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  1. Here is Eladan the Ranger. The eyes are too light to see properly in the picture - I may darken them a bit.
  2. Here are a Couple of Pulp Figures Rocket Men.
  3. Here are some minis from Pulp Figures that will be used in an M&M 'Golden Age' game.
  4. I like this - great sculpt and very nicely painted.
  5. I love this sculpt (even though it got me in to trouble). I really like the way you painted it - great stuff. I guess this one doesn't need to be linked for nudity anymore.
  6. Simple but effective - nice work. I look forward to seeing more of your work.
  7. Great skin colour and excellent detail work.
  8. Great paint work on this figure.
  9. These are great sculpts and very nicely painted. I'll have to check out this company - their stuff looks like it would be great for use with Conan.
  10. Nice work - I especially like the sword in the second picture.
  11. I really like that earth elemental - great colours and brilliant use of grass. The Dust Devil is good, too.
  12. 1. Mad max 2. Mad max 2 3. Mad max 3 4. LOTR trilogy 5. 2001 a space Odyssey 6. The Empire Strikes Back 7. The usual suspects 8. Goonies 9. arsenic and old lace 10. the life of brian
  13. I'm with Froggy on this one. There are so many great stories that could be made in to movies - lets have some new stuff. Leave the classics alone.
  14. Great stuff for a quickie. How quick was it?
  15. This is excellent. I really like those wings.
  16. That's pretty damn good for a first mini. Thinner paint helps a lot - so does flow-enhancer (but only add a little), which slows the drying process and allows for a nice even coat, especially over large areas. Welcome to a very rewarding and satisfying hobby.
  17. Nice work. I bet those checkers were a real test!
  18. Fantastic paint work - I love the effect you've achieved on the scales.
  19. Great work on these. That sewer mutant thing is very good.
  20. That was different, but I still prefer the original.
  21. This is a great sculpt and very well painted. The blending on the Wyverns wings is very good.
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