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  1. Yup, warmaster miniatures would be about the height of the angel I would say. So yes, they would technically be useable as extraordinarily well-outfitted halflings :)
  2. Thanks guys! Yes, there will be a pledge manager. I will be doing shipping through my store, so anything additional from there can be tacked on to the original pledge.
  3. I don't have that one specifically, but these may be of some use to give you an idea of the tiny size:
  4. Microworld Games (which I run) has their first Kickstarter ever live: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/microworld-games/6mm-fantasy-crusader-kingdom/ All stretch goals have been met, with a bit less than 2 weeks to go. I know 6mm fantasy is a bit of a niche within a niche, but thought I would post for anyone interested in element-based mass battle wargaming. I'm hoping the KS platform enables me to push out more interesting projects a bit quicker.
  5. Thanks for the kind comments everyone! That is actually the first troop type, still have lots more to do...
  6. I don't usually like to post non-reaper minis, but I painted these entirely with Reaper master series and high density paints, so I figured what the heck. The metallics by the way, are amazing. Best metallics ever, especially for the small scale enthusiasts because they are so fine. They are 6mm fantasy models, so the dwarves are a shade under 5mm tall: Dwarf Warrior closeup, keep in mind these guys are just hitting 5mm tall: Backside so you can see the nice chainmail work: A reason why my eyes are getting bad: Dwarf Brigade a bit closer: Some command group close
  7. I am almost positive it is the Andromeda super heavy, the very last entry on this page: http://www.groundzerogames.co.uk/store1/commerce.cgi?product=DF&keywords=&cart_id=6512820.2039&exact_match=on&next=40
  8. Ok, I apologize for the crappy pics, I'll try to get my dark realm stuff out and get more pictures next week. Above we have (left to right) a GZG heavy tank (either a ganymede or andromeda hull, they are all about the same size with he demos being a but smaller), MicroWorld Kilgore Heavy tank, Brigade Models SAC Rhino MBT, and a MicroWorld Pilgrim IFV Above we have from left to right: Brigade Eurofed Gamelin tank, MicroWorld Trout MBT, Brigade Pacfed Cougar MBT hull (AA turret), Plasmablast medium tank, Brigade Eurofed LAV thing. Above left to right: Brigade tank, Mi
  9. I know Chaos Orc has some stock left, but nothing new, and I don't think they plan to carry it anymore once the current stock is sold. I know the owner of Steel Crown is active over on the tactical command forums, people don't seem to have too much trouble ordering direct.
  10. You are quite spoiled for choice these days with 6mm scifi. Generally, some are a bit larger than others, but in a scifi setting, these things can be explained away by simply calling them "heavy" tanks, or making it characteristic of a particular race to have larger vehicles. With that being said, some manufacturers do fit better with eachother than others. Brigade Models (UK company), Ground Zero Games (UK company), and Plasmablast Games (Greek company) all fit well with one another size-wise, and all tend to be on the "smaller" end of the spectrum. Some of their vehicles are large, bu
  11. Thanks everyone! Yup,they are all GZG with the exception of the air support, which is obviously CAV. I did have grand plans of adding static grass and highlighting the basing of the infantry, but I ran out of steam.
  12. The smaller scale CAV aircraft work great with 6mm scifi. Looking forward to seeing what new stuff is in store also. This project is finally done, and I am super excited to never paint another one of these tanks again! The whole shebang: Right side: Left side: Here is a Power armor closeup because I like the way they came out: Tanks profile shot: The last 6 minis I painted for the project, finished 2 hours ago:
  13. If 6mm mass combat miniatures for star wars came out, my family would have to stage an intervention for me to break my addiction to tiny snowtroopers and AT-AT's.
  14. Thanks for the comments everyone! @Chrome They are plastic stands, and surprisingly, the lynx are pretty stable. I actually connected them all with tiny magnets, and will say, the lynx are just a tad too heavy for such a small magnet, but they got the job done. I'm just forever dropping things on flight stands and I hate when the little tabs break off.
  15. Awesome camo on those, great job!
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