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  1. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I love the books by ERB.
  2. I posted theses a couple of months back but the pics were a bit off so I re-photographed them.
  3. I'm diggin' that camo - nice work.
  4. These are great. The wraith looks so scary!
  5. I think that the whole thing looks very good. I especially like the armour and the face.
  6. I like all of these - very nice work.
  7. This is very good - especially the eyes.
  8. I like this. The darker armour looks good.
  9. Those are different - I don't think I've seen these before. Nice painting on them.
  10. I love the colours on this one - great painting.
  11. Nice sculpt and very nice painting.
  12. These are the last things I painted in 2009. Copplestone Castings Terminators. I managed to paint 108 Miniatures last year - a personal best for me.
  13. Here's another new one. I love this sculpt - can we have some more like him, please?
  14. I'd glue and pin with super glue then gap fill with Milliput - which is excellent for the job. The super fine white is probably best to use for filling, but the silver/grey is ok too. If you store your green stuff in the freezer it will last forever (well, a long time) - just remember to get it out half an hour before you want to use it.
  15. I use Vallejo white primer and have never had any problem with it - it thins well with water. I've not used spray primer on small figures for a long time - due mainly to the effect of humidity.
  16. Wow - fantastic green! I like this paint work.
  17. Very nice - those colours really pop.
  18. I've said it before but it needs saying again. I'd like to see some chain-mail clad, axe-wielding Dwarves on Choppers and Low Riders (well... they'd have to be Low riders, wouldn't they?).
  19. Myself and the boy have become quite addicted to COD4 on Xbox live (on reason why I didn't hit my painting target this year - curse you, on-line gaming!). We don't have a wii yet - but wii fit is tempting. I think my wife would prefer that than COD4.
  20. Just finished this one for an upcoming game. Playing around with Vallejo metallic medium again.
  21. These Rock! just all-round excellent work.
  22. Another nice piece of work. What are you using as a light source when you take the pictures?
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