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  1. Good stuff. Great shading on the black.
  2. I like this - good sculpt and a really good paint job.
  3. These are nicely done and great sculpts. Who produces them?
  4. This is good too. I particularly like the lava base.
  5. Very nice work. I can see the merits of both having and not having pupils on this figure.
  6. Gorgeous work on this. Figure and base are both superb!
  7. Ooh.. I like this. Good colour choice and very nicely painted.
  8. Excellent paint job on these - really vibrant and interesting.
  9. Looks great - what a fantastic resource. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  10. Excellent work on the sarcophagus.
  11. This is fantastic! quite possibly the best thing you've done yet.
  12. I like the colours on this - it looks very crisp.
  13. I knocked theses 2 out in about 4 hours (fast for me). I need them for an upcoming game. These are both from Old Glory - superfigs/four colour figs.
  14. This little guy is from the Supafigs range from Old Glory and very hard to get here in the UK.
  15. I made these with Tau drone bodies and spare weapon bits. Coming to a Super Hero game soon...
  16. I like these - nice colour choices and good detail.
  17. Tunnels and Trolls 1st edition, a couple of large bags of Crisps (corn chips) and some cans of beer and a heap of badly painted Citadel fantasy figures. Oh... and more d6 than you can hold in one hand scattered around the table.
  18. I think that is going to become a favourite website. It's up there with failblog.
  19. I really like this. Great conversion and a nice paint job.
  20. These are great! How did you do the liquid in the bowl?
  21. Great sculpt and a really good paint job.
  22. Fantastic paint job. I love the colour choices.
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