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  1. Great job on this figure - I love these warjacks. The highlighting on the black is very good.
  2. EM4 are now producing the metal alien figures unpainted. These are some I had a go at.
  3. These look good. Is that Army Painter dip you used on them?
  4. I think it looks great. I suck at doing damage and wear - yours looks very good.
  5. Fantastic paint job and a really cool mini. So, how much will it cost, that's the question?
  6. Thanks for the comments. My eye problem is that I'm incredible far-sighted and astigmatic in both eyes so I have very limited close focus. I can't focus on anything under 18" without serious help from my close work glasses . I've thought about a magnifying head-band thingy but I'm not sure how much it would help.
  7. I've not painted anything since about December 2010. This is the first thing I've finished recently. My eyesight has been playing me up and despite much stronger glasses I'm finding it difficult to concentrate on painting. Anyhow - C&C welcome.
  8. Nice. I really like the tarnished metal armour.
  9. I've not been painting so much lately due to a problem with my eyes. However, all is ok with them and I'm back to the brushes!

  10. Do you get the paint straight from the pot or pour a little out on to a mixing pallet? If it's straight from the pot it may contain more air. Also, try loading less on to the brush as this may be adding to the bubble problem. Try using a thin (and I do mean thin) wash of black with a bit of dark blue in it over the metal. It will sit in the recesses and look better than the solid black line. You can then highlight the edges in a lighter metal to add some depth.
  11. Nice work. When you say 'Quick' - how quick are we talking?
  12. I've been painting my one off and on since December 2010 - need a little inspiration to finish it. It's a beast to paint.
  13. Anybody painted this figure yet or know where there are some pictures of it painted?
  14. What disorders do you have? I got diagnosed with Leiden factor 5 disorder a couple of years ago and haven't flown since - it scared me that much. I may have to take blood thinners as I get older.
  15. Amazing work on these - you should be proud of them.
  16. These are good. What are the figures in the second picture?
  17. That's a pretty damn good paint job. Nice sculpt too.
  18. Fantastic work - it really pops right out at you!
  19. Very nicely done Kroot - possibly the best colour scheme I've seen them done in.
  20. 'Alas Babylon' by Pat Franks 'Last Light' and 'Afterlight' by Alex Scarrow 'Survivors' Terry nation 'Ill Wind' Kevin J anderson 'Brother in the land' John Swindles 'Lucifers Hammer' Larry niven 'The new Madrid Run' Michael Reisig
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