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  1. Alrighty Shakhak... Let's start a petition! Other Ideas... there could be philosophers that can confuse or convert enemy units. There could be demi-god heroes such as Achilles, or Hercules. We could have Zeus be the Warlord... or a Caesar. I'm blending two civilizations here, but in all fairness, the Romans stole most of their gods anyway. Other beasties could include some gorgons, cerberus, titans, and much more. I would love to field an army made up of a troop of hoplites, a troop of peltasts, a couple solos like Perseus and Hercules and maybe a titan and a gorgon... too fun! C'mon Reaper peeps... unite to bring in a new faction.
  2. Good to know. It seems Reaper has a more fair representation of cost, since it is based on the amount of metal and casting difficulty instead of point value. I'm leaning more and more toward Warlord since I have always had great experience with Reaper's product lines both in DHL and Warlord for RPG gaming. After hearing some varied opinions, I think the controlling factor for me will be seeing which systems my friends are willing to try. But, I'm pretty sure they'll all go along with me since I'll probably be painting their armies... HA! Thanks all!
  3. Good point about finding more players for WH. However, I do live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (near Reaper HDQ) so I could probably attend some of the events held there. And, as I mentioned, I have a buddy that is going to help get started. I plan on constructing at least two armies. I've heard this can be quite the addiction and I'll probably end up as one who has a fully painted army, another half painted, and some others in various stages of painting or assembly. I already have a metal addiction... I have a large variety (around 50 or 60) DHL & a few Warlord minis already due to my roleplaying history. The good news of proxy minis is great for me since I will be able to use some of the minis I already have. I'm not sure if I prefer the skirmish style of Warlord or the squad style of WH. I'm going to a GW store tonight to see a demo of the game with my friend. Does anyone know where we might be able to see a demo of Warlord? Thanks for the advice so far... does anyone else have anything to add?
  4. I am currently pursuing the start of my own TT army. Huzzah! I've narrowed my search down to Warlord ( ) and Warhammer. Being new to the adventures of TT gaming (I'm a long time player of GURPS), I am hoping to find some comparisons from some Reaper biased folk as to why I should buy Warlord. My concern is with my wallet. I can get the ridiculously huge plastic startup kit from Warhammer for about the same price as the Warlord starter kit. But, I'm not sure that's the way to go. I have a buddy that's willing to help me with getting things going in the hobby... willing that is to help me with painting, terrain building, and playing... not buying minis. The only reason I have even considered Warhammer is the HUGE (109 miniatures) size of the startup set. My concern with purchasing the Warlord Starter Set is that I have no love for the necropolis faction. However, it would enable me to learn the mechanics of the game while beating up on a faction I don't really care for anyway. From just looking at the models, I think I would either go with Crusaders or Elves. So, here's where I need some comparisons from those who have played both systems. Please feel free to bash other companies as I have a deep abiding love for the quality of products produced by the folks at Reaper. Thanks all... yes, that's right... I don't play Warlord, but I started a thread about a Roman/Greek faction. I just think it would be cool! Thanks again in advance for your sagely wisdom everyone!
  5. Has Warlord ever considered releasing a faction of Roman or Greek styled miniatures and creating a faction similar to ancient Rome or Greece. I think it would be interesting to see a group of Spartan Hoplites and Greek ballistas, mixed with some centurions or peltasts on the battle field... Just a thought.
  6. I've had this guy partially painted for some time and was just about to sit down and work on him again. I love what you've done and thank you for the inspiration... yes, everyone... I'm still alive. I've been super busy, but RL is finally starting to allow for painting again. - Mojo
  7. This is so out of my league... You did such an awesome job! I had an idea of how to make the blue flame seem a little less "out of place"... I wouldn't try this for fear that I'd screw up my paint job, but if you could add blue tones to the big green dude to create light reflection off his skin, I think it would be a bit more life-like and help the flame not look wierd. Regardless, this is an awesome piece of work... If I were standing next to you, I think I might kiss your boots. Mojo
  8. I suppose I was lucky that the busiest week of my year was this past one, so I did not even realize the forum was down... then again... I had to go through the busiest week... hmmm... Thanks Kit! Major dittos with all the other peeps about your awesome work! Mojo
  9. Does he bleach his hair? Is he a natural blond? I ask because I am naturally a redhead, and when I don't shave, my 5 o'clock shadow is red... not black. I only mention for the sake of realism... if you don't care about realism, neither do I! Regardless, I really like your work. I agree with Ana about the highlights... they look very nice (highlighting being a weak point for me, heck they're all weak points for me). Thanks for sharing your work... keep 'em coming. Oi Oi Oi! Mojo
  10. I love terrain boards and this is no exception! I really like the cave idea. Great place to stash treasure, which could be the whole basis for a game... Good job on the whole, I do agree with Clouse about adding some trees or "foliage"... nice bridge! Mojo
  11. LCS - I've got to build one of those photo boxes like you made in your photo-fu page... I'm having a rough time with my pics getting washed out and looking super bright. Flow - Yes, you are right... the eyes were a bit wierd. I have not sat down with my new kick-a$$ pro paints to try and fix it yet... I may never as this is not my favorite mini... She is a necessary evil (as in bad guy NPC). I paint mainly so I don't have a bunch of metal on the table, gleeming in the lamplight. But, since I started hangin' out here at the forum I've been inspired to push myself a little. The bracelets and necklace and armbands were done with metallics, so the highlight is from the bright lighting and flash of camera... Mojo
  12. I used metallics on his clothes, because I wanted them to be shiny... keep that in mind... Mojo
  13. **sigh** I wish I had the pro paints before I went and did this one... The skin came out all wierd and clumpy...
  14. Hack away my fellow hecklers and lovers alike! Mojo PS - no big essay before this one... ya like that!
  15. Ok, for the obvious, "Bugbears aren't supposed to be green" folks... yes... thank you. I am using them as a form of elite orc in my campaign for GURPS. Artistic license and all that jazz. I just got the learn to paint kits... (all 3 of 'em) and I am checking out the pro paints, as I normally use cheap craft paints. I am impressed with the coverage and ease of mixing and thinning... good job on these Reaper... although I still haven't got the three paints that had dried out... I need to call Bryan back. Anyways... here he is... Mojo
  16. Ok... before everyone whips out their chainsaws and goes after it (which I encourage, because what doesn't kill you makes you a better painter...) you should all know the following... 1. I know - wash, wash, wash... 2. Yes... again... Highlight, highlight, highlight. 3. I painted this before I ever knew Reaper even had a forum... That said... saw away, my friends... saw away. Here's Finari in all her glory... Thanks, Mojo
  17. I love Star Wars, but this is ridiculous. (imho) Mojoman
  18. Ah... the reason I love GURPS. No levels. But, no disrespect to a longstanding, much-copied, popular AD&D system... by any means. Mojo
  19. Sorry I'm late... happy b-day Ladystorm, Quickenin, and Slappingpaint! Mojo
  20. I'm a big fan of basing. It does so much to make the sculpt cool! BTW - I like the soft color scheme on this one. Good contrast too. Mojo
  21. My curiosity got the best of me and I tried to visit the link... Thankfully, my work computer was protected from being able to download the proper codec for media player and I could not see this infernal motion picture of pure evil. Mojo
  22. I am a fan of this paint job as purple is my favorite color, and blue is my second favorite. I particularly like the edges of the armor and cloak... very nicely done! Mojo
  23. Just one suggestion... you might pay the base a visit and add some detail or flock or something to tone it down and blend it with the detail of the mini... right now it pulls all the attention away from a really nicely painted mini. Just a thought... others will probably have more to say. Good job on the mini itself. I like the green and red combo... Mojo
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