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  1. ACK! "Real Life" has caused me to turn this into a bit of a 'speedy paintjob' event. No fear, I will get this done. :)
  2. Now, since it is not an activation, can multiple Speeds be cast on one solo/model? If so, I can think of a few usues for this one. :) If only the Necropolis got Clerical magic... ;)
  3. Ok, so much for my free company idea.
  4. If this is correct, I'm tossing Necropolis over for Dwarves in a HEARTBEAT!
  5. Ok, thanks. I thought that the Proxy rule was primarily for using non-Reaper minis. Then again, nothing is forcing me to play in tourneys. ;) Not that it's tough to make a tourney-viable force. All I'd need to do for Necros is to buy the Deluxe and the Faction Box. I just really like the looks of the older skeleton calvary but that's not a big deal. Thanks for the quick responce, Thorbjorn
  6. I was wondering if it is valid to use a different Reaper mini instead of the Warlord mini, such as the mounted skeletons from Dark Haven? As long as they are Reaper minis, is it ok as far as Offical Reaper and Official BL events? Thanks, Erik
  7. I am currently a consultant working in the largest IT department in the US Insurance industry. I do large-problem resolution; if more than one email server has a problem that the internal guys can't fix they send it to my team. That means that we don't have a lot to do all of the time but it is fun. My dream jobs are as follows: 1. Doing what I do as an actual employee of the company I work at. Great hours, job security and a good environment to be an analyst in. 2. Making reproductions of historical period objects for renn faires and SCA and being successful at it. 3. Making terrain for large gaming conventions.
  8. The closest I come to being in any pay-to-play is the SCA. ;) I haven't played any WW games since Vampire: Middle-Ages came out. I just lost interst in their universe (V:TMA is not the cause, btw, just the benchmark as to when I stopped) Cheers, Thorbjorn Johannson, m/k/a Erik Olsen
  9. That's what I think is cool about Warlord, it's very flexible as far as units go. Now to figure out which group to go with... Cheers, Thorbjorn
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