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  1. I must say I was impressed with Bryan yesterday. I'm a supervisor for a telephone customer service department, so this is very meaningful to me. The story: I just had a birthday and decided to use some of my birthday money to purchase the first two "Learn to Paint Kits" so I could get some new minis, paints, brushes and painting tips from the greats at Reaper for a low, convenient price. Much to my dismay, when I opened the second kit, three of the paints had separated and dried out. I was a little frustrated, but because of the good stories I had heard about Reaper taking care of their folks, I decided to call and see what could be done. I got Bryan on the phone and explained what was wrong. He listened and made sure he understood (most people leave this step out... so important.) After he knew what was wrong, he explained that this was a problem they had with a yellow ingredient that was a base for the three colors that were messed up. He then said, "I just need to get your shipping address and we'll send you some replacements." I was so happy. That was exactly what I wanted. No money back, just the product I bought. SOOOOO.... Way to go Bryan!! I hope Ed sees this and says, "Man, Bryan is great with our customers. I need to give him a big bonus this year!" So let it be written, so let it be done! Mojo PS - have yet to receive the paints (since this just happened yesterday) but I have the utmost confidence that this is "Aaaallll bettah!"
  2. I just recently pulled my old copy of DS1 out and loaded it on my new computer. It is good to hear that there was major improvement made in the sequel. The first one becomes a snorefest pretty early on, so it is good to hear from someone who felt the same that DS2 has new life breathed into it. I will definitely have to check it out! Mojo <---- avid Diablo2 LOD supporter...
  3. Yeah, how DID you do that base... looks almost like real snow! Please share your secret... Mojo
  4. terragenesis is the holy grail for diy terrain makers! ooh la la! Mojo
  5. EricJ, how did you do the basing on this mini. That looks like fresh powder! Oh, by the way, the paint job is amazing! Thanks for sharing. Mojo
  6. Way cool work! I like them all! Mojo
  7. I suppose I should have been more "specific". I would love to see the "WHOLE" mini... front and back 'cause your such a good painter! Mojo
  8. Matsumoto, you've inspired me... I gotta get this fig and do a conversion with the left hand for a dual wielding female assassin! Great work... I love the whole piece! Mojo
  9. Versatility... that's GURPS in a word. But then, that's why I love REAPER! Lots of versatile minis for any kind of game! Mojo
  10. Totally, way-cool!! Would you mind doing a short tutorial on the steps to build?? Mojo
  11. Hey ugluk... where's da booty shots?! Mojo
  12. I use my minis for combat representation in the RPG I play: GURPS from Steve Jackson games. Mojo
  13. real name: insatiable smurf mojoman: killdozer smurf HA!
  14. There really is nothing like having the support of your significant other in your hobby! Mojo
  15. Rock on, dude! I'm diggin' the dark flavor of this mini! Mojo
  16. I'll try to get an axe pic and post it on this thread... only for you RD! Mojo
  17. Yeah... the silver was on purpose... didn't want real bone horns. But thanks for the suggestion. Thanks all for the compliments and helpful criticism. I paint mostly so I don't have a bunch of plain metal figures all over the game board. But, since I've been on this site, I've been inspired to try to push myself to get better. I appreciate the comments! Mojo
  18. I've thrown the actual pics of Ulthalokh in here, and provided links to the rest... Please be kind... I'm relatively new. From the front... From the back... and the link to my photobucket... http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b85/Mojo...ainted%20Minis/ Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts everyone! But remember... I'm not very good... yet! Mojo
  19. Can I get a link to that tutorial? And... how should I add pins to the feet? Her feet are really tiny, and my 1/16 bit is too big. It's the smallest bit I could find at the hardware store. I don't have a dremel. Thanks!! Mojo
  20. I like the strong emotion portrayed by this guy... he looks really PO'd! Nice shading on the musculature. All in all... great work... as usual! (sniffle, sniffle... wish I could paint like Ugluk) Mojo
  21. Man, what cool mini... Ok... here's the deal. I got this mini for a friend to use in our game and I got clip happy and clipped the slot off of her feet. I want to mount her to a base, and I read about using sculpy to make cool bases, so I thought... hmmm maybe this could be my opportunity. Anyone got some ideas on how I could mount and base this mini to salvage my ignorant clipping mishap? Rescue me!!!!!!! Mojo
  22. I agree with Darkstar here. Nice color choices! And he's wielding a snake as a weapon... how much cooler can he get?! Mojo
  23. I don't know about "thinning mojo", but I never evaporate! But, back to RL. I agree with Errex. I had some model paints that were oil based and the bottles weren't airtight, so they too "went bad" after about a year in my closet. Mojo
  24. *gasp* I'm awestruck! Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing your work! Mojo
  25. Very cool drawings... I wish I had practiced my pencil drawing more. I especially like the Reptus rally! It almost makes me wanna go out and fight with 'em! Mojo
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