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  1. It is cleanly painted, which is certainly good, though I would suggest a bit more highlighting and shadowing on his body.
  2. The old website used to have a gallery of painted figures. You could submit your own photos of minis you'd painted, and search for examples that other people had done. This was so useful to me, but it seems to have completely gone now. Is it ever coming back?
  3. I have only had a quick read through Numenera, but it looks like a very good game for both GMs and players. Ishil
  4. She's far too nice to be a real succubus. I'm sure she's cosplaying as a cosplaying succubus. Ishil
  5. Unless it's just the photo, you need to go higher and lower on highlights/shadows. It's not easy, I know. What looks okay from a distance might not look so good close up. Ishil
  6. I wasn't going to say it... But ([slightly] more) seriously, I used to be close-mouthed, uncommunicative. But thanks to Buglips, and other great people, I too am learning to talk drivel. Ishil
  7. Defeating evil with the power of breasts. I felt I had to say that. Ishil
  8. It hurts because it's true. Ishil
  9. It seems that I was wrong, that the 'clothing' tag is more the rule than the exception. Perhaps Boris Barayev should have it after all. Certainly, 50232: Karla, Anime Heroine does not have the 'clothing' tag, while the other Anime Heroines do. I do appreciate you taking the time to amend the tags, by the way. Ishil
  10. Can I join the Reaper Fanboy Brigade? Will I get a badge? Ishil (Is this a transparent attempt to push my post count up?)
  11. I was a bit depressed when I wrote that. Maybe things won't be as bad as that next year. Ishil
  12. There sure are a lot of RPG characters here! Me too. In a critical imagination failure, I chose the only name I could think of, that of a D&D character I'd created. I've never even played it. Ishil
  13. It makes me laugh when people talk about painting one mini a week. I'll be lucky if I get one mini painted next year. I might as well just throw my painting stuff away. Ishil
  14. 65125: Blackstar Privateer & Chaingun has tag 'rifle' but not 'chaingun' or 'minigun' 65089: Reggie Van Zandt, Intergalactic Marine has tag 'rifle' but not 'chaingun' or 'minigun'. Also has tag 'melee' 65069: Ape-X, Super Villain has tag 'rifle' and 'gun' but not 'chaingun' or 'minigun' 50232: Karla, Anime Heroine has tag 'rifle' - it's an SMG. Has 'melee' tag 50227: Dee Dee, Astro Girl has 'melee' tag. Has 'power armor' tag but her armor isn't powered. Could have tag 'raygun' 50065: Rex, Dark Future Hero has tag 'melee' 50002: Boris Barayev, Five Suns Smuggler has a number of issues: has 'two gun' tag but 50232 and 50227 (and others?) don't has the 'rayguns', 'lasers' and 'pistols' tags, but 50227 doesn't has has the 'clothing' tag which other clothed figures don't 50002 is a Five Suns Smuggler but 50161 is a Nine Suns Henchman - are they meant to have different numbers of suns in their name? Also, several of the above have the 'rifle' tag even though their guns are not rifles. Ape-X has 'gun' tag but several more likely candidates, with actually gun-sized guns, don't. Ishil
  15. The Stone Spring series by Stephen Baxter, for some really alternate history. Ishil
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