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  1. Since you asked... it is spelled Worcestershire sauce. And, all you dictionary hounds out there, I think it's pronounced (Wursh-ta-sher). I could totally be wrong on the pronunciation, but I know the spelling as this is one of my fav ingredients for makin' wing sauce! Good tips on the way to heat up the coals... A grillin' buddy of mine hit me with that trade secret a few years ago... the pyramid thing makes a huge difference. I live in an apartment right now, so I can't grill much. When I get a house I'm gon' git me won a them thar Wal Mart grills soes I can make me some shtakes! Mojo
  2. As a person who grew up with a dad that had a pun or one-liner at every dinner-time, I salute you!! Great corn in all 10! Mojo
  3. I can say from experience, yes - well, mostly. The DHL mini's that are normal human scale (dwarves, barbarians, wizards, etc.) will work wonderfully with the HeroQuest board and terrain pieces. Due to the limited room arrangements, I actually bought a battlemat with 1" squares and we use wet erase pens to draw in the dungeons and mark doors, tables, chests, etc. with the HeroQuest pieces. It works rather nicely. Also, since I play GURPS (by Steve Jackson Games) it works great for impromptu skirmishes... ya know, like when the players biff their stealth roll and the guards hear them from around the corner and yell "intruders!" and the battle ensues.... HA! I'm such a geek! Mojo (a GM of some wealth and fame among my very tiny sphere of influence)
  4. I think it is becuase we don't see as much terrain around here as we do somebody's latest mini paintjob and we're all looking for something to do with all the stuff stockpiled in the corner for that next terrain piece. Amen to that!
  5. Can't stop... must post... overwhelming my senses... Oh my gosh that diorama is sooooo cooool! Makes me feel like I'm back in the dark ages, strolling through the field on my way to order a custom built sword to go fight a dragon or something. Great job!
  6. What subliminal messages... <eyes glazing over> Gotta build a Reven army... Gotta build a Reven army... <snaps awake> What subliminal messages... Great Beastie boy, Ugluk! Thanks for sharing!
  7. I once got kicked out of a Wal-Mart for putting on some of the store's rollerblades and skating all over the store. They were so pissed. I told the clerk, "I have to try 'em out before I can buy 'em!" Oh man... makes me laugh just thinkin' about it.
  8. You pick one particular attack type (melee for instance) and use it ALL THE TIME. This will help you level up and build that class. Enjoy! I haven't bought the game yet, but I agree that the demo is pretty cool. Mojo
  9. Ok... this sounds way cool! I will have to try. Thanks for the info! Mojo
  10. It's the surfing priest ... Iain. Nah. He'a about to throw a holy hand grenade. "Skip a bit, brother"
  11. Kit, I think the FFF is great! Thanks for the tool. I agree with Bryan... I've had good results by searching by one or two qualifiers (race and weapon in right hand, etc). Mojo
  12. Man, I got home last night and looked at my calendar only to find that I am going to be out of town the days of the Artist Con. I can't believe my luck... Oh well, maybe next time... Unless I can double myself and be in two places at once... It could work! Mojo
  13. That sounds great! Any idea what the per class fee will be? And the paint-n-take will be cool! I really want to take your class, Anne! That "How not to suck" class sounds like it is just for me, too. Thanks for the info. Lookin' forward to more! Mojo
  14. Is the Artist Con to be held at Reaper HDQ in Denton or somewhere else? I know it was just posted today, but I think I might be interested in attending and would like to get the details ASAP, as my work schedule can be very crazy. Thanks, Mojo PS - Besides, I think it'd be cool to get to meet some Reaper peeps!
  15. Jester, you are just on a whole 'nuther level. Man that rocks! Mojo
  16. Mojoman


    from the pic I would have never known that sword was round and not grooved. Great job overall, but that skin kicks _ _ _ ! Mojo
  17. I like how his big buddha belly is poochin' out over his belt! Very dwarf-like! Mojo
  18. This is an AWESOME idea. I second the fact that this is an AWESOME idea! Mojo
  19. OOOOOOO.... that death priest is cool... gotta collect 'em all! Mojo
  20. The state of moral decay in our world is staggering. Those of us who actually hold fast to the vows we made when we married are actually in the minority now. Different is good. Mojo
  21. OMG, frankthedm... that's frickin' hilarious! Mojo
  22. have you considered a conversion from a grim-reaper-ish figure... take the scythe off that dude and put it in the hands of the horribly villainous villain mini of your choice... just a thought. Mojo
  23. Can I just say I love the swords... especially on the 2-handed skellie. very nice metallic look! Almost looks alive with light reflecting! Mojo
  24. I like... sometimes you've got to have a great lizard that is NOT a dragon. Lookin' forward to it. Mojo
  25. I'm gonna have to check this out. Been wanting something like this! Thanks for sharing! Mojo
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