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  1. I'm gonna drop in my 2 cents... This is great! Especially nice *pop* factor if he's used in tabletop games! Great vibrant color! Nice one, man! Mojo
  2. I have Talarand and yes... his shield is the only separate part. Cool idea! Hope it works out. Mojoman
  3. I currently use a matte finish spray to seal in the paint job and kill the shine.
  4. A long time ago, Ral Partha had a set of 3 slave girls and a slave trader. I'm positive that Reaper could totally blow that away. Maybe you could have a set that contains a haughty slave trader holding a chain whip or a club, and a few skinny, underfed male and female slaves with manacles and shredded rags. Emancipation campaign, ahoy! Mojo
  5. Thanks for the tip, ugluk... Seeing the mass of unpainted, unprimed minis glaring at me from across the room (*sniff* mommy! *sob*), I might just give this a try. (shouts across the room) "I'll paint you minis, if it's the last thing I do!" Mojo
  6. First off... thank you all for your comments. You have given me a lot to consider! I just tried some spray on primer for metals that I picked up at the hardware store, and it worked ok. I'm not impressed. I need to check out some of the brands suggested on this thread. Since I am working on a small (tiny, even) budget, it will probably next month before I can try anything else. Also, Ugluck... I will try to get some pics with my digital and upload them here sometime soon! Mojo
  7. I was wondering if you wonderful folks could give me some suggestions on good priming methods. I currently use white acrylic gesso, and it works ok, but I would like something a bit more advanced. I have painted quite a few minis now, and while I'm not as good as a lot of you that post here, I think I can hang a little. So, if you have a suggestion, I'd like to see it! The more specific the better! Thanks for the help! Mojo BTW - is dipping a good method to use for priming? If so, what materials and technique should I use?
  8. Hello everyone... I'm new here. Great topic, though! I work for an airline (which will remain nameles so I don't get questions about the intricacies of my job) in the customer service field as a supervisor. I handle all the escalated issues and angry people that our regular reps can't deal with. Needless to say, it is very stressful and I try to use my down time to relax. If I could do what I want, I would own a recording studio and help indie bands get their demos out so they can get discovered. Of course, the studio would have to have a gaming room for blowing of steam! Right now, though, I enjoy hanging out with my wife and friends, painting minis, building terrain, and running RPG's in my spare time. "Let it be..." Mojo
  9. Reaper folk, I must say... The new Blue Orchid Assassin (02914) has to be the coolest mini ever! I joined this message board just to say this, but I think I'll have fun talking with everyone here as well! Thanks, REAPER, for being so awesome! Mojo
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