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  1. I also got a box of Steve Jackson Games FRAG figures. These are my attempt to paint the figures like they look on the cardboard stand-ups that come with the game.
  2. Hi Gang. I've not been painting much lately as I've been concentrating on writing stuff - Savage Worlds Super Heroes and a large Scenario for Tunnels & Trolls, mostly. I'm also converting some Hot Wheels cars for a carwars type game. Anyway, this is a figure I got for my birthday back in August. I was going for a half-elf feel. C&C always welcome.
  3. I've played D & D as a pc and DM since 1980 and the most important piece of advice I'd give you is - avoid handing out too much magic and enhanced weapons to the players. This will quickly lead to a weapons plus arms-race that enables the players to chop and blast their way through everything before them. It cheapens the experience because once you have the 'Unnatural Axe' no one can stop you and you don't have to think through encounters. Let them role-play and slowly earn the means of making magic or gathering enough treasure to pay for it. Low level character should not have lots of magic to back them up - they need to learn other ways of survival and to know which fights are best run from. Know the rules and be tough but fair when applying them - but use your common sense if a rule breaks down for a given situation. A table full of rules lawyers is no fun (been there!) but sometimes you will need to get a consensus from your group about a particular application of a rule. Be consistent with how you apply the rules. Try not to rail-road your players into going where you have set-up an encounter. If it's important for the plot but they show no signs of going that way - move the encounter to where they are going. Don't over complicate things and give too much away to keep them on track. A good plot is like an onion - once you take off the skin it comes apart in layers until you get to the heart of it. Avoid overpowered party allies that you control as this takes away from the players experience. Try to avoid Deus ex machina - it's seriously irritating to players. But, if the bad guy gets away a couple of times that can really fire them up. Finally - if a dice role is about to ruin the story in an irrevocable way , fudge it.
  4. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Here's hoping it all goes without a hitch.
  5. These are rather good. I like the colour choice and the face on Magnus is excellent.
  6. Oh yeah! great Zombie hunter. She'd go great with our game of Savage Worlds 'Zombie Run'. Great jeans.
  7. I really like this. Great colour choice and very well done freehand with the Swastika.
  8. Excellent work and congratulations on the award. Well done.
  9. This is excellent! Great scratch build.
  10. That's an old Grenadier 'Future Wars' figure - 'Savage with Sashimo' (or something like that). EM4 miniatures still produce this figure - I painted one about 2 years ago. EM4 produce most of the 'Future Wars' range as do Mirliton. Very nice painting, by the way.
  11. These are nicely done.
  12. Very nicely done. I like the colour palette you used. The Medusa figure is one of my favourites. Is there any chance we can have some photos of the pattern detail on her skin?
  13. Here are a couple of Scavenger Tank Busters from Copplestone Casting that are going to get used in during 'Zombie Run'. Like all my stuff, they are for the table-top.
  14. Great skin. Excellent idea of using this figure as a 'Brick' in your supers game.
  15. I like the colour choices you used. You might like to try a wash of very thin black over the armour - then highlight the edges with a lighter metallic to add a little more definition.
  16. Great work on this - excellent detail. That is one twisted miniature - who makes it?
  17. I just got a box of six miniatures for Frag! for my birthday. Expect to see them in Show Off forum sometime soon.
  18. This is a Copplestone Castings figure from the 'Future Wars' range that I had to repaint following a spray-on varnish failure that caused the paint to rub off. I've never had that happen before. The repaint got a coat of gloss followed by a coat of matt - both brush-on. This figure is a PC from our COC game.
  19. ooh! I like this. These are great figures and this on is very well painted. I especially like the detail in the dials on the back.
  20. Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I really enjoyed painting this figure - even though that large area of cloak was quite daunting.
  21. This is for one of the players at our games club who will be joining our Forgotten Realms campaign. She wanted it to look like the on in the Reaper gallery - but with metallic green leaves.
  22. The face looks a bit rough in close-up - might redo it.
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