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  1. I've not been painting much lately - bad pressure in my eyes and my arthritic hands have been playing up. But anyhoo - here's Moxy with a weapon swap as I didn't like the 'food mixer' she was holding.
  2. This is good - I really like the freehand on the coat. Orange and purple are a good combination.
  3. Ok I'll qualify what I meant about BRP being better than GURPS. GURPS is great for building interesting and complex characters but the game system has flaws that make vehicle construction a nightmare and the combat system is a bit flat. BRP Characters may not be quite so rounded but the skill and combat mechanics are really very good. The Combat in BRP is based on real combat simulation and not just some arbitrary number system. The rules also allow for a high degree of mix and match options to further customise the game.
  4. I like this one - good clean paint work and a very well done base.
  5. GURPS is ok but BRP is better.
  6. I prefer Fighters, rogues and clerics myself. The only race other than human I really like playing is Dwarf - you can't go wrong with a Dwarven Fighter. I play a Dwarven fighter in a Forgotten realms campaign and I run a Greyhawk campaign. I allow all the races in the core 3/3.5 PHB and I also allow Half-Ogres. Ever seen the stats for a half-Ogre barbarian... don't make it angry! I don't play 4th ed and don't imagine I ever will - it's not Dungeons and Dragons but more like World of Warcraft for munchins. I like 'Pathfinder' and have considered converting my Greyhawk campaign to run with it. I got the Beta a couple of years ago when it came out - the big problem is that all our players spent a lot of money on 3/3.5 and really don't want to or can't spend more on Pathfinder.
  7. Oh man - that is one sweet Elder Thing! Who makes it?
  8. Nice group shot - I love adventure group picture. Good work on these.
  9. These are cool! I really like the idea. Colour scheme and painting is nice too.
  10. I met my wife in a bikers pub called 'The prince of Orange' here in town. I was going out with another girl at the time but she was off out with her girl friends that night. It was love at first sight and we've been together 23 years this year.
  11. you want alien life forms - You should see what's living down the back of my fridge
  12. I didn't even notice when it happened to me...but the next day I found I could part water and move mountains and create strange animals. Go figure!
  13. I like these! Excellent colour scheme and execution. I can't believe you only took 3 hours on each speeder, incredible.
  14. I find dress makers pins work quite well. Just cut off the pin head and file it off so its round ended and paint it like a light sabre. I have a picture of a figure with one I made - but I can't add it to this reply.
  15. It depends on what you want the base to look like. I have washed and dry-brushed scenic gravel but I find it wrecks brushes. Mostly I use a mi of colours and a couple of sizes of gravel. I usually add some static grass or similar greenery. Paint the base a darker colour than the scenic gravel you use. I usually trim any extra plastic bits off the side and give them a couple of coats of black paint and a couple of coats of matt varnish.
  16. I like the colours and the painting - they look good.
  17. These are good. I've got a couple of war casters in my 'to do' box but keep putting them off (3 years now) - I might be inspired to have a go at them.
  18. This is good. The freehand is excellent.
  19. This is hot! I really like what you've done with this. I love these figures - not keen on the prices though.
  20. These are really very well painted. I especially like the horses - I find horses can be tricky to paint well.
  21. Nice conversion - he looks well psycho!
  22. This is a great topic - glad you brought it up. Well, I'd like to say I look like my avatar picture - but my hair is too short and I'm really not post-apocalypse enough. Maybe Rex the dark future hero - but without the shot gun.
  23. Very nice work on these. I love group photos and this group look very well done.
  24. I love this sculpt and you have done a great job on it. The colour choice works very well. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work.
  25. These are great - I really like them.
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