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  1. Long time coming. Glad you're finally able to talk openly about this. Very excited to see how this all shakes out. Great work, my friend! Excited to try it out at RC2022!!
  2. How do I obtain the banner for bones 5 supporter? I am backing and in wave 2. Would love to have that sweet banner swag for my signature on here. Thanks in advance for the help!
  3. That sounds super dope and right up my alley. Izzy has been killin' it with the art for the iconics. It's the one week countdown... ** Why can't I hold all this hype?! **
  4. Mojoman

    Names and Faces

    Name: Matthew, The Red Beard Bard, Mojoman Hugs? Introduce then hug.
  5. Fantastic work by three great artists! Can't wait to get my hands on the mini. I already got the shirt and it's awesome!
  6. I'm a local, so I won't need to go anywhere. I will probably stay to hang out and meet the people behind all these fantastic screen names & avatars.
  7. I may see about bringing my original HeroQuest board game along on a couple of the days for when I have downtime between playing in the official Dreadmere games. Would anyone be interested in playing? Obligatory "HeroQuest is the best game" video link
  8. AAHHH!!! I'm so excited about this. Just two more weeks!! I registered as Hand of Light faction, so I'm stoked to see how the new band fares with the existing ones. *shouting and fist pump* "The Light will prevail against the Wraith King!"
  9. Is the app in the Google Play store? If so, what should I be looking for... Growtix has several different apps available for dl... Thanks!
  10. Agreed. From what I've seen it looks like they primarily expect users to download an app and work within that. The website seems very disjointed from a UX perspective. This makes me wonder if there will be an Android/iOS app for the event...
  11. I found it under "Gaming Dashboard." It had a list of all the games I am registered for with times and locations. Hope that helps!
  12. I registered to play in all your Dreadmere RPG events. The minis for the setting were some of my favorites from Bones 4. I'm very excited to dive into your setting. Do you have any content I could read up on to be a little familiar with it beforehand? Also, will there be minis/terrain/maps or is it theater of the mind style? If minis, should I bring my own and which ones should I have painted up in advance? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just excited and want to be prepared! Thanks @ReaperWolf for running the games!
  13. Yes!! It is working now and I was able to get in on the games I wanted. Woot! Woot!
  14. I got an email from a Rob at growtix support. He asked for some info to help me setup a gamer profile and said he's not sure why the page isn't working on their site. I replied with my gamer info, so hopefully this will get resolved soon. I really want to play in the Dreadmere games that @ReaperWolf is running. The Hand of Light will prevail against the Maggotcrown!!
  15. I'm still having the same problem as rawlkeer. I've sent an email to [email protected] in addition to posting in the ReaperCon facebook page and here on the forum.
  16. Growtix is asking me to setup a gamer profile to register for games, but when I try to do it I get an error screen. Is anyone else having this issue? I really want to get my regs in early so I can get a spot at the tables. Thanks!
  17. I'm most interested in playing in some games. I'm a DFW local, so I'll be there all four days. If it looks like we'll be lacking in games, I can also run a game or two using some published materials or whatever. I have a lot of DM experience from various systems. I would be willing to run 5E D&D or FATE Core.
  18. Got my 4-day pass easy and quick with no issues on the growtix site. Looking forward to hangin' out with everyone!
  19. I had 3rd Edition GURPS as the very first RPG I ever played. I switched to 4th Edition when it came out and never looked back. I would stick with 4th and do what mikem91 said... use the 3rd ed books for flavor and inspriation.
  20. I second the request for a schedule of events. I'm coming on the 25th and would like to see what will be going on and plan for stuff. Exciting to come out to Reaper again!
  21. Thanks for the encouragement! I had to quit last night after laying down the base coat. It took a little too long to dry, and I had to get sleep before work today. I hope to work on them more tomorrow. I've spent a grand total of about 30 min. on them so far. That time includes the time it took to fix the warped bits, but not the dry time. I think I sat there for a good half hour or more staring at them and surfing the forum here hoping they would dry.
  22. Here we are base coated with a dark walnut brown. I like a dark base coat to hide recesses that I may not reach. I am going for tabletop quality so I'm trying not to kill myself on these minor baddies... Sorry for the distracting background and poor photos... Using my phone.
  23. So, I've decided to try my hand at batch and speed painting... First post here is of the raw product after warp corrections. Zombies, mummies, and skeletons from the 2012 KS...
  24. I love that DMG.Info made it on here. I've been dying to try his method for books and furniture... perhaps this weekend... hmmm. good luck with your mini. Be sure to show us the end result!
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