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  1. I typically play 'Tanks' or 'Scouts' so I'm out front taking the first line of defence. If the artillery can't wait till I need the help and just wants to cut in on the action with indiscriminate Fireballs then, assuming I survive the combat, they are going to get a slap. If the party wizard has a higher initiative and calls everyone to wait while he drops fire on them that's okay. So initiative order could be one of the problems. If were talking about a disruptive player then you have really only got three options - educate them, boot them or find another group.
  2. I've bought GW and Reaper stuff for years and I don't see much difference in quality between them. Both companies produce the same amount of figures with flaws that need fixing, both produce the same amount of odd sculps every now and then. Reaper makes a better selection of individual figures suitable for roleplaying - some truly astounding sculpts, and GW make excellent figures for Wargamming. Reaper figures are cheaper to buy - even here in the UK - and this is where Reaper wins for me. Reaper figures seem to be priced on weight of metal used and the associated production cost, whereas GW would price a figure you wont need too many of in your army at a high price despite it's size. I don't like that approach - I like Reapers more honest pricing. Also, how can a plastic figure cost more to produce than a metal one? Some GW plastics are way over priced.
  3. Now this I like. I'll be making a date to see this. I'm a big Pearlman fan and that Cage dude is ok. He was pretty good in 'Kickass'.
  4. I totally agree about keeping a sense of humour - and yes, my 14 year old son does find Monty Python funny, so do I for that matter. My observation of 'Your Highness' is that it's humour was rather base and immature and in no way in the same league as Monty Python. Let's just say I'm never likely to enjoy the film but I'm not bothered if others do. Horses for courses.
  5. Not retarded - just having a mental age of your average 14 year old. If I'd meant retarded I'd have said so.
  6. I like these. Nice sculpts and excellent paint work - especially the damage and weathering.
  7. I've just seen the trailer. I only laughed once - when Natalie Portman beat up the fat guy. One to miss, in my opinion - unless you have a mental age of 14.
  8. Ambush Alley is pretty good - you could give that a look.
  9. The trailer looks good - I wonder if any UK network will pick it up?
  10. These are excellent! great sculpts and very well painted.
  11. I just got the new edition of Gamma World - looks pretty good fun. What we need now are some miniatures to play it with. No doubt Froggy will be able to knock some out by customising various others.
  12. Very Nice! I really like the blue shading.
  13. I did when I told her I was the Blindman. Nice work on this - I love the shading and the facial expression.
  14. The trailer looked good.
  15. This is an incredible piece of work. I love the pattern of the scales.
  16. World War Z is a great read. I'd like to recommend the Zombie Survival Guide - lots of practical advice on how to survive the Zombiepocalypse.
  17. That really made me laugh! The older I get - the harder they are to see.
  18. These are great! I love the Troll with the MotorHead T shirt.
  19. Last of the Frag figures.
  20. More FRAG figures.
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