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  1. I love these - excellent highlighting and painting.
  2. This rocks - excellent work. The hat is a brilliant touch.
  3. I like the way you painted this one - very good.
  4. Looking good - I like the base.
  5. That's some freaky s*%t going down in these pictures - those little creepy things are well scary.
  6. Well that hits the nail on the head - psycho and killer!
  7. I love this sculpt! I like how you painted him.
  8. She looks good - I especially like the grass stains on her bottom.
  9. Looking good. The darklining around the eyes is a bit heavy. I like your colour choices.
  10. Man but he's ugly! Nice painting though.
  11. Good stuff - the last one is my favourite, I really like the colour of it.
  12. Nice work on these. Two things I'd suggest are using a wash over the metal areas and generally bringing the highlights up.
  13. Looking good. I'd go for a wash over the metal bits, too.
  14. Nice work. I like the detail on the blouse.
  15. Looks pretty good to me for out of practice.
  16. Here is another recent re-paint. I've been going through my box of older reaper stuff and re-doing some of them if they are looking a bit scuffed. Like Elladan, I've used a hard coat gloss varnish and then a matt coat over the top. Hopefully, they will stand a bit more wear before they need painting again.
  17. I'm looking for a painted picture of 02931: Lars Ragnarson. I've had this figure for about 3 years and failed to paint it twice already - I'm giving it another go and I'm getting close to giving-up on it again. I need inspiration!
  18. I like this - I can just imagine it sweeping over a sand dune and attacking a party of adventures lost in the desert. It's like something from 'The Mummy'.
  19. That has got to be the most realistic fire painting I've ever seen on a mini - it even feels hot to look at. Incredible.
  20. Thanks for the comments - they are most appreciated.
  21. These are for gaming as well - M&M Golden Age. 1st International Anarcho-Communist Rocketeer Brigade - heroes of the Spanish Civil War.
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