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  1. This is good. I like the overall tone of the piece - the muted colours work very well.
  2. Fantastic work. I like the shading on the blue and the NMM looks particularly good.
  3. Is this the best Chronoscope figure? Could be. I love this figure - can we have more like it please?
  4. Strange steampunk zombie thing I found in my bits box - I don't know who made it but it was fun to paint.
  5. very nice - I really like the colour choice and detail.
  6. I like these - good paint jobs too. I've been after some of these pig iron war-droids for a while - I might try and pick some up at Salute this year.
  7. Thanks for the kind words. The big Russian is by four color figs / old glory miniatures from the superfigs range. He stands about 2" tall.
  8. A couple more four colour figs supers for the campaign. Did these on Monday during a day off work.
  9. The paint job on this really zings - great stuff!
  10. I'm a big fan of 'D&D' group photos. This bunch of reprobates look like they will have many good adventures. Nicely painted too.
  11. Here are a couple I painted on Friday when I had the day off work for good behaviour. They are from four colour figs.
  12. These are fun - I see you've been at the Tau weapon spares too.
  13. Very nicely done - excellent shading.
  14. Nice work on these. I have a bunch of theses that I painted a few years ago for use in Call of Cthulhu.
  15. This is lovely. Excellent shading on the green and the freehand on the robe is great.
  16. Very cool - I like this a lot.
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