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  1. I like this this. The muted colours work very well on this figure. Nice detail.
  2. Looks good for tabletop. The base is great.
  3. I like this. The stripy trouser look great. Only thing I'd have done is wash the metal bits with black to give a bit more contrast.
  4. Looks good. I like the Scottish theme and the base is really great.
  5. Very nice. The hair colour and the green go together very well.
  6. Mean looking critters. Nice work on them.
  7. Gorgeous work. The cloak is so smooth.
  8. Excellent conversion and a great paint job.
  9. This is great. Good luck in the competition.
  10. Not bad - you might want to try a smaller brush for the eyes. 3.5 Forgotten Realms is my favourite D&D setting.
  11. These look good - I really like the colour choices on the first figure.
  12. The blue on the dress is very well done and the skin looks so smooth.
  13. These are excellent - I particularly like their bloody maws.
  14. I like this - great stuff and a really good concept.
  15. Looks good - I like the blue and the red together.
  16. Nice work - I really like the shading on the dress.
  17. Very nice shading on the clothing. great paint work.
  18. What size brushes are you using? A smaller brush would help when doing things like eyes. Nice and precise brush control on the rest of the figure.
  19. Thanks for the kind comments. I'm not sure if it's a miss cast - but this figure of Terezinya had a sixth finger on her left hand. I removed it as it made her hand look like a bunch of bananas. The colour scheme was inspired by a cute Goth girl I know.
  20. Yeah - I know the feeling. I painted a whole 1500 point Tau army a couple of years ago and it became a nightmare from a Flan O'Brian book to finish it. These look good, though. When the whole thing is done you will have a great looking army that you can be proud of.
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