'Q'. The face and the green look good but the white and black need a bit more work. I find white and black are hard work to get right. Keep up the good work.
  5. I remember these! I guess I'm showing my age. Nice work on this one - I dig those glowing Eyes.
  6. Great work. the shading on the hair really stands out.
  7. I like this. great metallics and freehand. You certainly got the look you were after.
  8. Beautiful work. Everything is just fantastic.
  9. Didn't Grenadier do pig faced Orcs - or was it Feneryll?
  10. Nice work. I love those paizo Goblins - good OSL.
  11. These are amazing! The OLS on the paladin is knock-out.
  12. Looking good. I love the skin.
  13. This rocks. Great skin tone and very nice metals. What did you use for the snow?
  14. Great work on these. Very inspiring - I may well have a go at a fantasy army next year.
  15. Tha't just what I was thinking - last seen on a 'Magnum' album cover. Nice work - I really love the skin colour.
  16. I must of missed this post first time round - probably when my phone line was fritzing. Nice paint on these and great casts too.
  17. The original was WWI but this version has an MP40, which makes him a second world war NAZI. Thanks for the comments.
  18. Here are some Snake men - I wanted them to look like 3rd edition D&D Yuan-ti abominations. I think they look pretty close to the picture in the monster manual.
  19. you could try Mongoose Publishing OGL Wild West or Chaosiums BRP.
  20. Nice paint job - I really like the colour choices. I use a Gloss varnish (Games Workshop 'ard coat) and then a Humbrol acryllic matt varnish over the top on figures that are going to see a lot of action. I've had problems with spray varnish - especially Testors dulcote - when the air is cool or humid (most of the time here in the UK), so I just use brush on varnish now. IMPORTANT NOTE - make sure the brushes you use for the varnish have never been used for painting or you will have paint contamination.
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